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Progress, but not done yet. :|

Sorry for not making any updates in a while, but progress is really slow as college is getting quite hectic! I am slowly working toward the end of the demo, most of the areas I envisioned in it are done, but there is a significant chunk of plot that needs to be added before the demo can end properly. I'll update soon with some more images (especially of the final city Tyria as it is almost fully completed).

Thanks for stopping by! Subscribe if you like what you see so you can be informed when I update the page :]


A few delays... but BETA v0.2 soon hopefully!

Hey, sorry for the lack of updates, progress, and screenshots. School has started up again and I've
been very busy getting used to college life, so the game hasn't been worked on this week. I know
it's dumb that you'll be in school or whatever by the time it is released, but I simply could not
release the public beta without putting a nice ending onto it.

Please check back/SUBSCRIBE for new updates!



Tyria almost completed!

Welcome back, the demo's final town is almost finished, although if this weekend comes along and it isn't finished I'll just release the beta as it is. I need to get around to uploading more screenshots, especially battle screenshots, and I also need to customize my RMN profile with some CSS coding.

Thanks for reading and keeping updated! Please subscribe if you like this project!


So... no 8/20 release date. :\

Sorry for the bad news, but the game won't be ready by tomorrow. I still want to spice up a few more areas and rebalance the battles, but I also still need to finish the last town on top of that. Who knows, maybe I can get away with releasing the beta without the full ending that I planned.

I'll be updating with newer screenshots and pages soon as well, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading.


Alpha/Early Beta finished

The early version of the beta has been finished. It is not currently available for public release, however once I receive the comments/bugs from the tester who is playing it now, I will finish the demo and release the public beta.

Thanks :]


BETA version soon!

I've got someone who is eager to play and only has a small time period, so I'm rushing the end of the demo to release a beta version to a small group of people. If you want to be in the beta, please message me on the Gamingworld forums:

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