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The Hole is completed! The story doesn't really fit in, put I'll pick that up another day when I have more experience.


Community Status withdrawn

Community woudn't really work for a game with a database, but if you can sprite, make music, or script, you're welcome to join the team.


The OTHER developer

This is basically a copy-paste, with some additions, of a post I made on the game's main page.

I'm not sure when this happened, but I've become a co-developer of this project. If there is any truth to wonderprince's stated age, it's possible I'll end up as the only "legit" developer.

The funny thing about this is that I don't even have any of the project's resources. I guess I have to give this a +1 download and pray that the files are unencrypted?

Annnd the file was encrypted so I can see absolutely nothing! I think what happened here was a slight communication error on both sides of the ales, as it were. I shall be contacting wonderprince shortly to, hopefully, resolve this issue. If this project is really supposed to be a community-based one, the files should not be encrypted at this time.


Community Project!

The Hole is now a community project! Just submit maps with an event that has comments saying where it ties in, and i'll add it in! I think this is the first community RPG with battles!
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