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Megaman Tournament Re-released and Rebalanced!

QUICK EDIT NOTE: For those who just downloaded this a few days ago, redownload again. I made a mistake in how the Mega Armor works with the four elemental soul suits. It did not give them the 3000+ hp it should have when equipped. This is now fixed. You don't have to restart your saved game or anything over this, just redownload, reinstall and continue your game as normal. Furthermore, I made the Wood Soul more useful, by level 99, you have 2000 HP more over any other soul suit. Also, the Shielded Armor didn't do what it was designed to at first: reduce the damage of Nuetral (non-elemental) based attacks. This has now been fixed and the Shielded Armor is actually useful now. QUICK EDIT NOTE 2: Besides rebalancing a few more enemy/skill stats, I also just added a nasty, little surprise to the Challenge 1 Set line-up for those who beat Tourney 7 already. Good luck! QUICK EDIT NOTE 3: It seems you could only summon Proto Man or Roll in the Endurance Test only once throughout all the rounds. I've since fixed this and you can summon them in each round as many times as you have their items.

I wasn't quite satisfied with the original game. The beginning tourneys weren't easy enough and the final tourneys weren't hard enough. That and you got yourself stuck in a rut using the same chips over and over again to win battles. So I modified and rebalanced the chip system so that each chip set has its own unique uses and status effects are far more helpful in inflicting Navis with than before. (they are also more deadly to you too!) Changes in the new version:

-Updated chip sets to include new effects such as inflicting status or remove beneficial status from opponents.
-Rebalanced the attribute and condition system to make them more effective in your strategy consideration.
-Tailored the special 8th tourney after the game was over to be harder and more rewarding.
-Added two more challenges to the challenge menu after you beat the game once.
-Added an endurance mode which pits you against every Navi in the game, 7 at a time.
-Added Navis from MMBN 4, 5, and 6, which weren't featured previously.
-Added new armors such as the Hack Armor, Power Armor, Torrent Armor and Mirror Armor. I also added a special boon to the Mega Armor of a 3000 HP boost whenever you are wearing it.
-Added two after-game items: Proto Sword and Roll Ring for purchase to summon an AI controlled Protoman or Roll to aid you in challenge battles or the endurance mode.
-Added more game discs for collection, up to a total of 13 to acquire!
-You now have access to the Four Soul armors prior to beating Bass now, which can further factor into your challenge/endurance strategies. Also made them more distinctive in their advantages.

So yes, I came back to this game with a vengeance and it should be far better than it ever was. A much better product overall and what it should have been in the first place. For those who enjoyed it previously, download it again and restart and enjoy it once more!


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Good job :D
I'm glad you took the time to rebalance it, I thought fighting the final boss (it was bass/forte right?) was incredibly hard O_o
He still is hard. But this time, you have the option of summoning Protoman or Roll in to provide extra targets for him! That and you now have the elemental souls option to factor in your play style against Bass. Should you opt for more power? (fire soul) More damage to your attacks overall? Or do you want to utilize more memory to cast Firewall more often (Aqua soul)? Or do you think you need the extra speed to keep up with Bass? (Elec Soul) Or more defense? (Wood soul) Lots of options this time around.
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