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By holding down the Shift button, you transfer all your funds to an offshore bank account owned by Strangeluv. Oh, it also allows you to sprint. You may ask… why walk when you can run? Three reasons:

1. Sprinting may make certain enemies become more aware of you and approach you, rather than ‘wandering randomly’. It may also trigger some event encounters.
2. Sprinting may trigger certain obstacles. For example, bumping into a tree in Bugbite Grove will cause bees to chase after you.
3. Every 15 seconds of not sprinting allows the party to regain 1 HP.


The Green Fins, a special item Leo obtains in the first dungeon, allows him to swim in certain waters. However, he must dodge Jellybombs and obey the universal swimming rule of ‘No running and dashing in the water.’


By pressing the ‘3’ key, Leo is able to, as the instructions say, ‘manifest all his might and testicular fortitude to generate a powerful synergy that propels him into nefarious entities’. In other words, it makes him dash forward a little.

If he dashes into an enemy, it will be considered ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ and Leo will have the first strike in the battle. He may also knock some extra Seashells (game currency) out of the enemy this way.


The Ram Dash operates the same way as the Cub Dash, except it propels Leo slightly further and can be used to smash certain obstacles in the way. The effects of Ram Dashing into an enemy are the same. Leo may only perform a Ram Dash when he obtains the special item in Croaker’s Chateau, the Ram Cap.


The Decoy Plush can be bought by Cheep, who sets up a chain of stores throughout the game locations. All it serves to do is to take damage that might otherwise be dealt to your party members. It cannot act in battle. Once its Life runs out, it is removed from your party and you have to buy another one if you wish to have it back!


Santa Hats can be located throughout the game. These are to be given to Cheep, who misses his usual snowy climate. Whichever store the Santa Hat is given, Cheep will proceed to give discounts for selected products.


When Leo obtains the Bug Suit, the player can press the ‘2’ key to switch in and out of it. When he does, he will assume the identity of a Buzz Bee. When in this form, most insect enemies will not assault him. However, the Snapperbud enemies will become more aggressive. He may also converse with the fellow insects. He may also use it to hover across certain chasms. The Bug Suit is found in Bugbite Grove.


The Fading Smile is a mask found later on in the game that can be equipped by pressing the ‘4’ key. When Leo wears this, no enemy will attack him, with the exception of required or boss encounters. Leo will also avoid detection from obstacles such as the Laser Eye enemies. The drawback is that, while wearing it, his Survival Points drop every ten seconds. If he has no Survival Points, he will be unable to wear the Fading Smile mask.