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Features Demo RELEASED

Sorry I'm a little late, but my RS! day II submission is done. Note, I couldn't properly test it due to time, but I think it is as done as I can for now (i.e. fully playable)

Now, some things I need to say that are a must to make it from start to end.

-ALWAYS MOVE. Most bossess will not be knocked back by your sword, so move and attack together.
-The spin attack has a bug where using it will not harm enemies on the bottom of your character.
-Against the 4th miniboss, you need bombs to win. DO NOT WASTEFULLY USE BOMBS AS YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO WIN IF YOU RUN OUT.
-I think I fixed this, but maybe not. The Esc. key (or X or 0) doesn't always open the menu. In case this happens to you, I made it so that you don't need to open the menu at all to make it through.
-If a fairy is flying in the room, save.
-There are 4 "dark Links" standing around that do nothing but make a sound affect. I put them there so I could have that effect for easy use in game and forgot to delete them.

I think that's it. The game takes about 1 hour to complete at most, probably less. And as stated before, it is not the regular storyline for the real game.

I hope you all enjoy.