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  • Added: 06/30/2010 07:21 PM
  • Last updated: 05/31/2020 07:30 PM


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I know you feel this game is an overambitious piece of shit, but I still like this screenshot.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
i am halfway between causing you physical harm over using the good old VP panorama and congratulating you on its not completely looking like ass
Yeah this is the only time I used it, I think. It looks like shit in any other map.
If Wyesse has screens like this all the way through it, you are seriously underrating the game. I've played "A Home Far Away" (still one of my favorites), and can't help but notice that you do graphics incredibly well.
I might be underrating the game, because a lot of people liked it for some reason. But I'm my own worst critic, I guess, and there's really a lot of flaws I find in this game, even with the graphics! I am glad you enjoyed AHFA but I don't think you would get a similar experience with Wyesse. AHFA was a lot more planned out and "cared for".
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