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Mannux.. is not dead!

  • Hatch
  • 01/11/2022 07:22 PM
Ok so.. it has been a while hasn't it! I wanted to post though that Mannux is back in development, being redone in the Godot game engine. My itch.io page will be the primary source of updates on this game going forward, but I'll try to update it on here occasionally as well. The following devlog has a bit more info and a preview video!


Glad to be back to working on this once again!


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Oh, wow. I think I subscribed to this back in 2014 or so. Nice to see it not become vaporware.
Hehe, yeah. This has always been my dream game to finish, so one way or another I intend to see it through. Changing to a modern engine has proven to be a good choice. Still have lots of old art assets to still be used, and will definitely have some more to add in too. You definitely won't have to wait so long for another update. :)
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