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1. [Rhys Allesik - The depressed main character who carries around a sword and can do fancy tricks with them. You never really figure out his deal.

Special Skills -
Sword Techniques - Different sword techniques that use % of the total MP than fixed MP, so as to inflict great physical damage.
Black Magic - Ability to use light and medium-levelled black magic spells.

2. Shari Shimmi - She comes out of nowhere and you never really figure out her deal either, but she has a shitload of magic spells.

Special Skills -
Magic - She is the only character who can cast light, medium and strong-levelled spells of any nature.

3. Kip Fredon - He's the obligatory drunk character that you pick up randomly on a bar on the way to the forest. He's brash and obnoxious and, you know how the archetype goes.

Special Skills -
Steal - Ability to steal items or any other goodie from enemies in combat.
Effect Magic - Ability to cast spells that alter party's/enemy party's status.
Flee - Although all the other members have an Escape command, Kip is the only one that can guarantee you 100% flee success (with the exception of certain combats, such as boss battles)

4. Meeko Keyla - Well, they go to see this dude, who apparently has some kind of magical psychic abilities. He's an Elf and he's pretty tough for an Elf.

Special Skills -
Summon - Ability to summon certain nature spirits to inflict mass damage on enemies.
Nature - Depending on your environment, you will be able to gain new "spells". For example, if it is raining, you will find water spells in your roster. If there is a thunderstorm, you will have water and lightning spells. If it is nighttime, you can summon bats.

5. Yumi Woolfe - He's the adopted son of a wolf King and he can be pretty heartless. He can also morph into a wolf during the night.

Special Skills -
Morph (only works at night and on the field) - Yumi can morph into his werewolf form, consumes MP with each step.
Lycan Pressure - Ability to inflict great damage by repeatedly pressing the Shift button during a space of time.
Ambush (only during Morphed mode) - A rush attack that inflicts damage on all enemies onscreen.

6. Jude Agogo - He's some thief you encounter in a jail and he breaks you out and you never really find out anything else about him!

Special Skills -
Throw - Ability to throw shuriken or skeans to inflict damage.
Jujitsu- A group of special ninja skills.
Flee- Same as Kip's command.

7. Ariel Shastri - She's a nurse that helps you out. She has strong healing spells and a Revive command.

Special Skills -
Revive - Very helpful, because it removes the 'Fallen' status on all party members, though with only 1HP.
White Magic - Ability to cast all levels of white magic healing spells.

8. Reginald- Meeko's right-hand man (or beast), a brawny brute that thinks and acts for itself.

Special Skills -
He is extremely strong and although he cannot be controlled, once in a while he deals out a special attack that instantly kills an enemy. Probably my favourite character. The Umaro of Wyesse, I guess.