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Stealth-based arcade about a little imp named Moby. To prevent an orphanage aka his home from being reconstructed into restaurant Moby will have to brake some laws and swipe neighboring buildings of some values.
The game itself is not very long, a bit more than hour of play. Cut-scenes may make you sher a tear or two.
Gameplay is based on searching a glowing dots and money-like objects on a map.
If minimap shows an "!" mark you need to hide in a shadow until whoever came will go away; if you are spotted you must retreat to the ventilation duct you've came from ASAP.
Well, enough this simple but cute little game :3

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  • Completed
  • Dragol
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Action
  • 06/04/2007 02:19 PM
  • 11/02/2022 01:33 PM
  • 12/02/2010
  • 56520
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Wow, I certainly missed out on seeing this game! I really like the ET-like screenshot.
I agree with Kentona. Amazing. Though, theres no download. But still... amazing!
I will rate it up. Yay! ^^
What means "no download"? It is.
It seems like a very interesting game, I will look forward to trying it.
I hope to see more <3
Where is the download now button if there is a download available?
My mind is full of fuck.
Didn't notice this game, so I'll download it.
Wow...um, what to say here.

On one hand, I've seen nothing like this game with RPGMaker2k3. I'd say that from my small experience with epgmaker2k3, this is more than likely a massive total technological achievement with the program, at least considering the games time.

That aside, I gotta be honest. This game has a few serious issues, but I'll just list the 3 most grating.

Take the translation itself...It's no babelfish, but overall it's pretty mediocre. The dialogue displayed seems very larger than life, and not in an entertainingly bad way, but just due to the fact that you can tell that the person responsible for translating should have found some fans of this game that wouldn't mind translating it into engrish. If I enjoyed this game myself, this would be the part where I would offer to do so personally. This is the internet. There are tons of people out there more than willing to translate anything from engrish if they appreciate what you have created.

The gameplay itself is also very very very flawed. The biggest issue...that actually got me stop caring about this is...well, it seems like they either find you at random, regardless of where you are, or at parts where you're in a shadow, they'll find you anyways. I should probably also say that the gameplay in general isn't very fun. There doesn't seem to be any atmosphere to it.

Also I need to say one more thing. I don't know if this was the developers plan, but the main character looks like a purple rodent, not an imp. Also, the art style is beyond muddy, in all the wrong ways. It brought me back to Laxius Force, a game which I consider to be the most painful experience you can have with something you have to pay money for

My point is this. I see this game as VERY forgettable. I hope that if I happen to come across more of your projects in the future, I get to see that potential fulfilled.
I wonder if anyone will ever actually read what I posted. Oh well.
I wonder if anyone will ever actually read what I posted. Oh well.

Well, thank for hard ctits. I can understand this and see my flaws. Back there in 2006 I was pretty naive :3
Thank you anyway.
Might be a little bit too late but is there a way to change the game's resolution? :-)
I liked this game a lot. It's cute, funny and not too long.
Why have I chosen to play the game about Christmas in the middle of summer? 'cause it was done whith RPG Maker 2003 and I can play it on mobile phone. Game was very useful during my way to the office.

When Imp got caught, you can restard the level even without saving just before it - pretty good for relaxeing and simply enjoying the game.

For me it was not so obvious that you can hide in a hatchway only when people have found you.

I highly reccomend to play this game with sound switched on, because it not only adds an atmosphere, but also helps you a lot.

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