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On the continent of Sera, power has been evenly split between three nations
for decades. Reins, an industrious nation in the north. Balkia, a shining star
in the deserts in the south, and finally The Nobungian Union, a group of
allied tribal states in the east. War raged between all three nations, until
the Nobungians buckeled under pressure and agreed to peace. Despite that,
the feud between Reins and Balkia has continued for an additional 20 years.
Few people today even remember what caused the war to begin with, making it
a pointless struggle. Both the Leaders of Reins and Balkia are too bitter to
seek a ceasefire, and will not stop until the other nation is destroyed. While
they slowly destroy each other, the Nobungians sit and wait.

Our story begins with a young Reinian soldier named Lucian, injured on
the battle field from a stray arrow to the leg. Lucian has been sent home,
where he will finally be reunited with his love, Kira. Kira is the daughter
of one of the most respected men in Reins, Darius. He is the Head Captain
of the Knights of Rein and has held this position since the mysterious
death of the last man to fill this position, Gabriel.

The very same night of Lucian's return, a sinister force has returned to
Reins, one that was thought to have been destroyed long ago. A force
that seeks vengeance upon Darius, and will drag both Kira and Lucian
into conflict. Lucian and Kira's reunion is going to be cut short, and
Lucian is about to be thrust upon a dangerous journey. A man who thought
he was finally free from fighting is about to learn that his struggle has
only just begun.

The Game Features:
-Sideview Battle System and some special battle features, including being able to steal items from enemies
-Lockpicking Minigame for getting to secret areas or opening certain chests
-Large Party System, with up to 8 members total in the final game
-Multiple Sidequests that can allow you to receive secret weapons and even a secret Party Member.
-Stealth scenes
-Deep Storyline with a unique and varied cast of Characters, as well as some unexpected plot twists
-25 Hours of Gameplay! Over 500 maps and 125 monsters.
-Half of the music is non-RTP, as well as many graphics
-Lots of Puzzles
-Learning Curve, with easy battles early on and very difficult and strategic battles later in the game.
-'Easy Mode' for new rpg players. Allows you to skip battles so you can progress the plot.
-Read Me file with party member strategies, tips and a list of element efficiencies.

Latest Blog

Bloodsphere v.2.0?

Hey guys! I have been thinking about updating the game again, with more major changes this time (thus making it v.2.0). Most people seem to think the game is too hard so I wanted to tone down the difficulty, primarily by lowering encounter rates and changing item prices/gold drops. I also think I want to boost the defense power of armors because I have heard from players they dont make much difference, but that is something that would require testing for balance, something I really dont have alot of time with right now. So would anyone be interested in a new Bloodsphere with those changes? Or interested in testing this stuff to make sure I dont make the game too easy with my balances?
  • Completed
  • Alex898
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure RPG
  • 07/07/2010 07:25 AM
  • 11/06/2022 06:53 AM
  • 05/22/2011
  • 392667
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Very interesting and beautiful game.I am going to enjoy this very much!Good job Alex898 and keep going.I have a question though.At the very begining of the game when you fight the thief he does an attack that strikes many times in one hit.How did you manage to do this?
It is one of the special skills that can be used in the Tankentai Battle System script that I used
I Play It And So Far I Got To Chapter Um... 4 Or 5 Maybe?Whatever The Game Real Good Like LegionWood The Tale Of Two Swords
Prons:-Great Graphics
-Good Game
Cons:-Too Hard
-Armor Doesn't Change Anything
so far i really really like the gameplay but man the dialogue can get rough sometimes.... like the main chars lines are terrible sometimes..... but still its really good... if i could just make one suggestion for ur games in the future... try to develope the atmosphere just a lil more in the beginning b4 cutting directly to the plot devices.... like instead of him coming home to just kira, he comes home to celebration that he has returned and you walk around talk a lil bit and kira's father gives a toast and few cryptic messages indicating something is weighing on his mind.... then as the party really starts to get good and everyone is enjoying themselves, have the royal guard walk in and talk to kira's father about the murder, he goes to investigate, the party ends, kira and lucian are alone, scene fades to black.... then darius comes home to check on kira and the story developes from there... thats how i would have started this story line off and thats really the only big change id make.... ur plot btw is very good and is something that if i had been the one to make this, i would have very proud of it, your map designs are extremely good and even though i dont use it, the easy mode is a really cool feature and is something i actually think would be a great way to rope in younger gamers.... i can say i dont think ive seen a feature like that b4 and its a lil touch that my 8 year old daughter really enjoyed (i intially downloaded this for her since she really wanted to have her own video game to play and everything on next gen consoles is a lil too advanced for her... this was right at her pace). anyway i think you have great potential as a story teller just work on what plot devices you use and how you use em... oh and btw i used to work for ubisoft as a writer and story board director b4 those bastards down sized out department..... but anyway id like to think my opinion still has some weight behind it and i want you to know i give you 2 thumbs up ;)
Alex Please help me wite the colorate Swiches in the final Tower.I don`can make all Black Swiches down.Give me on Hint Please.Tankyou Giaco
This is a pretty decent game. My main gripe is the dialogue. Some of it is way too simple. Characters don't stick with their convictions. Character A says something, Character B pretty much just says "You're wrong" with no other reasoning than that, and character A says "Oh ok, you're right" ...It drives me crazy! Lol.
How do I pick the locks? Do I line up the yellow stuff or the blue stuff?
Do you need RPG maker XP to play it?
Jaguar - Line up all the white lines into the middle where it's gold.

Marcus - I'm not sure, I i think you just need the RPG Maker XP DLLs
who am i and how did i get in here
Do you need RPG maker XP to play it?

You should be able to play it with just the RTP. Download it here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/run-time-package
This game is harder as its goes..jus tlike i'm in chapter 16 my enemies Hp is so that i reach round 5 in think their hp can exceed to 15000??i'm getting tired of battling so i escape but i'm always fail!please..help..my line up is Lucian triple attack,Lily Darkness III,Aireon Combo Attack and Zane Blitzkrieg is this Party does the very big damage to enemies?even if this is my party i still get beaten by the enemies Normal attack with 1000+0_o
I needed to farm/ level later in the game and do some level ups with only fighting 1, 2 or 3 battles then going to inn rest and fight again.

Lots of items to replenish health and mana needed later and level up to the higher spells that attack more than 1 enemy. Also the bonus char that can join helped me a lot later with his buffs.
and where is the where can i get th eultimate weapon of the ff characters:Lucian,Sirena,Lily,Cyrus,Asher,Aireon...right now i only have boyd,zane and erik.
How could I have missed this?? Subbed :D
Finaly,I finish the gamewhat a very sad ending0_o....i didn't thought about it and theres so much enemies that died.I pity them.T_T
Its add dash in moving the dungeon, gain more experience and money, and more equipment in the stores and upgrade weapons, and spell to steal items and attack with less faults or not consumice mp and hp can see the enemy . It is so very little increase of 13 points attributes. To defeat an enemy must attack in shifts of three or four shifts.
I liked the game but I am already about to give up, I'm at level 30 and picking, spending half the bar with mp magic to win a single enemy.
A spell to steal items could steal money from the equipment, weapons, armor and equip power to improve attributes or even be sold.