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This RPG Maker game has been in the works for almost 10 years. It has gone through so many iterations that I've lost count how many times I've restarted over this RPG.
As of the current variant, you are now a lone character summoner who can hire up to seven different mercenaries to join your crew. You can swap them in and out of your party as you please, provided you have the money to do so. Each mercenary is a specific class and only you can decide the best setup for your character party.
The majority of the game is free-flowing story, similar in nature to Morrowind or Oblivion. There is a main plot thread, but you can choose to follow or drop it as you please. When finished, this will most likely be the last RPG I'll make. I'm going to finish it one of these days!

Features will be expanded upon later in the Feature pages but they include:
- Open ended gameplay with seven different characters you can hire.
- Loot system
- Summoning system
- Blue Magic system
- Thieving system
- Alchemic system
- Enemy Card system
- Joint Magic Sphere system
- Restockable chest system
- Three major guilds to join: Fighters Guild / Mages Guild / Thieves Guild.
- And more!

There is a lot of ambition in this RPG. And over 10 years, it definitely shows I've been slowly, but surely working on it. Perfecting and fine-tuning it. It is still far from over. But the main core mechanics are done and all said features above (minus the guilds, since those will be built alongside the maps and events) are basically finished and implemented. I'll even include a few mini-games or two in there at the tail end of production when I know for sure the game is going to be completed. I'm pretty busy, so check back every now and again for more info.

Latest Blog

Turning it in...

I have to admit the reality: I will not be finishing this game.

I grew too ambitious for my own good and real life has beaten me down so hard that I have put this to the wayside for far too long that coming back to it and all the various things, secrets, coding, etc. confuse me now more than anything. I've been stuck trying to figure out all that I was trying to do and it could take a long time before I'm ever back up to speed to how I was when I was fervently creating this game. By then, would my motivation be as it was and would real life truly give me the time left to complete it? Doubtful.

So what's left to complete? Well, there are the introduction and finale locations left to map. Terraco caves (an endgame-like lava/cultist cave area), and a dream world optional section. That's all the maps - rest of the world has been mapped out. Everything else has been created. Also, all the NPCs and events for the story and sidequests must be completed. That's a huge chunk right there and probably my biggest hurdle. And the implementation of some mini-games, and bonus timed events related to such that were planned. That's still a crapton of work left to do for someone who no longer has time to game make and has a family with two kids.

So my question to all of you would be: should I just release an alpha build with no promise or expectation of completion or should I seek to have someone take over and I hand all my documentation, story notes and more for them to complete?

I'm sorry for all who were expecting this for so long, but sometimes life doesn't give us what we want. It certainly didn't give me what I wanted and this is one of the casualties of that. I pray for your understanding in this and apologies to all.


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Looks interesting. I'll keep an eye on this one. ^.^
Devil's in the details
I played your other game, Land of Dreams a long time ago and I liked it. I was pretty surprised and glad to see you posting it here.
So yeah, I'm really looking forward to this new game of yours.
yeah, its quite clear from both descriptions of said systems and overall screenshots that these past 10 years have really honed and perfected the skills I learned from working on Land of Dreams. I'm a much better designer than I ever was creating my last RPG. Will Amulet of Fate compare with the most recent 'fancy' RPGs out there right now? Probably not, but I'm not making it to be such. I'm making it to be fun and something I can personally enjoy with my children. You are all just going to get to play it as a bonus; I'm really only making this for myself. :)
heard about this game years ago but thought you had given up on it, nice to see it's still being worked on, whoa I think 10 years is the longest anyone has ever worked on a rpg maker game, this game is surely gonna be epic with so much time put into it.
This is the second of your games that I've subscribed to today.
My mind is full of fuck.
10 years?. Sounds like you pulled a duke nukem forever.
true, but the difference is: I'm actually still working on this. Real life is delaying it. That's all. lol
I've had some major time to work on this rpg lately. I've completed two massive areas: Garovo Pass (and sub areas) and Yalinor Forest (and sub areas) and started working on Palidor Cavern. I'm surprised I got this much work done already on the project within a span of a week. If I were to keep up this pace (highly unlikely), I could actually finish all game maps within a month's time or so.
Why have I simply glazed over this project everytime I look in the database? It looks just like my kind of game. =)
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
Here, have some encouragement to work on this or update~ cheer~
Thanks, I'm slowly working on it. Since coming home from deployment, my free time went down to just about zero. lol But it is slowly being worked on. I'm almost halfway done with all maps for the game. Once all maps are done, I dare say I'm 70% done with the overall game. Since story events, side quests and the multitude of NPCs won't take too terribly long to complete.
I will look forward for this game!
By the way, is it a coincidence that you have Terrance too in this game? In your Land of Dreams, Terrance is a ghost...and looking at your trailer up there, I've been wondering if it's the same Terrance...
@meireille, That is funny. Terrance in LOD can use dark/black magic. Terrance in AOF is a Black Mage. Coincidence? I think so. No connection or relation however. Nice speculation though!

On a progress note: Good gosh, I finally finished Bhalstok. I absolutely HATE designing towns/cities. Because since they are a place players keep coming back to, its a pain in the arse to get them looking nice for repeated viewings/trips. Thankfully, I have two more towns left to go and they shouldn't (shouldn't!) be anywhere near as big as Bhalstok or Alur'Rang. Heck, Galea was smaller and easier to build than those two were.
Regardless, I finished that big roadblock to my creativity and now going strong on Bismark Cavern and moving eastward across the continent, filling in areas as I build/come to them.
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
Oh man oh man keep it up. This looks very cool!
That game looks so Rm2k-old-school and sweet, and true to you :3
Can't wait for check it.
True to me? How can you say its true to me if I don't know you? lol But yes, the gameplay should be rather old school. There are no fancy custom menus, no fancy custom battle systems, no fancy....whatever. I'm trying to not spend(waste) my time on features that ultimately won't decide the quality of the game.
Why has this game not received more attention?

As far as straight-up-RPGs go - this looks like a great, beautifully made game.
Why has this game not received more attention?

As far as straight-up-RPGs go - this looks like a great, beautifully made game.

Sometimes I wonder if it'll be too simple of an RPG for many people.
Dude, I am so with you. Don't worry about your audience. They will find you.
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