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First Update in YEARS

It's been many, MANY, years since I started working on this game. I was just about ready with a Beta version several years back but always sort of felt it could have been much better with a bit more work. I lost a lot of steam when I decided to change the name of the game, many who were originally following it no longer knew where to find it and it made things quite confusing. In all honestly I'd like to change the name again as I'm no longer happy with it, but oh well. I haven't touched this in a long time but made some little polishes today in the hopes of releasing this as a Beta demo. It's got what amounts to probably a few hours of gameplay and enough of a taste that might satisfy those of you craving some oldschool Rpg Maker 2003 goodness. I mean, I hope it's goodness. I'm not expecting any major feedback but if you'd like to tell me your thoughts on it that would be awesome. I know I personally want to tweak the intro sequence, like, a lot. Please remember it's fairly old at this point. Just how old is it? Check out the blog I had for it originally when it was still titled Hero I: http://herothefirst.blogspot.com/ Wow. So if it seems corny or cringy to any extent (hopefully it won't, I tried to up my dialogue ante over the years) please remember it's almost 9 years old, and most of those were my teenage years (note: this doesn't have 9 years worth of work in it, my interest waned and waxed over time but it's definitely got a couple years in there). Enjoy guys.

Progress Report

Name change and game profile enhancements!

So I finally broke down and decided to re-name this bad boy. It's gonna be hard throwing away the old name in favor of this new one, but time is all it will take. It's hard though--how could just a single word or even just a single name describe a game? A story? A universe!?

Cicatrix was the obvious choice, honestly the final contestants were Sillion, The Scar, or Cicatrix, and although Cicatrix sounds too "Matrix-y" it was the right one to go with. Ephren's life has been scarred, and the road ahead is the healing flesh. Perfect.

I played around with the CSS, (which I am a total noob at) but hopefully it will be pretty before long. Thanks for sticking with me!

Game Design

The project that never dies...

I've been working for a while, sometimes I just don't feel like blogging about the progress! The game is coming along quite nicely. Technically where the first few beta releases ended was intended to be where the game ends in this release, but I've decided to continue the story further before the next release. The problem is that because the game is essentially a free-roamer in the beginning, the story takes a while to start up if you actually explore everything around you. So now there will actually be a bit more story to go along with the few hours of exploration.

The game's name is still rattling around in my head, I have about three good and simple choices that I like... so eventually there may be some shell shock as I change the name.

Progress Report

I'm not dead! Mountain trail sneak peek!

(You can watch it in HD but there isn't much of a difference.)

I've been working on crates and other punchable items as well as the mountain trail and its rather simple puzzle. Feedback is appreciated!

Oh, and it would be really cool to get some feedback on my name changing ideas. Hero I - Ephren's Journey is a mouthful, and an ugly mouthful at that. I was thinking of making a new logo and a new name to coincide with this project, maybe something simple like, "Ephren's journey" or maybe something like "Scar of Sillion." I don't mean to go all "Dhux's Scar" on this project but I think I've outgrown the idea of a Hero, and as such this maturing project needs a new moniker.

Any ideas would also be appreciated.

Progress Report

Update list!

Hello everyone, I figured I was due for a blog entry and should explain what comes next and what is being worked on. I've restructured the plot a bit and so I feel like the demo needs to go a bit farther in before it just drops off at a random spot. The player should be more into the story development and characters (and let's face it, depending on how much free-roaming the player does he or she really won't get the real second character for an hour or two in). So cutting the plot soon after that just isn't going to flow. Plus, wouldn't you like to get a third character and get really involved before it all goes down?

-Monsters no longer drop gold AT ALL (Unless there is a reason for them to have a few pieces, a.k.a. a thieving goblin). They only dropped a few pieces before as I figured getting twenty gold from a bear never really made any sense, but I figured I should just transcend the typical nonsense RPGs completely and make it somewhat more realistic. Monster drops have always been in the game, so the player will make plenty of money selling them (As before).

-New areas for the initial country are in the works, (I know there are already a sufficient amount and other continents should be prepped for areas) but as the "water themed" nation I feel like Larcia needs some more water themed places and I have a lot of ideas to elaborate upon (Pirate's cove, anyone? Skeleton pirate monsters? Sounds like fun!).

-The Mountain trail, a previously unfinished area, has been completely mapped out and its puzzle is essentially done. Now to just add monsters and plot events!

-I'm converting most of the battle character sets to animations. Most of Ephren's and Match's already were animations, but not all of them (Which caused an occasional little graphics glitch whenever it switched from animation to character set). They are just so much more pretty when you're not restricted to three frames of repeating animation. I've already redone a new character's idle position and just for fun she now pounds her fists every now and again. + character depth?

-As I said in a previous post, MUCH of the Npc dialogue has been double checked and fixed up. A bunch of it is a lot more relevant and just plain better than what was there.

-Cyria's done again, but I think slower computers MAY STILL have a problem with it occasionally (It probably doesn't help that there are still ~1500 events per both maps). I should probably just convert the water events to a common event that checks terrain and so on as per what Dragonheartman recommended. Will do.

-I was being stupid before not realizing that half of my battle pages could be within one! I went from 20 pages to 9. Not too shabby.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and thanks for following this project!


Wishing well preview

Just a quick update with a short video of the new Wishing well area. I took a lot of the comments into consideration and revamped it a little bit as well.

Progress Report

Removing the download link...

...because I am close to the next release! Plus, the first beta release was aging quite a bit and I feel like all of the revisions I have done have improved it significantly.

Sorry for the inconvenience (If you really MUST play the game, let me know and I'll link you to it). Otherwise hold on a bit longer and get ready for something much better!

Progress Report

A lot of work is underway~

I just wanted to let you followers know that a lot of work is underway. As much as it pains me to say, the rather ginormous city of Cyria has been split into two sectors in order to counter-act lag for some people. I tried to split the city in the least awkward place, but there are still some spots that seem a little strange to be teleporting to. Also, the footprint system still isn't perfect but it is as good as I can get it to be.

A lot of the NPC dialogue has been improved and you might enjoy hearing that there are longer solely blue haired (Officer Jenny-esque) maids.

I think the next step is to go back and update the introduction a bit, but I am also unsure if I should continue the BETA to the part where I wanted it to end in the first place. If I don't end up doing that then the next version will be released very soon.


Better Footprints ahoy!

I was messing around with the laggy footprint system the other night and with a little help from dragonheartman I was able to fix it up quite nicely. It seems the biggest roadblock thus far is now gone! Yes, I am still working, but slowly. Real life has taken me hostage (Like it should most of the time). It's quite possible once I make some decent progress I could release the full BETA...


No more killing Rabbits and Seagulls.

I'm replacing the notorious world map encounters. XD

Work is underway. Much of the NPC dialogue has been improved and more
"choice based" features are being implemented.
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