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Leonardo di Tropio

Thanks to "argh" for making this:


Might be cool for those who've played and finished the game to skim through some of those! Just some excerpts:

Leo & Leah: A Love Story is a freeware RPG made by Strangeluv in RPG Maker 2003. It tells the tale of the titular couple, two lion cubs. One day, however, while venturing out into the wilderness, Leah is captured by a psychopathic hunter who intends to sell her to the highest bidder — or worse. Leo takes it upon himself to rescue his Love Interest, though the journey takes longer than expected and soon grows in proportion beyond his wildest dreams.

The story starts off very lighthearted, hardly taking anything serious at all, with humour reminiscent of Earth Bound and Super Mario RPG. Eventually, however, a deeper narrative emerges that arguably deconstructs the genre — Leo must confront his doubts and ask himself how far he is really willing to go for Leah's sake.

Download the game here for a bizarre and thought-provoking tale.

# Fantastic Racism: Plants, bugs, frogs, and mammals all hate each other.

# Theme Naming: Brandy and Whiskey.

# Save Point: Black cats! They're part of an international corporation that wants to remove the stereotype of black cats bringing bad luck, so they became save points so that people would be happy when a black cat crossed their path.

# Lost Forever: Everything, potentially, since you can't return to previous areas after the end of a chapter. However, most of it's just common items and seashells — the only really important things are balloons, which are rather hard to miss.

# Shotguns Are Just Better: Brandy.

# Deconstruction: Of the typical Distressed Damsel and Rescue Romance plot.

# Silent Bob / Heroic Mime: Leo. This would be justified due to the fact that he's a lion, but every other animal in the game can also speak, and he can understand human speech... (Also subverted, since he often speaks through his actions and one can learn a lot about his character that way)

# Climax Boss: Brandy and Whiskey.

etc. etc.

Also caution: There's a lot of spoilers in there. Thankfully they are hidden. Also I am still wondering who did this!