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On the continent of Sera, power has been evenly split between three nations
for decades. Reins, an industrious nation in the north. Balkia, a shining star
in the deserts in the south, and finally The Nobungian Union, a group of
allied tribal states in the east. War raged between all three nations, until
the Nobungians buckeled under pressure and agreed to peace. Despite that,
the feud between Reins and Balkia has continued for an additional 20 years.
Few people today even remember what caused the war to begin with, making it
a pointless struggle. Both the Leaders of Reins and Balkia are too bitter to
seek a ceasefire, and will not stop until the other nation is destroyed. While
they slowly destroy each other, the Nobungians sit and wait.

Our story begins with a young Reinian soldier named Lucian, injured on
the battle field from a stray arrow to the leg. Lucian has been sent home,
where he will finally be reunited with his love, Kira. Kira is the daughter
of one of the most respected men in Reins, Darius. He is the Head Captain
of the Knights of Rein and has held this position since the mysterious
death of the last man to fill this position, Gabriel.

The very same night of Lucian's return, a sinister force has returned to
Reins, one that was thought to have been destroyed long ago. A force
that seeks vengeance upon Darius, and will drag both Kira and Lucian
into conflict. Lucian and Kira's reunion is going to be cut short, and
Lucian is about to be thrust upon a dangerous journey. A man who thought
he was finally free from fighting is about to learn that his struggle has
only just begun.

The Game Features:
-Sideview Battle System and some special battle features, including being able to steal items from enemies
-Lockpicking Minigame for getting to secret areas or opening certain chests
-Large Party System, with up to 8 members total in the final game
-Multiple Sidequests that can allow you to receive secret weapons and even a secret Party Member.
-Stealth scenes
-Deep Storyline with a unique and varied cast of Characters, as well as some unexpected plot twists
-25 Hours of Gameplay! Over 500 maps and 125 monsters.
-Half of the music is non-RTP, as well as many graphics
-Lots of Puzzles
-Learning Curve, with easy battles early on and very difficult and strategic battles later in the game.
-'Easy Mode' for new rpg players. Allows you to skip battles so you can progress the plot.
-Read Me file with party member strategies, tips and a list of element efficiencies.

Latest Blog

Bloodsphere v.2.0?

Hey guys! I have been thinking about updating the game again, with more major changes this time (thus making it v.2.0). Most people seem to think the game is too hard so I wanted to tone down the difficulty, primarily by lowering encounter rates and changing item prices/gold drops. I also think I want to boost the defense power of armors because I have heard from players they dont make much difference, but that is something that would require testing for balance, something I really dont have alot of time with right now. So would anyone be interested in a new Bloodsphere with those changes? Or interested in testing this stuff to make sure I dont make the game too easy with my balances?
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  • Alex898
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  • 07/07/2010 07:25 AM
  • 11/06/2022 06:53 AM
  • 05/22/2011
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Well one minor glitch has already been brought to my attention. You aren't supposed to have an "army lance" when you get out of the castle. That was from the original intro to the game and it isn't supposed to be in the new one but I forgot to put a new event in to remove it x_X. How embaressing. I'm fixing that right now.

EDIT: Glitch fixed, version 1.1 uploaded. Now it's just pending again :P. If you really want the game now you can get it under downloads. The glitch just gives you an uber strong weapon at the start you aren't supposed to have so as long as you don't use it or sell it or something it's like nothing ever happened :D
What's with the armor in this game? It seems to only reduce damage by negligible amounts.
The script I'm using makes DEF as a percentage value instead of whatever the original calculation is. I did it like this to prevent characters and enemies from hitting 0's, which is damn near impossible with this system, but it did nerf the armor a bit.
Wow, this game looks sick, for your first game you really made it worth while, 20+ hours! I'm inspired ^_^
A bug has been brought to my attention. If you return to Zemekia in Chapter 9 you will be stuck there. I'm fixing it for the next version update but in the mean time avoid returning to Zemekia.
Ok That was fun so far now hint me how to pass temple. I bet there some key to this but I can t find it.( I am already inside)
What part are you stuck at? The big square room with 3 exits?
I just started playing the game and I am enjoying it so far. I have a question, when in the town of Port Azire I am given the option of either helping pirates or a trading company owner, does it matter who I chose to help and will it affect my ending or future events?

Another thing, can I sell the ores I get from the rocks or should I save them?
I'm not sure if this is my computer or something else. No matter which that I click on (1.0 or 1.1), after it downloads, when I attempt to extract the game I get informed that the extract has failed.

However, when I click and download 1.1, the file in Winrar refers to it as 1.0 last modified on 1/4/2011.

Since 1.1 was uploaded to the site on 1/5/2011, not 1/4, this makes me think that 1.0 was taken down in place of 1.1, but 1.1 is still trying to point to 1.0, and thus whichever version I try to download fails, but I'm not entirely sure.

Has anybody successfully downloaded this since 1.1 was added?
Bgamer: Since it's a sidequest it doesn't have an effect on the main game. All it changes is the reward you get at the end of the quest.

Amerkevicius: Hmm that's weird. I noticed a typo in the 1.1 folder that says it's 1.0 (which is why I added a version history and version number to the title screen for 1.2 when it is released). It should still be 1.1, however. I'm not sure what would make the extract fail, but from posts on here and other websites it seems like 1.1 has worked for people.
For helping pirates you get dumb accessory but helping trader you get quite a nice sword
Yep the room with 3 exits there are more?( The one in the beginning)
Hi, did you finish fixing the bug in chapter 9 for Zemekia yet?

Thanks Zenia, I tried both options and realized that the trading company reward was better!!!
I think when I get a chance I'll add a page with hints or guides to solve some of the puzzles in the game that are tougher.

You have to go through the exits in a certain order. Each correct move adds a flowervase to the room. Once there is 4, you move through the north exit to reach the section of the temple.

Left, Right, Up, Left, Up.

I have fixed the Zemekia bug but I am also working on fixing some other bugs so my next release will have as many bug fixes as possible. The next release will probably be on friday. You don't have to worry about the Zemekia bug because it ONLY happens if someone willingly backtracks at the very beggining of chapter 9. As long as you don't go back you won't be affected by the glitch.
Hi, I am stuck at a quest! Boyd wants to go to his hometown (tazmeer I think) and pick up a weapon, but I don't recall ever coming across it, where is it located?

Right now I am trying to go after Marco at the castle, btw it seems that the game is getting harder and longer than I expected (Not that I am not enjoying it).
Well I'm glad you noticed it getting harder. I tried to give it a dynamic learning curve so the farther you get, the tougher it gets. I think that doing it like this keeps things interesting while not overloading the player at the beggining with absurdly tough battles before they even get a hang of the game mechanics.

Anywho, The town Boyd wants to go to is Towser. It's the town from the beggining of the game with the locked chest in the middle house where Lucian and Sirena go in Chapter 1 to flee Reins. You go south down Ephilon Road to reach it, past Greenwood.

Oh yeah thanks, I thought the inn keeper was saying tower town that is why I didn't connect it with Towser city, lol.
Did you talk to all 3 of the "black shade ghosts" throughout the house? Each of them gives a clue with regards to a book name, as well as an indicator for whether it was first, last or in the middle. They then dissapear, so you have to remember what they said. You then go into the Library with the bookshelves and activate the 3 in the order the ghosts told you to in order to continue.
since armor does not help reduce the damage as much as i expected should i just save money and go stat orbs all the way??
Well stat orbs are incredibly expensive, especially early on, so thats the tradeoff. I'd say if you are tight on cash to maybe save up and only buy armor every few sets. Once you get to the last set of armor, Titanium, you are definetly going to want to buy that for all the characters because by the end of the game the reduced attack percentages do make a big different.
I am at the part where I have to find Tarik in the tower, and lily said I need a 4 digit number to enter. I just have no clue what to enter and I can't work my mind to figure out the solution. Here is the hints I got, any help will be appreciated.

1. First digit is double of digit 3.
2. Second digit is smaller than digit 3.
3. Third digit is (3/4) of digit 4.
4. fourth digit is digit 1 plus digit 2.

Also, I was thinking of going back to level up, will these hints change if I do that? And how many chapters in the game are there?