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Haunted Shits

The video below can be considered a bit spoiler-ish, so if you haven't played Leo & Leah yet, you should before you watch this. This is a video I made to illustrate the "Matey" connection between A Home Far Away and Leo & Leah. As you can see the maps are very much alike, aside from "wreckage" differences. I just thought it was kind of cool how different the atmosphere was for this very same location for the two games. Check it out!


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This is really awesome. You said they're "alike", but they're actually the same place, it's very cool. I haven't played a home far away though (not much anyway).

I forgot to mention in my review, your construction of a haunted stage was pretty good. I don't think it actually reached scary level (and maybe it shouldn't), but it's good and atmospheric and not foolish-looking at all, which is something hard to accomplish.
Thanks for the comment! Yeah I didn't intend on it to be actually "affecting" until the Void part. The coast is a warm-up for the ship and the ship itself is a warm-up for the Void.
Well... the ship is way scarier than the Void, though the Void is more interesting than the ship.
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