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A mysterious death on an isolated research station! A deadly secret in the ancient caves! Can Captain Skull unravel the mystery of the Ghost Planet... before it's too late?

Leftclick - Walk, interact
Rightclick - Examine
Esc - Menu
Click the 'items' and 'notes' icons on the bottom left of the screen to open up the item and note inventories respectively.

Music credits in the readme.

Latest Blog

c-crits...... *clutches throat, collapses into dust*

Yep not gonna even try to justify this blog! Feh who needs this "dignity"...... Anyway only 2 people here have told me anything at all about what they thought of it and this is one of maybe three or four games I've released that I feel good about (others are ghost voyage, biggles on mars, veggie tales because it sucks but intentionally so) and the only one without a review so idk?? Thoughts, abuse, etc

  • Completed
  • catmitts
  • Adventure Game Studio
  • 07/18/2010 09:04 PM
  • 01/28/2014 01:52 AM
  • 07/20/2010
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This looks really good.
Reminds me of monkey island.
Subbed, dammit.
haha i just finished this today so you needn't have bothered! download pending i guess but it's up on gw already
I got an error trying to open the items menu:

"in "GlobalScript.asc", line 319

Error: MoveCharacterBlocking: character is turned off and cannot be moved"

=( I was having fun, too, but I'm stuck on how to find the location number after you get the container number.
Yeah, sorry about that! When you open the items menu Captain Skull is supposed to walk up to Quimby, you must have clicked it somewhere like the elevator where the main character was invisible. I'll try to put up a fix later on today.

Also I'll put up a walkthrough later but in terms of the container number
Use Quimby on Brotzmann's notes to find they've been bugged. Talk to Vermillo until you get the "ectoplasm production" note. use "ectoplasm production" on Vupnor in the top floor and then use "bug" on Science Dog. Then use Compu-Tor to see Brotzmann's notes.

I'm glad you were enjoying it, anyway!
Okay, thanks, beaten it now! It was great! The ending sorta all went a bit quick though, but I've come to expect that rom your games I suppose. It would've been cool if it was more Biggles-y where you get to what feels like the end, and there's still more to go, but this was fairly long so w/e. I might write a review later, but it will be a lot like my other reviews of your games.
Yeah, I made the whole last section just yesterday so it was pretty rushed. I had actually been planning to add on a Biggles-y fight section at the end where you have to take down an ectoplasm monster but at that point I was really rushing through backrounds and dialogue and I figured I shouldn't force stuff! If it's not fun to make it's usually not fun to play either. Thanks for completing it anyway!
I will say, though, this image is kinda misleading and something going more in this direction towards the end would've been cool.

embrace you doom.......

also pokemaniac yeah i agree but i am really low on plasticine and paint and basically everything so i just improvised with bedsheets and cardboard! i'm planning to stock up on a few tubs once i have the money and then maybe start working again on my Big Production Values project, what dat well watch this space as they say heh...... heh....... heh./..... ~ kefka ff6

also yeah reviews would be really appreciated!
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
I played it. Captain Skull is astonishing!

I was a little surprised it was so short, but what's there is good, so great job! Another fun catmitts game!
Found the game unplayable with terrible seizure-inducing screens. Your game should carry a warning for people with epilepsy. :/ Different tastes I guess but it was yawnage throughout.
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