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Overall progress of the game engine: 90% (I'm implementing more stuff so this number just went down haha)
Story progress: 1%
Quest progress: 1%
Overworld mapping: 0%

Link is an archeologist. His goal is to explore the untouched caves that are scattered all throughout Hyrule.

There isn't much laid down for story as the bulk of the work is creating a bug-free ABS. It will feature gobs of custom graphics and possibly even some new music.

Some features include:
Upgradable equipment.
NPC helper fairys.
Jukebox functions(make playlists).
Usage log. For using items, swinging sword, etc. With rewards.
Achievements. For spending rupees and the like. With rewards.
Detailed Bestiary.
Full in-game tutorials.

Latest Blog

Revival update

Rather than make promises that I will probably break about upcoming demos and such, I'm just going to say that I started working on this game again. For reals. Work is going to be slow all month and I feel like working on this every day.

It's been 4 long years and in that time I've done the usual. Start and not finish a bunch of projects, but really this game has always been at the back of my mind. It has the most progress already done. Pretty much enough to make a game as is, but it's a little buggy and some things need reworking.

The issue has always been getting back into it after so long. Forgetting how things work, the daunting long list of bugs, it was easy to keep passing over it. Well this time I forced myself to get back into it and after a while of going over the documents and looking through some code, it's really not as bad as I thought it was!

It's been a few days already and I find myself making actual progress and wanting to keep going. I see a few areas that need improvement, like summoning the fairies and enemy behavior patterns, but most other things look solid.

I have a list of things I want to add but as I was looking through dynrpg plugins I see one that I don't believe existed way back when. The openGL plugin by Pepsiotaku. For me this is a godsend because on Windows 8 I could never play in fullscreen mode. Now I can, or even larger scale window mode. That would have been enough but it also has shaders! Scale2x is kinda wonky, but there's fun things like CRT, gameboy, and monochrome. There is also a bunch of others that I will weave into gameplay. For example, at some point the player will be turned into a ghost and a shader will be applied to change the look of everything. I think it will look great.

Anywho, if you are reading this please let me know you are still out there and interested! I will need some testers soon and I'm curious how many of my subs are even still around heh


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"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irreedeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
You're very fortunate to get your LoZ game on here. I tried with mine some time ago and was denied.
Is that so? Well then I will consider myself as such :D

Do you have your LoZ game hosted anywhere else? I enjoy playing all LoZ RM games.
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*edit - I've updated the demo in response your comments. Download it again and try again for the full experience :D You still haven't seen any of the puzzles*

Your quick answer: I just threw that first guy in to at least give some kind of idea what to press, i really should polish it off. The leveling system is in place but not utilized in the demo. The bombs are only meant to be used when you are standing in front of a bombable wall.

This demo is just to give a taste of what the game will look like, I can't really release a demo with all those systems in place because they all need to be completed and sync'd at the same time. And I'm still working on making them ^.^; and making sure they have no bugs. So you can look forward to a very deep experience when a Beta is released.

Here's a longer explanation:

The text from the starting guy was just thrown in because previously he was just there to flip switches. I'll update it to explain a bit more.

The leveling system was laid out at the start. When you kill monsters on the overworld they give you experience points. My plan was to have both adventure and RPG elements. The "hero" gets xp and has the normal stat increases with level and stat changes with different gear, but it only comes into play when you would be in an actual RPG battle. Out on the overworld the gear you equip has stats tracked by variables that affects the fighting in the overworld.

The bombs are not designed for you to use anywhere, that is how it will be for most of the items. It's just not worth it to program such a thing. I thought about it, but decided on this way because it keeps things simple and allows me to balance the bomb distribution as you play. For example, if you dont use bombs needlessly and run out, then there is no need for me to have shops sell bombs or have enemies drop bombs or make sure that there is always a place nearby where you can stock up on bombs.... no, instead you can only use a bomb when there is a place to bomb. There will be more bombs to find than places to bomb so its not going to be a chore to find enough bombs to open every bombable place.

I really have to describe how to use bombs in game xD see, that's one of those things I never even thought of. I will fix these things right away :)
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The updated demo will have the explanations. You only use the selected items at certain spots. It might change in the future but the demo is like this
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You can bomb a wall on the way to the store after you get the bomb bag. It has enough money to buy the bracelet.
Finally getting around to programming all the items. Did boomerang and whistle so far. Also enemies are pretty much done.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
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It's meant to be extremely limited :) I had very little programmed at the time this demo was created.

I agree that making the maps more interconnected would reduce those long walks. That is something I will make sure of with when it comes time to work on the map again.

However, your making too many judgements of the "game" based on this "demo". I know there's a lot of information on this game profile but somewhere it mentions how this demo is nothing like the current version and was simply strung together in this way to give the player some progression throughout the demo. It's only posted right now, in such a crude fashion, to gain awareness and for you to get an idea of the basic feel of the game. You won't find any of the problems you mentioned in the full game.

The hit detection isn't so bad its having to work with the giant blocks instead of single pixels that makes it less accurate, but when you say there is another way do you mean another way inside of RPG Maker or outside?
It's worth noting that if you're going to publicly post a demo, you will receive criticism. The fact that these bugs/nuances don't exist anymore in the "full" product is irrelevant. We don't have the full product, so we've nothing to base that assumption from.

In other words, I'd say it's better not to have a demo up if it doesn't reflect the content of the actual game. A demo is meant to entice a player and leave them wanting more.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
from Link_2112
The hit detection isn't so bad its having to work with the giant blocks instead of single pixels that makes it less accurate, but when you say there is another way do you mean another way inside of RPG Maker or outside?

I meant from within RPG Maker. I've tried my own hand at making an ABS in RM2000, and there are some things you can do to improve how the game registers hits. It'll never be quite perfect, but you can get it pretty close.

I guess I'd have to know how you're doing it already before I could really recommend anything, though.
I respectfully disagree :) It is worth posting this demo.

I'm not worried about the criticism, it has been helpful. It's exactly what I want, a different perspective. If I wait until the game is closer to being finished before getting this input it will be a lot harder to fix the problems. I have already discovered this, and I want the feedback early on in development so I can easily make the changes. I have posted lots of information about the demo and about the things I have been fixing/programming into the game so there should be plenty to base an opinion of what the final product will look like and how it compares to this demo. Besides it's only been 4 days since I posted this demo and a new one is very close(end of the week most likely)

What other choices do I have?
-Well, I could not post anything at all, including this site, and nobody will know this exists.
-I could just post some screenshots and talk about the game. Someone might come along and think it
would be cool to try but I have to wait a few weeks. Then they might forget about it and never come back.
-Instead I chose to take the game in its current form(back around christmas) and put the items in random spots in the world so I can finally have someone test the game and tell me what they think.

You have to keep in mind that this project is over 5 years old. I have been waiting a very long time for people to finally play my game. I decided not to wait any longer.

A player would be more enticed by this rough demo then the screen shots alone.
This is a very well rounded game. I myself am not much of a fan of the old school zelda games (the first in particular, because it doesn't show much of a story line), but this one really kept my attention. I played probably for 25 minutes, until the whole bomb thing kinda irritated me. I like how the bombs can't be used unless you find a bombable crack, but, at the same time, how exactly do you find those? Are they super-visible?

Your accuracy in the fighting is a bit off, i found myself hitting monsters from more then one block away, killing them...didn't know if you knew that.

Aside from that, i didnt find much i could complain about. I'm a pretty avid fan of the Zelda series, and i might've found an interesting name if you wanted to give your game a name. Either case, good job on the game! :)
Thanks for the comments Kira, i mean Kayen :P I plan on implementing an on-going story that will deepen as new games are released, but won't be present in any demo. I have a basic idea and I don't want to cram it all into one game. It will be a very interesting evolving game that will span across several visual styles from different Zelda games.

The cracks super visible? Not exactly, it depends on if your playing full screen or not. They will be much easier to spot full screen. I created the cracks by just adding a couple little lines to the existing mountain graphic so they really do blend in, but I think that once you spot one they will be easier to find. I find that if I look at the entire screen at once,as a grid of squares, the lines inside one of the squares seems bigger than the others. Heh, that's how I would describe how it looks in my head, but I created them and know where they are so it probably seems more obvious to me :P There should be at around 3 walls to bomb in the demo, plus the floor, and 2 dungeon walls(one isn't obvious because you don't have the map but take clues from places that you see where an item has no door/stairs). I can make it more obvious if need be :) I think I may add a feature that gives an audio signal that there is some kind of secret on the current map, like the compass in the dungeons of the early gameboy Zelda games. Or maybe make that one of the fairy's abilities :D

Yes, I most certainly fixed the hit detection. The reason its like that because when I wrote the enemies and did the Conditional branch to check coordinates, if just 1 of the hero's coordiantes was equal(like X, instead of both X and Y) it would register the hit. I realized this but the programming would have to be changed on every enemy, and it was already an older demo so it didn't make sense to change it all.

Send me a message with the name you though of :) I'll see if it fits. I may have to wait until I materialize the story so that the name matches the story, but there will be multiple games released and I'll need lots of names.
Kira? Hmm, I do like death note, but, no. haha.

Idk, i had to look pretty close, perhaps you could use a variable that when you swing your sword at that specific rock, it could make a noise, or something. I just noticed it after looking harder. I found equipping the bombs after i got the boomerang kinda gave me some issues.

Kinda ticked me off, but i'll definately message you.
I was just referring to the letter K in your avatar. Figured it was from Death Note.

That's a good idea, I will program that in today :) It will be easier in the future to see them.

Yeah, well in the demo there is no programmed function for the boomerang so I'm not sure what would cause the issue. Just wait for the next demo in a few days and I'm sure it will be resolved, although I'm curious as to the type of issue it caused..

haha I'm not sure that name fits the game, but maybe I could use it for a boss or something. It's an interesting word :P
Redux = Remake.

Just kinda like the new series of Dragon Ball Z, called Kai, which is remake as well. Personally, i thought of your game as an interesting remake of the first zelda, which i just found in my belongings.

Either case, i enjoy your game, and am looking forward to your next installment of the game :)


Just found my first major glitch, that is pretty bad. Cuz I'm on my alternative computer, so i decided to play again. Very nice dungeon, i must say. The 2nd downstairs area, after you go down and obtain the *ITEM*, you actually can move through any block. I must say, i actually got the tri-force piece before beating the boss, causing my game to glitch up. I also couldnt get the *ITEM* in the 3rd downstairs area. If you want me to clarify further, i'll gladly show you a video.
HAHA I'm glad to hear that someone made it to the dungeon and got that far :D Is there any puzzles that you thought were unfitting or too hard or needed some kind of guidance?

Well, honestly I don't plan on going back and updating that demo because I'm working tirelessly to make the current version playable. I had been programming the items and monsters on one test map and now that it's all ready I need to make it available on all the maps. It's very tedious...

So I'd say just forget those bugs and look forward to next release!
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