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You play as a character named Daron, a man who has to live with the scarring memory of losing the one he loved more than life, a man who never gives up no matter the risk, and a man who will stop at nothing to make a difference on everyone. Watch the hills burn, the cities fall, and the lives fade away as Daron travels the land in desperate search of answers and a second chance.

***If you need help in any area in the game or if you have a question you need answered quickly, email me at eagankid@yahoo.com. I check my email like 50 times per day***

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Check out my latest new game--Above Hell

Download - https://rpgmaker.net/games/12483/

Trailer - https://youtu.be/ISjOgy60-84

If you were a fan of this older game of mine, I know you will enjoy the latest addition.
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  • 09/28/2007 10:34 AM
  • 07/21/2022 08:03 PM
  • 06/13/2008
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I tried to download your game, but no battler or tileset data came, so I can't play! I checked the game folder, and there were no battler or tileset folders at all!
Disregard last comment. Error was with my computer. Sorry!
Sounds like a good game. Just about to try it out for myself.
Sweet! Can't wait to see whatcha think!
If my review gets published, I just thought I would correct something in it. I didn't realize the game was finished, and I was asking for you to keep us updated and for you to put a demo up, I now realize that the game is already available for download, my mistake.
Oh, heh, and I commented in your topic before even reading your latest comment! Heh, oops... Oh well, I hope you enjoy the game!
This was a very cool game. My only problem I couldn't get past the part when the guy got to his house, then a flash back, then he woke up when a growl occurred. It then said not enough graphic... something... and it turned of on me.
how do u du the battle without going in to the battle screen and how do u get ur health and mana to show on the screen i have more ?'s but those r the one i want to know and great game 5 stars
darkshade9: I'm studying around the area where your problem occurred...trying to find out why that might have happened. I have never run into that error before. Hmmm, my advice is to just try again, and if your save is messed up to a point where when you load it, the error instantly pops up, maybe just restart the game since you just began playing. Sorry for that issue dude, I'm really clueless as to why that error message popped up.
rpgmaster: Your health and mana should always be displayed on the screen unless you're in a story mode. So your problem is you can't battle and the health and mana isn't being displayed? Does this occur while battles are going on? If that's the case, it's another damn bug, heh... My worst enemies in life are bugs...........
If you have an issue, please feel free to reach me on yahoo messenger (I am almost always on) or email me. My email and yahoo screen name are both the exact same:

I am more than happy to help! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach me through email or yahoo messenger!
Download doesn't work.
I should just copy and paste that statement....
Stay posted everyone! The link will be fixed. My main website recently went through a change so the link was killed. But a new link will be posted very soon.
Also, those of you who enjoyed Under World 2, know that there will be an Under World 3. I am currently working on it as I type. The battle system will be similar to Under World 2 in many ways, but a lot of new features have been added as well. I plan to make the story better, the game play better, the leveling up better...basically everything will be a step up from Under World 2. It will also be the last game of the series. I hope to finish this game if not over this summer, then by the end of this year (at the very latest). But honestly, I could see myself finishing this over my summer break, meaning by the end of August. Thanks for the support everyone!! :)
This is an overall amazing game, and definitely at the top of my list. My only criticism is in regards to the upgrade system... I love how it is implemented, but I feel that for the first parts of the game, making a dedicated choice between magical and physical upgrades can make gameplay unnecessarily difficult. As an example, I chose the path of magic from early on; as a result, even with decent armor my defense was very low. It took me at least 40 tries to get past the grass-men boss and about the same for the scorpion since I was able to be killed almost by one blow.

Maybe I'm just being whiney, but my experience is that concentrating on one attribute for advancement is detrimental. I like the idea of having to make a choice, but perhaps in number 3 you can toss in a few advancements for the other polarity (i.e. if you choose the magika path, there would be a couple spots for str, dex, def avancements for an inflated price perhaps , and vice versa add a few magica advancements on the physical side of the advancement plane)
I know the original blockade is removable, I just think that for early on you should still get a limited chance to "round out" your character.

That being said, I want to say that this game is a rare gem... the simple fact that I would replay a scene so many times after failing speaks volumes. Keep up the good work :D
Thanks a ton for your comment dude! Yeah, I'm working on the third one right now and I have the overall design completely finished, but I haven't even finished chapter 1. I will definitely figure out how to make leveling up more convenient for any class and I will do my best to fix any areas of weakness I had from this game. I am doing my very best to make this a game that cannot be forgotten and I shall keep everyone posted. Again, as I stated earlier, I hope to have this game finished by the end of this year the very latest, so the game will definitely come to life...its just a matter of being patient. Hahahaha!! That's something I don't have much of, but anyways, I'll keep everyone posted.
Update: Still pretty far behind... I will not be making my deadline of finishing the game by the end of the year, but I promise that I will not be one of those people who talk about such an amazing project but never make ANY progress. When I get heavy into the chapter design and start making a lot more progress, I will leave more frequent updates for everyone to read. My new prediction is that it will be completed at some point next year. I know thats a big range of time, but with me juggling school and music, its rather difficult to find a ton of time to work on this. I never quit my projects though, so this will definitely get done at some point--hopefully next year! Thank you, those of you who have simply shown interest! :)
Under World 3 is making good progress!! I definitely plan on finishing that project at some point this year.
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