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Lucian is the main protagonist of Bloodsphere. A Reinian Soldier who always looks to do what is right, even if it doesn’t concern him. He is not a chosen one or the son of a great hero, he is merely an unlucky man that has been thrown into the conflict against his will. All he truly wants is to be with his love, Kira.


Sirena has had a bit of a mystical and mysterious life. Her parents were murdered when she was a child by bandits and she was adopted by a priest named Silas. She was raised by him in white magic, and is very skilled in healing arts. However, she is a very sheltered girl and tends to be very shy, especially around new people. She is very nervous and just wants to live a life of peace, but like Lucian she is drawn into the conflict.


Karoes is a bit of an enigma. The man was thought to have been killed by the knight Darius many years ago, but he recently returned under mysterious circumstances. No one truly knows what his goals are, even those that are being manipulated by him. The source of his power comes from a relic he has called The Bloodsphere, an ancient gem as mysterious as Karoes himself is.


Kira is the daughter of Sir Darius and she is also Lucian’s lover, the two having known each other since they were children. She is a good spirited girl who has been distraught over the last few years, worried about Lucian after he joined the army. She is afraid she will never see Lucian again due to all the danger he has become involved in.


Marco is a knight of Reins. He is known as being a cold and tough person, rarely showing emotion, making him a near perfect soldier. He is always seeking ways to further his existence and his status in Reins, and deep down he vies to be Ruler of the Land.


Darius is the current Head Knight Captain of Reins, the highest position in the Reins army. He is Kira's father and also a veteran of multiple wars. He is very intelligent and powerful, which can make him a serious adversary to many.


Aireon has had a lot to live up to as the daughter of a former Reinian War Hero. Having grown up from a privileged background, many believe Aireon to be spoiled and stuck up, and she is known to harbor a strong and sometimes irrational hatred against Balkians. But beneath her tough exterior, she is someone who always believes to do what is right that follows a strict honor code, not wanting to disgrace her family name.


Natasha is Aireon's squire and also a childhood friend of hers, as well. She came from a vastly different background, her parents were peasants and because of that all throughout her life she was looked down upon by other Reinian Knights. Deep down she is intensely envious of Aireon's success, but at the same time has admiration for her courage.


Erik is a bandit who resides in the Badlands, robbing anyone who tries to cross the desolate area. He is known to be a complete joker as well as a womanizer. Although he commits crimes and steals, there is more to the man than meets the eye. A bloody past led him to the life he lives today.


Zane is a young soldier, but is well renowned for his brain and brawn. He is an adept swordsman but at the same time is very smart tactically. This lead to him being promoted multiple times, making him a prodigy among the Reinian Army. He is also good friends with Lucian.


Lily is a teenage girl who travels all across the land, seeking adventure as well as making new friends. She is fairly talented in spells and magic and has a much deeper knowledge of the mystical arts than one would expect someone her age to have. Despite her sincere appearance and good intentions, she knows more then she lets on.


Drake is Lily’s older brother and from Nobunga. He is considered to be mentally unstable and has murdered many people over the years. No one knows why he commits his crimes or who he really serves, but the lone swordsman may prove to be a bigger threat than anyone expects him to be.


Cyrus is one of the most powerful and notorious mercenaries in the world, many men have perished or been arrested by his hand. There are only two things he cares about in the world: Money and Revenge. He will do anything for the right price, but if you cross him or make him angry, he will not stop until you are dead.

General Kain

General Kain is the general of Balkia's army and considered to be one of the greatest tactical minds the world has ever known. He is a very rational man who deeply loves his country and wishes for the war to end.

Overlord Zygos

Overlord Zygos is the Overlord of Balkia, the highest ruler in the nation. He is very old, and many feel he is becoming too senile and paranoid. He has a deep hatred for Reins and wants to see that nation burn.


Asher is a notorious swordsman and high ranking official in the Balkian Army. Not much is known about him, or what he does in his free time. Although many have respect for his skill with a sword, they also know that he is not to be trusted.


Boyd is a mysterious bard that travels the land. He is always getting into trouble, however, and most of the time it ends up being up to Lucian to get him out of it.