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¢ Survival Points (abbreviated SP) is the commodity used when selecting the skills given to your characters.

¢ A skill may either consume SP or replenish SP.

¢ SP is a shared commodity between Leo and Daisy (think about the Flower Points from Super Mario RPG). For example, if Leo uses a skill that consumes 2SP, that same 2SP will be lost by Daisy as well. And if Daisy uses a skill that replenishes 4SP, Leo will also gain 4SP.

¢ SP can be also be replenished by using the ‘Chewy Bone’ and ‘Fish Tail’ items.

¢ The Maximum SP is set at 10 and will never increase as the characters level up. They can reach Level 99 and the Maximum SP will remain at 10. The only way to increase the Max. SP is by collecting hidden ‘Green Balloons’ throughout the game.

¢ SP is regained at a rate of 1 per every 30 seconds the player spends out of battle.

The player will receive ’After-Battle Rewards’ if they have a high SP count at the end of the battle. This will come in the form of either of the following:

1. Extra seashells.
2. Party recovery boost.

The ability to obtain these are only possible if the party has a minimum SP of 5. The greater the SP at the end of the battle, the greater chance to get an After-Battle Reward.

The following TWO skills are equipped by default on Leo and Daisy:

1. ROLL – Standard attack. (0SP)
2. MAUL and TACKLE – Stronger attack; and attacks twice. (-2SP)

SIX additional skills are located throughout the game. The player must ring "SKILL BELLS" to learn them. Leo and Daisy may only ‘equip’ three of these skills at a time on the main menu. The skills include:


1. RAMPAGE - Leo doubles his offense for a number of turns, but goes berserk. (-2SP)
2. TRICK - Leo confuses enemies, causing them to drop more seashells. Hint: Works terrifically on boss battles. (-1SP).
3. PLAYTIME - Leo runs a circle around Daisy. If Daisy is unconscious, she will be revived with a slight health boost. If Daisy is conscious, she will regenerate life for a number of turns. (-2SP)
4. APPLE - Leo recovers from any status effects and becomes immune to all status effects for a number of turns. (+2SP)
5. ENGUARDE - Leo boosts his defense and agility for a number of turns (+1SP).
6. HEART - The party recovers 1/3 of their life points. (-3SP)


1. SNIFF - Daisy sniffs the battlegrounds and digs up any items there. Has a chance of failure. Only can be used once per battle if successful. Hint: Yields rare items in some boss battles.(+2SP)
2. LICK - Daisy licks Leo. If Leo is unconscious, he will be revived with a slight health boost. If Leo is conscious, he will regenerate life for a number of turns. (-2SP)
3. NAPTIME - Daisy will take a nap, missing a number of turns, but will recover from any status effects and regenerate life while asleep. (+4SP)
4. SNARL - Daisy growls at enemies, lowering their defenses and sometimes stunning them. (-2SP)
5. WAR CRY - Daisy can combo three to five times on her next Roll attack. Has a small chance of failure. (-1SP)
6. TANTRUM - Daisy unleashes a ferocious attack on all enemies. (-5SP)

Devise different strategies and fight your battles well!