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My REAL review

I just finished the game, and I feel that I should submit a second review, since I feel I didn't cover enough in the first.

First of all, the storyline is among the best I've seen in these RMXP projects I've seen. The unique usage of the battle system, with the unique boss battles (Mainly the one in Ohnal; THAT was beautiful!) and a world of plot twists, along with side quests available in towns, RPG is the only way to describe this. There were only two problems in the end. For one, the weapon you get for the Piano in Ohnal makes all the following fights WAAAAAAY too easy, especially for the simplicity of finding the piece used to get it. Also, there was a storyline skip somewhere along the line. One minute I'm on a desolate road after escaping a demon prison, and the next, I'm in a prison cell and sombody lets me out (not saying who, for anybody that may read this who didn't get that far.) It seemed to skip part of Chapter 10 or 11 (forget which.) That may be a glitch, but otherwise, I think a 5 out of 5 is the only thing that does this game justice!


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Shit shit shit shit shit!! I hate bugs!! Hahahaha and yeah dude, that was totally a glitch...grrr You missed a decent chuck of the story. Blah. There was one little event I used for game testing when I was creating the game that teleported you past a chunk of the game so that I could test out an area quickly. I totally forgot to delete it, so now I just fixed it on my end. Thanks for pointing that out. The game seemed bug-free for a while and then I started finding these little annoying bugs here and there...though this one wasn't little, it skipped like a decent chunk.
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