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Name: Ephren Sillion
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: The red-hilted blade, Blue synergy
Info: Not much is known about Ephren's past. He is a quiet and reserved individual who was found stealing food from a local town. The fact that he was alone in the wilderness at such a young age heavily implies that what happened to him must have been highly traumatic. He was taken into the Larcian military by Alastor Match and has since become a fine Commander, even going so far as to successfully complete every mission assigned to him.

Name: Alastor Match
Age: Unknown, looks to be about 25
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Flame brand, Red synergy
Info: Match is not one for dwelling on the past. He'd rather oogle fine women and enjoy life as it unravels before him. He is an exceptional General in the Larcian military and single-handedly gave Ephren a new life and future in the military. Everything about him is red; one might say that he is obsessed with fire.

Name: Alina
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Weapon/Element: Twin daggers, Yellow synergy
Info: A childhood friend of Ephren's, Alina is a free spirit who enjoys travelling the world and (surprisingly) sparring. She is strongly driven and has a lot of passion. She is surprised to find Ephren is still alive after the incident...

Name: Lance Cylor
Age: Unknown, looks to be about 25
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Spear, Green synergy
Info: Lance appears to be enraged at the corruption of the church system. He seeks out the Pope in the hopes of putting an end to its greed. However, Lance's story doesn't really add up when the Pope was recently deceased and the tunnel below the church has recently been inhabited...

Name: Lathram
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Dagger, White synergy
Info: Most of his exploits are merely rumors and legends. There is no way of knowing whether the man actually exists to the present day or whether he has long been dead. It has been said that he sought after and successfully found a method in which to obtain eternal life.