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Hartacon is an online game that allows people to challenge each other in multiplayer battles. It is not a MMORPG.
Each player will have the opportunity to create one or more parties with a given amount of Upgrade Points (UPs). Adding characters to a party and buying equipments consumes the party's UPs. UPs can be gained by winning online battles.


Inside the demo.


Remember that your password will travel in clear text on the Internet and that the administrator will be able to see it, so don't use a password you use on sites, forums, email and so on. You will need to enter this password only if you will have to recover your profile after a deletion of the savefile.


* 1024 x 768 resolution
* Multiplayer battles
* Alliances
* LAN game mode
* Network game mode
* LAN room, battle room, and battle chat.


I implemented almost every bit of the game from scratch.
I want to thank the people behind the Netplay project and Blizzard for his RMX-OS from which I have learned a lot, but I'm coding my own classes for everything.
I'm using Selwyn's Resolution Script.
The animation system for the battlers is provided by DerVVulfman.
The notifier is provided by Dark32.

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This looks very interesting! One question, does this game contain world traveling, also online?
No, it doesn't. You do party management offline and battles online.
Anyone want to get online and battle?
A new version is available! (as soon as the new link is accepted)
I am online in version 0.6 now if anyone wants to get a game in. Good work Charlie!
Dream big, expect nothing
I started up a room in LAN play, hopefully I did everything right.
It's called Redd's Arena.

I have a suggestion: allow players to gain levels offline so that they don't get owned by online players and never have a chance to get levels up.
I have a suggestion: allow players to gain levels offline so that they don't get owned by online players and never have a chance to get levels up.

Level up comes from experience points, and you get exp points just playing. I seem to remember I set item=1exp, attack=2exp, skill=3exp. The point is you don't have to necessarily win to level up. Who wins gets more money and prizes (yes, they are a form of levelling up too, but hey, he won).
It'd be kind of cool to see more people online so i could actually give this a try. I'd also like to say that you should probably make your menus have less dead space / put background images on things with just a black screen. Presentation is a large part of things.
Version 1.1 has just been released. I agree about presentation as a very important factor. The point is I'm still adding features, options and stuff, so I don't want to spend too much time on things I will have to do again.
Version 1.2 released.

EDIT: Version 1.3 released.
Version 1.5 released. What's new:

v1.5 Key to skip news entries.
v1.5 Resized status window.
v1.5 New client-server data synchronization.
v1.5 Party equipment and item rating (EIR).
v1.5 General re-balancing.
v1.5 New skills to break the enemy's equipment.
v1.5 New battle option: max number of turns.
This looks EXCELLENT! Downloading right now, I like the idea of leveling up before people and pwning noobs.
Well, I've successfully made my first party, looks promising so far, except the lack of players. More people need to join this great game!

My name In-Game is Furion.
I wrote a notifier for windows.

It's deleted or something.
There's a new notifier inside the game folder now.
does any1 still play this? I just found this and it looks really cool...
How important are UP's? Because since this isn't a large scale project where we have thousands of players, it'd be really easy to go into the game without UP and keep losing, no?
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