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On the continent of Sera, power has been evenly split between three nations
for decades. Reins, an industrious nation in the north. Balkia, a shining star
in the deserts in the south, and finally The Nobungian Union, a group of
allied tribal states in the east. War raged between all three nations, until
the Nobungians buckeled under pressure and agreed to peace. Despite that,
the feud between Reins and Balkia has continued for an additional 20 years.
Few people today even remember what caused the war to begin with, making it
a pointless struggle. Both the Leaders of Reins and Balkia are too bitter to
seek a ceasefire, and will not stop until the other nation is destroyed. While
they slowly destroy each other, the Nobungians sit and wait.

Our story begins with a young Reinian soldier named Lucian, injured on
the battle field from a stray arrow to the leg. Lucian has been sent home,
where he will finally be reunited with his love, Kira. Kira is the daughter
of one of the most respected men in Reins, Darius. He is the Head Captain
of the Knights of Rein and has held this position since the mysterious
death of the last man to fill this position, Gabriel.

The very same night of Lucian's return, a sinister force has returned to
Reins, one that was thought to have been destroyed long ago. A force
that seeks vengeance upon Darius, and will drag both Kira and Lucian
into conflict. Lucian and Kira's reunion is going to be cut short, and
Lucian is about to be thrust upon a dangerous journey. A man who thought
he was finally free from fighting is about to learn that his struggle has
only just begun.

The Game Features:
-Sideview Battle System and some special battle features, including being able to steal items from enemies
-Lockpicking Minigame for getting to secret areas or opening certain chests
-Large Party System, with up to 8 members total in the final game
-Multiple Sidequests that can allow you to receive secret weapons and even a secret Party Member.
-Stealth scenes
-Deep Storyline with a unique and varied cast of Characters, as well as some unexpected plot twists
-25 Hours of Gameplay! Over 500 maps and 125 monsters.
-Half of the music is non-RTP, as well as many graphics
-Lots of Puzzles
-Learning Curve, with easy battles early on and very difficult and strategic battles later in the game.
-'Easy Mode' for new rpg players. Allows you to skip battles so you can progress the plot.
-Read Me file with party member strategies, tips and a list of element efficiencies.

Latest Blog

Bloodsphere v.2.0?

Hey guys! I have been thinking about updating the game again, with more major changes this time (thus making it v.2.0). Most people seem to think the game is too hard so I wanted to tone down the difficulty, primarily by lowering encounter rates and changing item prices/gold drops. I also think I want to boost the defense power of armors because I have heard from players they dont make much difference, but that is something that would require testing for balance, something I really dont have alot of time with right now. So would anyone be interested in a new Bloodsphere with those changes? Or interested in testing this stuff to make sure I dont make the game too easy with my balances?
  • Completed
  • Alex898
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  • Adventure RPG
  • 07/07/2010 07:25 AM
  • 11/06/2022 06:53 AM
  • 05/22/2011
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I'm not at a computer with RMXP on it but IIRC the combo is:


When I'm back on my home PC I'm gonna check the hints to make sure they are all right and there wasn't any typos cuz those hints are reading right together.

You are actually near the end of the game because there are 20 chapters total. You have kind of passed the 'point of no return' so to speak because you can't backtrack, although you can still fight enemies then go back to the merchant from the beggining of Chapter 19 to heal up.
I figured it out just before you posted it and the second number should be 5. Also, you can't backtrack to the merchant because when I leave the tower and go back there the town people are alive again like in the beginning and the merchant is not there.

By the way what level do you recommend the characters to be for the tower? Mine are at 60's right now.

Now, I am stuck at the tower basement where you have to solve the puzzle to get the sword for lily I think. How do you go about solving it, I am assuming you need to press the button corresponding to chest color?
Whoops well that is good to know cuz thats another glitch I can fix for the next version :)

60s is about right. That's what I was shooting for for the end of the game, mine were in the early 60s at the end of the last chapter.

It's like the puzzles in the temple in chapter 9. You have to get all of the black switches down, and they go down when a switch next to them is activated. It is, however, optional.
I couldn't figure out that puzzle either and I just kept randomly clicking the switches down, is this the strategy to follow?

By the way when I enter the puzzle room all the black switches are already down and chest is locked. Do you mean to get all the colored switches down?
Whoops I meant you need to get all the black switches up then
Ich finde den Schatz beim Strand in Mayiki nicht .Kann mir jemand veraten wo ich ihn finden kann?My Englich is not got.i can´t find the Tresor in Mayiki Beach,you can help me?Plese.
Hallo ALEX wo bist du yu mast help my blease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry about that, I don't speak German so I put what you said in a translater and it seems you are having trouble finding the treasure chest on the beach in Mayiki?

Did you talk to the drunk guy in the bar? He explains how to get to the chest (which you might want to write down as he talks because he doesnt repeat himself). When you are on the last tile after following all of his directions press space/enter. Let me know if you still have trouble.
ich verstehe nicht was genau der Mann sagt .Etwas mit 2 Steinen ,aber da sind viele Steine.noch etwas,wo kann ich Mister Kurz finden ich wei nicht wo ich suchen soll.
The rock he refers to is the one you will hit if you keep walking straight the moment you appear on the map.

Alternatively I can say the treasure is in the Northwestern Part of the beach so you can walk around and randomly press space and find it up there.
Yay! No problems with extracting the 1.2 version.
Wo i can find Mister Kurz inThandergard?
You have to talk to Maffee first, then go to Thundergard Manor and talk to the chef, the maid and the butler.
Finished game and i must say that this game is as good as those from Amarath.Ending is...well what i would not expect to usually see but you have done a very good work!Oh and will there be a continuation for Bloodsphere?Just saying since i think this game was a big succes and i'm sure that there are other people who would love to see a new chapter(like in Aveyond Series ^_^).
Dunno,maybe after some years later bloodsphere is once more stolen and a new protagonist to protect the world from it,and maybe some old friends to join as well,and maybe some kind of system which may affect the ending,like a bonus between the hero and the other gender you know?Love?
But i may have spoke too sonner to make a statement so good luck on your future games
Thanks! I'm glad you found the ending unexpected, I was aiming for something more unconventional just to make my plot even more unique in the sea of RPG Maker games. It's funny because I had someone say my game was cliche once and my thought was "well yeah, maybe if you stopped playing it 10 minutes in...".

In terms of future chapters, I have a few ideas lingering. I actually would really like to do a prequel that would cover how the Bloodsphere was created and what made Karoes turn evil. I'm going to be really busy the next few months so I'm taking a temporary retirement from RPG Maker, but there may definetly be more installments in the series in the future.
@Alex898 I'm currently playing the game so far (about 3hrs in) and I gotta say I like the story so far. The graphics are good and I love the characters that I've met up to this point.

However, there is one thing that is bothering me; Attack percentages.

Right now, I have 4 party members and if I attack with all of them in 1 round, only 2 will hit, 90% of the time. The same goes for attack skills also. For example, the Whirlwind skill will usually only hit half of the enemies present. There has been several occasions when it would hit 0 out of 4 enemies. I have yet to see it hit all enemies on the screen at the same time.

I have the best equipment available right now (some of which increase dex) but the characters still miss far too often. This makes battles too long and a lot more tedious. It kinda sucks when you use so much SP for an attack that completely misses every enemy.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is my level not high enough yet? (lvl 12 for all 4 chars)
Are these enemies just incredibly evasive?
Is this a bug/glitch?
Do these early skills have very low hit percentage?

I'd really love some feedback because I think the game is awesome so far and I'd love to finish it.
Alot of the early skills do have lower hit percentages, particularly the Windmill skill. I think that is a case of bad luck cuz they shouldn't be missing that much with normal attacks.
Ok. Thanks Alex and I guess I'll just weather the storm so I can get back to the story. Excellent job on everything else so far though.
Good game so far. I'm just a little further along after getting my 4th party member. I have a few issues with it, but nothing major that takes away from having fun.
Initially, I was turned off by the premise of the story since lots of games around here had the "war between nations and main characters get caught up" thing. However, judging on your rational thinking as reflected in your contributions, I decided to give the game a go.

Your work and effort are clearly reflected in the game. Your creation is very refined and polished. I almost even forgot the graphics were RTP and generic since the interactions and story brought me away from being bored to notice such things. This piece was the first in a long while where I did not shut off the game just, because I foresaw it as a potential waste of my time.

Overall, you have talents rooted in your skills as a good writer. However, what set you aside from most people, is your rational thinking that can stretch a project's potential if given enough time. I foresee great works from you in the future, just allow yourself enough time to develop it.