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You wake up in a cell with a mattress, a desk piled with coded papers and books, and a computer terminal with access to three other hidden occupants of the dungeon. The choices you make will determine who escapes, who dies, and who is trapped forever. But be careful... Not everyone is who they seem.

The game is written in Java and can either be downloaded or played in the browser here. Please contact me either through the comments or at psy_wombats@wombatrpgs.net if you have any problems running the game.

This is a short project inspired by the likes of Adventure, Myst, those 'escape the room' flash games, and also MSpaint Adventures. The game is probably an hour long at most depending on your reading speed, though there are nine possible endings. Note that this is cross between a visual novel, adventure game, and text RPG. If you don't like reading too much, you probably won't enjoy this. The only gameplay is through choices you must make as the player. For instance:
"You can examine the <w>all mirror, the <c>abinet, the <m>edicine chest, the <c>abinet, the <d>rain, the <s>ink and shower, the <t>oilet, or head <b>ack the the main room."

Have fun in your attempt to escape...!

Latest Blog

Javascript version, Mac compatibility, featured-ness, other things...

So the main reason I'm updating the blog is that I just added another download for the game, this being a version of The LCPANES Terminal in HTML5/javascript. A while ago it was brought to my attention that on Mac computers, it wasn't possible to make selections at choices. This new version should fix that problem, so I'm going to go ahead and set it as the main download. (additionally, this should be playable on a mobile devices, if you care to try)

Next up, by this point, everything that's included in the game is definitive as far as typos/routing goes. I deliberately shut up about theories and intentions while this game was featured because at that point, it was "done," and I'd prefer the work to stand alone without any additional creator's notes or interpretations. It was a little surreal to have this game featured seeing as how it has zero graphics whatsoever, but I hope those who noticed it through the RMN front page enjoyed the game. (wow, that's only what, 3 months late? oh well)

Oh, and the reason this JS viewer was made was because of another VN project in the works... if you enjoyed the writing in this story, I'm currently working on Snowbound, which you can follow here. PentagonBuddy's also working on this, but we're holding off on an RMN page for a little bit.
  • Completed
  • psy_wombats
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  • Visual Novel
  • 07/10/2010 06:06 AM
  • 08/25/2016 06:38 PM
  • 06/30/2011
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Engaging, challenging and basically awesome.
I don't know what to say, actually. I played just one time and I got the ending #4, which is a really nice one... I think. Maybe. Hopefully!
I am totally gonna replay it, trying to get all the endings, and I'll recommend it to my friends!
When I had to make the final choice, about who setting free, I stared at the keyboard for a good five minutes, swearing internally. Truly well-done, engaging, it really make you feel like you're in the game.
What would you think about a pixel-game version of your text adventure? It could be cool!
Anyway, well done. Congrats.
P.S. Maybe it could use a saving option.

(yeah, that's a comment, not a review xD)
Guh -.- I think this game messed up a bunch of wires in my brain. I was super paranoid when playing this. I got ummm I think it was ending 4, the one where
you and LICOZY both escape
first of all, but then I got ending 7 and then I used the walkthrough (I wish I didn't =[), but I still have a bunch of questions because in one ending KUHOOK says something like
>.> so anyway, if you'll answer me..-
in the endings where you and one or more people escape, do they really escape or is it just a lie and you're escaping alone? -.- Is AVYBRANDY really a plant like it said in that one ending? Was he lying about dying were any of them actually real? >.< I need some kind of elaboration on this gr from the maker, I need the word of God. Who's the architect really? >.> Is her name really Cecilia is she even a she or is she a he and how come the police haven't caught her >.< is she some kind of criminal mastermind and where are they exactly, where did she put all the bodies? Did she randomly select people and how did she capture them if she's just one person -.- omg this is long guh >.< Can you make an article like "LCPANES Terminal Explained!" or something? >__<
I know this is mostly a result of my own foolishness, but I think the newest version should be the topmost one on the download page. I played through the whole game with the 'this option is unavailable in alpha' popping up, while thinking I had the most recent version. The game as I played it was still very good though.
There IS a walkthrough, on this very gamepage. :S
Perhaps write a walkthrough to get all the endings? This game is very fun, by the way.
Just got Ending #6.
This game is awesome. Now back to trying not to die this time.
^^ Lulz true. Maybe this game is a conspiracy :O???
Huh, this is interesting.


Look at the list of words at the bottom...the names of all four terminals are listed there. Now isn't that strange?
In response to PheerTheReaper:

The code LICOZY gave you for Cecilia was fake. Her actual escape code was MIRACLES, not BANANANA. He did this because, having confirmed (through uncertain means; most likely he decoded something in his room that gave him the information) that Seth was genuine, by process of elimination, he believed that Cecilia was a plant. This is why he requested that Seth send his escape password through the cabinet, so that the message wouldn't go through Cecilia. However, he knew that you would be uncertain about this and would not want to leave knowing that Cecilia was still trapped, so he gave you a fake escape code to give you the impression that everyone got out safe.

As for whether he was right about Cecilia, you'll have to play through her own route to find out!
I really liked this game, I only got 2 endings so far. #6 and #9 I believe.

I was confused by something though.

With ending #9, I released Seth and he released LICOZY, but then LICOZY gives me my code and a code for Cecilia? How is this possible?
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
This is really short, but still well done. A couple of the endings seemed to be pretty similar to each-other, but that's probably fine.

As a note, there were a few minor glitches with inspecting the non-computer objects. In the bathroom on the first day, the cabinet is listed twice, and the command prompt seemed to fritz out after inspecting one of the objects in there. Reading the books on the first day, it's supposed to take me back to the desk's command prompt after each one, but instead one of them took me back to the room's command prompt. I then inspected the mattress, after which I found myself at the desk's command prompt.

I enjoyed this game and got all nine endings before I finally closed the game! I feel like something should unlock after doing so. I guess you can't exactly make it unlock a sound test or a concept art gallery, though. ;)
This game was amazing. I got #5, not sure if I'll play through again, but that was indeed amazing and fun.
In Elyse's Journal, when you choose "The Communication System", the last sentence states "There are a total of four of us here: myself, Seth, Catherine, and LICOZY." I'm sure you meant Cecilia instead of Catherine.

Haha yes I wondered for a while whether this was a voluntary inconsistency revealing a plotkey or not (could still be !)
Anyway I didn't insist enough on how well crafted this game is ; it made me tense like hell when the first major choice appeared - I began roaming around my flat thinking out loud about every possible outcome. And I really felt bad für Elise, the point where we learn of her gambit is ... powerful, especially considering what we hear later from the paranoid one.

By the way, Fallen-Griever, I have to say your avatar is especially disgusting, congratulations.
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
Hello, I just did a review on you, i gave you 5 stars, so I do not know whether it will be accepted, the reason why I gave you a 5 is because the game is really good, if it gets accepted, you will know why, if the review does not get accepted, then I will give it 4 stars instead, and try again.

Reviews aren't disallowed based on scores, only on the quality of the review. If it gets rejected, ask the mods why and they might be able to help you improve your review writing (assuming it isn't accepted, could be an awesome review for all I know).
This was a very interesting game. I went into it thinking "How good can a bunch of text be?" and let's say I was pleasantly surprised. It has a really good story and minimal amount of typos, though the only one that bothered me was when

In Elyse's Journal, when you choose "The Communication System", the last sentence states "There are a total of four of us here: myself, Seth, Catherine, and LICOZY." I'm sure you meant Cecilia instead of Catherine.

Anyway, I got all of the endings and every one of them made sense. This is definitely a thinking man's game. Too bad games like this are becoming increasingly rare. Great job psy_wombats!
Hoo boy, I thought everything and their mother had been done in the room escape setting, but this is one freakin' brilliant mood piece. Many thanks to psy_wombats for having crafted it, and F-G and the staff who featured it for making it more noticeable.

Now I can't resist writing a short disclaimer for people who liked this game (though I doubt anyone will be interested, it's worth a try) :
If you haven't before, I suggest you try "interactive fictions" (the "modern" name for text adventures), heaps of which can be found on this site : the Interactive Fiction Database
As a starter, I would recommend Galatea, a very intriguing dialogue-only short piece with 50 endings, or the beautifully written Photopia. The more puzzle-savy could try Spider and Web, which simply blew my mind.
I really enjoyed this game.
My first ending was a good one, but on the next playthroughs I kept getting bad endings and going "NOOOOOO, I WANT ALL OF US TO MAKE IT !!!"

A really entertaining game. Thanks for sharing it with us! :D
This game exceeded my expectations. Good job.
Hello, I just did a review on you, i gave you 5 stars, so I do not know whether it will be accepted, the reason why I gave you a 5 is because the game is really good, if it gets accepted, you will know why, if the review does not get accepted, then I will give it 4 stars instead, and try again.
sooo, just got enging #6.
i have a question:
does it do any differents, if i check the cabinet in the bathroom after the first night?
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