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Simple, but cute.

Partly responsible for submissions on RMN, to accept games over 20 MB we have to check them out and vouch for their quality. Because, ultimately, RMN does not have infinite bandwidth; regulations have to be set, and something aout WIP and Holbert not letting me accept crappy games but whatever. I don't listen to them much anyway.

But, with a system like this, I get to become familiar with the games I play! Including good ol' Moby Housekeeper.

As much review as criticism of this game, I'll start off with saying I liked it. Starting it up, I know the designer is competent. The idea is simple, yet, hey, that's what good puzzle games have going for them.

What also helped were the custom resources. I've got to give the designer props for the title menu and interface. It's nothing outstanding, but really: it gave the game presence.

Ultimately though, the game could benefit from a lot of work. It lacks polish.

I wonder if the designer even played the intro. There is a severe flood of spelling and grammatical errors. Also, near the end it becomes non-stop cut-off text. I'd suggest someone capable in English go through and correct the intro to the game. It didn't affect it much because ultimately, who plays a puzzle game for the story? (cute story, though!)

The game lacks a tutorial mode. While I understood the gameplay after a while, I died within the first 5 minutes. (Thank god it didn't take me back to the intro though or else I would have just stopped playing completely. It makes me wonder if you knew people would die right away).

To increase gameplay depth, may I suggest items to help in hiding? More than just jumping into the shadows and waiting? There's a lot that can be done in this game of hide-and-seek you have here and I'd like to see more pulled out of this idea.

So for now, the idea is great and the game can stand on its own two feet, but it feels nowhere near complete and could greatly benefit from a lot of refinement and polish.

Good luck!
-Forever An Ill Fate