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You wake up in a void, surrounded by darkness, with no body, no memory of who you are or how you got here. Luckily for you a benevolent being has decided to give you another chance at life. S/he sends you on your way with a stalwart companion by your side. Your quest? Well, that's up to you really.

Incantation is a game that is light on story but heavy on exploration and questing!

In this game you can:
- Choose one of four story modes
- Play as either a male or female.
- Choose which quests and events you complete.
- Unlock new companions as you complete quests and events.
- Find lots of hidden secrets!

It's entirely up to you what you want to do.


There are four different story modes in Incarnation, each with specific goals and plot points. They are as follows: Memories, Saviour, A Friend in Need and No Plots Here. Each have specific quests that only that mode has (except for NPH) and characters that may not be important in one story may be pivotal in the next.

In Memories you as the hero try to recover your past and make sense of how you got to the void and who the God (?) who aids you really is.

In Saviour you are asked to save the world from the evil god, Gosh! Be warned, his minions await adn you will need to raise your own army to combat him!

Your comrade has been kidnapped! You'll need to find the clues that lead to the culprit and rescue your stalwart companion.

As the title suggests, this mode is just an exploration heavy play-through. Complete quests, explore areas and find lots of treasure!

The theme of this game is reincarnation. You are a hero, a wanderer, a simple journeyer, a peaceful commoner. The threads are established and change according to the tale you choose.

Link for now. It'll take a while to upload later. >.<;

Latest Blog

Future of this game? Null. Maybe.

So, I'd been working on this game on the quiet for a while and had gotten pretty far (at least another hour of play). I'd fixed some of the stuff mentioned in reviews, replayed it a few times to best identify problem points, added some extra stuff so that you couldn't leave town without another character, added a little more of the main story and just touched up things - got rid of the edits of others and added my own instead.

However, when I moved computer a few months ago I lost all my VX games, including this one. I'm not sure how - I was positive that I'd copied them all over to the backup drive but when it came time to move them to the new computer, they just weren't there.

Having lost so much progress (coupled with the fact that MV is coming out soon and that Ace is miles better as an engine) really put a downer on my desire to tinker with the game and I've not even bothered to redownload the game.

Will it stay that way? Maybe. Maybe not. I might redownload it and fix some of the more pertinent issues eventually, though I doubt I'll be actually making it a full game. Sorry guys. For what it's worth, I have learned a lot from making this game, mostly about battle balance and editing. It's given me a lot of experience and though it will probably be remembered as a pretty unbalanced game, it helped me a lot to make something so unbalanced and difficult. Sometimes we learn the most from the things we fuck up. ^.^

Frankly, I'm mostly upset about some of the edits I made, which I hadn't had the time to copy elsewhere.

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  • 07/09/2010 10:32 AM
  • 09/27/2015 11:07 AM
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I like the premise of the game. The mapping is also very well done!
So you've just been sitting on this until you had a demo to release? You sneaky girl you! I had no idea you were making a VX game.

*subbed and downloaded*
Well, I thought I'd give the engine a try with a semi-serious project. It's actually quite fun and after all the play-tests I've done I find myself reaching for the SHIFT button every time I play an RM game - whether it be 2K/3 or VX. ^.^;

Of course, I'm a bit annoyed at some of the things they cut out of the database/eventing - oh, like, items that teach skills, say - but I do love me some self switches. <3
I subbed, the concept of this game seems pretty cool. I look forward to future progress.
Hey, Liberty. How is this project coming along?
Are the XP Characters and Facesets custom or did you find them on a site? Just curious because I want to use them in my game.
I love your mapping style. It's gorgeous.
I'd really like to see this finished.
It seems that the dungeons on the left side of the forest always put me back in the forest. I dont no why. Also in the second town where do i go to go to the north part of it?
You currently can't go to the north part. Only the Meras mountains (to the West of the second town) and the original forest are available in the demo.
Hi! Regarding the Shop to the North in Iofeld, after you get that quest from a man who sells oddities, yeah? Is it a shop with a gravestone in front of it? I accidentally spoke to him before I had finished the quest, and I think that might be the shop, but I can't go in. If it's not, how do I get to the shop..?
I think of you head to the Meras Mountains you'll get back on the path. I don't think I made much more beyond that point, actually, and so that quest doesn't end. ^.^;
hey can some1 plz tell me all the locations of the forest herbs in the first forest??? i found 11 and i cant seem to find the last one anywhere... i've looked everywhere but i cant find it.. also how can i open the red chest in that forest???
plz help... :(
Red chests can only be opened with a chest key. There are a few scattered about (you can find your first in the Inn of Segar town. Check what the maid mentions.)
The herbs are hard to find. There is one that is hidden behind a tree in the south part of the forest. There's also one in the north-western part of the map due north of the entrance. You have to circle around from near the exit to get it. Just go north twice from the exit, past the treasure room and up.

I'll post a map of the forest and things of interest shortly, just in case they aren't the ones you're missing.

Also, just a warning, the game ends around the part where you're told to look for a specific person. You can still go to the mountains and head through the caves and collect all the treasures there, but the demo is essentially over at that point.

EDIT: Added to the Tips page, in a spoiler. The pale blue dots are the herb locations. Hope that helps!
thanx for the help.. i found all the forest herbs :) :) and also opened the chest..
and also right outside the first forest there is a tower which i cannot enter. whenever i try to enter it i get teleported back to the start of the forest.. this also happens wen i enter any building in the snowy town in the extreme north but i get teleported to the weapon shop in segar....
is this supposed to happen or does it mean that i dont have to go to that place yet????
thanx again anyways.... :D
You can't go to those places yet. The city north of the forest you can, and the mountain to the west of the mountain, but the rest are a no.
You can't go to those places yet. The city north of the forest you can, and the mountain to the west of the mountain, but the rest are a no.

ok thanx for the info..:)
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