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First of all, I SHOULD be getting RMXP again soon, so updates will start coming.

Anyway, more importantly, I have some possible codes to make this game more Zelda authentic. What is it this time? Battle. I think I may have a Zelda battle system going, but I can't test it yet. This is no guarentee, but I will try. Obviosly if this does happen, Link will fly solo instead of teaming up with Saria... and who knows who else? ::)

I actually have tested and confirmed the battle system. Thanks to Melch and his advice on the glitches, I got this battle system running well. I already have it working for Link's sword, bow, bombs, and boomerang (whoops, did I just reveal some of his weapons... come on, he always gets those.)
I am still testing his other tools usage in battle. Health and damage has been perfected. I even managed to factor in the classic effect of the Master Sword sending shockwaves at full health. Soon, a demo, with all this and what I stated in previous logs, will be out. And by soon, I mean within 28 days.

Also, I gotta say...