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The following are some bugs that have been discovered during players' experiences with the game:

1. Event Script Error - This is one that keeps popping up continuously. It usually pops up if one tries to use the "Apple" command in certain battles. I've tried to fix this but I'm not sure how to. I don't know what causes it, as the event command references no item at all Also, the bug is not consistent. Some players get it. Some players don't. It is difficult to replicate and usually only shows up once through an entire playthrough of the game. If you wish to avoid this bug, you can avoid the Apple skill completely. It is not a very useful skill and can be replaced early in the game.

2. Direction Bug - Crystalgate and another player found problems with Leo continuously facing the same direction after the balloon mini-game in Chapter 5. I was unable to replicate it myself, so I'm not sure what causes it.

3. Swim Bug - Mellytan encountered this. If you try to sprint in between diving into the water and hitting the water, the Phasing gets screwed up. To avoid this, avoid pressing Shift while diving.

4. Mapping errors - These seem to be purely aesthetic and don't affect the gameplay in any way.

5. Attacking one's self/Random attacking - This is caused by trying to select Roll before trying to select a skill like War Cry or Snarl. The game glitches for the next turn and the player attacks a random enemy or himself. It is caused by RM2K3 limitations but is quite rare.

6. Trick fails to work - For a "Roller" battle, Leo's Trick command does not work. The command simply does nothing and the game goes on as normal. This is caused by my forgetfulness to copy the Trick command into that specific battle.

7. Rock Targets may strike twice - In the Impy Caverns, the imp rocks may hit Leo twice. This is caused by RM2K3 limitations.

8. Speed glitches - These may or may not occur. it is most likely to occur when encountering the Eye in the Marooned Matey. However, any speed glitch can be fixed by simply pressing the '1' key.

9. Phasing Glitch - Yuhikaru claims that during his encounter with Brooksy Bergen in Chapter 4, the phasing screwed up. However, upon reloading, it worked normally. Not too sure what could have caused this.

10. Dashing/Bug Suit Glitches - During some cutscenes, the dash ability and bug suit abilities have not been disabled, so avoid using any special item/ability during a cutscene.