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Rise of Evil

Rise of evil may be my best game yet. It features many things - even a customized menu system. The Programming is also in the article I submitted - Setting A Password.

Game Plot
The game takes place a world named Shano, at the time of the evil rising. Leon wakes up in the forest of concious, and appears to not know how he got here. He has to get his memories back.... while begining his journey to defeat the evil that has just risen in the world.

Game Features
> Custom Menu System
This is a custom menu system that is programmed in the "COMMON EVENTS" section. The game is kind of similar to LYS86's THE BLUE CONTESTANT or THE FROZEN WORLD, but a little different.

> Customized monsters
NO original monsters are in the game. All of the monsters are custom and unique in their own ways. No moster currently has over 200HP.

> Options Menu
Access this menu by pressing ESC. This can change the game font, the game system graphic... etc. Sometime in the future there will actually be a backround music player, but the thing is that will kind of screw up the areas a little bit... and it won't go on loop... so I am currently trying to figure out how to do that.

* No RTP is needed to play the game. The game has it's RTP files already added to it's database thanks to The Real Brickroad's programming code.

* Passwords are already programmed into the game and the game maps are checked. Introduction scenes will NEVER be changed. The reason for this is that I test the game in a completely different system... that is because I created a 'Test Play' version of the game.

Game Over Screen: Created by KOBRASREALM
RTP free game system code: Written by The Real Brickroad

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