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Wyesse is a realm of immortal beauty. Despite the long stretches of beautiful forest, the castles that stood erect before the sky, the deep reaches of lustrous oceans and the visionary creatures that exist within them, this was no world of mere fairy tales. Throughout the eons there had been great struggles, dark plagues, accounts of insufferable greed, avarice and wrath, discrimination and more. Due to this, Wyesse was divided into eleven boroughs. The plot is about...

Fuck it. Truth is, I don't really know what the plot is about. Some depressed boy meets some girl and then they meet a drunk and they go into a forest and meet some elf and they team up with a bear and go into a swamp to kill something and then some shit happens and more shit happens. It's really much ado about nothing. The game is garbage but it was sort of popular back when it was released. It even won a Misao... Best Introduction. Sadly, it was probably all downhill after that! But a lot of people enjoyed it nevertheless. It's kind of like I'm Anthony Burgess and this is my "A Clockwork Orange", if I may be so bold to make that reference, if anyone even gets that reference. Even during my absence from the game-making community, I was bombarded with emails from random preteen boys about how to solve the fuckin sewer dungeon.

Production has been cancelled. But there's still about 8 hours of gameplay in here, I'd say. *shrugs* I think it's shit but I know the RM community likes stuff like this. Maybe a few will find this bullshit to be gold.

Key Features:
- Idk, about 8 hours of gameplay?
- A "friendship" system that is pretty underdeveloped, so you shouldn't go out of your way for it in-game.
- Wandering/triggered encounters.
- Sprint command, just hold down Shift and you will run.
- Day and Night system.
- Eight playable characters, each with different skills, such as Steal, Summon, Morph and a "Nature" ability you can take advantage of depending on your environment or if it's raining or if it's nighttime.

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Too many custom systems, not enough time.
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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 06/30/2010 07:13 PM
  • 08/30/2019 11:05 AM
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WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
yeah i don't remember enjoying this one too much. i think it started off okay and then the story really got scattered in the middle. thought the graphics were pretty cool though. don't see many people do the cave thing with the eyes if i remember.

the cool thing though, is after this game you made a much better one. i really think it's just a slow process to find your style.
Well, this was my first attempt at trying to make a solid game in RPG Maker back in 2005. It was revamped twice, in darly and late 2006 before I gave up on it and moved on. It's pretty good for a first attempt but pretty poor compared to other games. Nevertheless, some people liked it, so idk. It's just a stepping stone for A Home Far Away.
I remember this back in the day. I thought you had like the prettiest title screen ever or something.
This game looks interesting.But sadly i,m busy on a project so guess it will take a while till i can try it out.
My mind is full of fuck.
lol, at some part in that castle dungeon, and trying though the editor to see what I was missing to know what to do.

Edit: lol, you know you could of set the event to below the steel door, instead of putting it right on the door part. Done.
lol Man, I can't remember. This game really blows dude, please play my other much more worthy games
You know what, fuck all you haters, I'm gonna play a "bad" game.

Better to try something big and fail horribly, than try something safe and do okay.

...What the hell, strangeluv? The image and battle format is the same quality as a Home Far Away. Go ahead and finish it.

"Popular" games are often popular because they appeal to a mass market. Concentrate on building the events, and who cares what people think. Make this a Complete game at least. A game is only bad if you don't keep trying hard on it.

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