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On the continent of Sera, power has been evenly split between three nations
for decades. Reins, an industrious nation in the north. Balkia, a shining star
in the deserts in the south, and finally The Nobungian Union, a group of
allied tribal states in the east. War raged between all three nations, until
the Nobungians buckeled under pressure and agreed to peace. Despite that,
the feud between Reins and Balkia has continued for an additional 20 years.
Few people today even remember what caused the war to begin with, making it
a pointless struggle. Both the Leaders of Reins and Balkia are too bitter to
seek a ceasefire, and will not stop until the other nation is destroyed. While
they slowly destroy each other, the Nobungians sit and wait.

Our story begins with a young Reinian soldier named Lucian, injured on
the battle field from a stray arrow to the leg. Lucian has been sent home,
where he will finally be reunited with his love, Kira. Kira is the daughter
of one of the most respected men in Reins, Darius. He is the Head Captain
of the Knights of Rein and has held this position since the mysterious
death of the last man to fill this position, Gabriel.

The very same night of Lucian's return, a sinister force has returned to
Reins, one that was thought to have been destroyed long ago. A force
that seeks vengeance upon Darius, and will drag both Kira and Lucian
into conflict. Lucian and Kira's reunion is going to be cut short, and
Lucian is about to be thrust upon a dangerous journey. A man who thought
he was finally free from fighting is about to learn that his struggle has
only just begun.

The Game Features:
-Sideview Battle System and some special battle features, including being able to steal items from enemies
-Lockpicking Minigame for getting to secret areas or opening certain chests
-Large Party System, with up to 8 members total in the final game
-Multiple Sidequests that can allow you to receive secret weapons and even a secret Party Member.
-Stealth scenes
-Deep Storyline with a unique and varied cast of Characters, as well as some unexpected plot twists
-25 Hours of Gameplay! Over 500 maps and 125 monsters.
-Half of the music is non-RTP, as well as many graphics
-Lots of Puzzles
-Learning Curve, with easy battles early on and very difficult and strategic battles later in the game.
-'Easy Mode' for new rpg players. Allows you to skip battles so you can progress the plot.
-Read Me file with party member strategies, tips and a list of element efficiencies.

Latest Blog

Bloodsphere v.2.0?

Hey guys! I have been thinking about updating the game again, with more major changes this time (thus making it v.2.0). Most people seem to think the game is too hard so I wanted to tone down the difficulty, primarily by lowering encounter rates and changing item prices/gold drops. I also think I want to boost the defense power of armors because I have heard from players they dont make much difference, but that is something that would require testing for balance, something I really dont have alot of time with right now. So would anyone be interested in a new Bloodsphere with those changes? Or interested in testing this stuff to make sure I dont make the game too easy with my balances?
  • Completed
  • Alex898
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure RPG
  • 07/07/2010 07:25 AM
  • 11/06/2022 06:53 AM
  • 05/22/2011
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I love this game. But, sadly I can't play it anymore because the controls are messed up the game automatically makes me walk up (and I am not pressing any buttons). But I figured out what the problem was, you see the RPG Maker XP engine (and all other RPG Maker engines before RPG Maker VX Ace) can't support game play on Windows 64-bit Operating Systems. Mostly, due to the fact that RPG Maker didn't get support for 64-bit OSes until RPG Maker VX Ace came out. If there was any way to convert this game to the VX Ace Engine, I would love to play the game once again. I would even Beta Test it for you.

Rocky Lincourt
I sometimes had these problem in the past. Very same probleme with different games. I also use 64-bit Windows. I thought it was the game or the save file but loading back to another save file or restarting the game did not help.

What helped for me:
Restarting Windows.
Then it worked again and the problem was gone. Good that it did not occur that often because restarting every few minuts/ hours would have been a pain. But it really did not happen that often.
A great game. Thank you.

I don't know if it is a bug.
In the fight against Lolita she used 'SP Poison' on one of my characters and I tried to heal it with 'Cure' but it didn't help. This status ailment was only removable with the items 'Remedy' and 'Antidote'.
Shouldn't 'Cure' be able to heal this?

Now I continue playing.
hi alex..
i need your help.. boyd ask me for something in khalidad.. but i forgot what is it.. could you help me?
Can someone help me please I am trying to get pass the chess pieces in Blood sphere and it wont let me move on help please is there a walk through or guide need help asap thanks
I have started playing Bloodspehre today and I am right in the middle of Chapter 3 now, enjoying it a lot.

I like the little custom media that is included, especially the emotion face sets. The difficulty curve is steep but not unfair - but yes, the "chicken invasion" (although kind of explained by an NPC) makes your game look bad at the start.

I will write a full review after finishing.

EDIT: I found one bug - when picking locks with 3 levers the middle+right lever always move together when I use the arrow keys - you can get around it though if you do NOT start with the leftmost lever.
i hate the introduction it's very long for rpg's :/ but the graphics are cool so
I'll subscribe to it and see how it goes. Good luck with finishing the game. :)
good game anyways . thumbs up !
i'm stock at the lock picking where im gonna save zane lol can anyone help me w/ that ? :D
here's the pic

nevermind got it :)
darn the catalyst is really hard to beat lol -.- it took me like 15 minutes or less to kill it lol -.- and why does lucian have to die :/ poor him .
good game anyways :)
This game is very nice but the problem
Is mp and sp and can you put saving point or something like you can save their
And you can heal like BLOOD HAZE
YOU can heal and save this game and I don't have any problem
About sp and mp
Thank you
I have played and finished the game, and I thought it was pretty good!
Pros: Good fluid battle system/Nice story progression/Nice stories and pasts behind each character/good lock pick system/Rich and variated world.
Cons: The characters don't get too attached to each other(Spoiler Alert:
In the end, the other characters didn't try to stop Lucian from sacrificing himself, -they were just like:"are you sure about this?"
)/ Somewhat small outside maps/Characters don't learn new attacks often when they level up.
@katrina36 i'm havin the same problem too.... i cannot get past the chess puzzle in the temple.. i somehow managed to move 2 pieces to the correct positions but i cannot figure out how to move the elephant..... if any1 has solved this puzzle then plz help me too.......... i love the game n really want to continue and finish it....
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to bad you cant attach game saves to posts on this site :(
i uploaded a gamesave for this with all characters lvl 99 max stats in the town port aizer
thoughts on the game itself tho
1.needed a item that prevents random battles
2.for new players this is a grinding game and is needed to survive and continue with the plot
the neko leader has a lot of life
3.dont care for the orbs that boost stats further they dont even have limits on using them >.>
4.plots too dragged out somethings could of been skipped

overall for old school rpg fans this is a good game check it out
Hello, anyone? In the village of Ark'tafar( strange language Nobunagian village)there is a quest for searching the little girl's brother. Where to find him?
*Deeply Thinking*
Oh my gosh! This game looks amazing!
Can anyone tell me if there is a secret character I missed... I keep seeing guns on sell in stores but no one can use them...?
Can anyone tell me if there is a secret character I missed... I keep seeing guns on sell in stores but no one can use them...?

Depending on how far you are in the game you still have more chances to get him. Just keep helping Boyd when he needs it ;-)
this game really does look intresting ill give it a shot
I just started playing this about 3 days ago, and I am LOVING it! :D I picked the easy mode though :3 But It's challenging enough for me. Can't wait to finish it. ^_^