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It's been many, MANY, years since I started working on this game. I was just about ready with a Beta version several years back but always sort of felt it could have been much better with a bit more work. I haven't touched this in a long time but made some little polishes today in the hopes of releasing this as a Beta demo. It's got what amounts to probably a few hours of gameplay and enough of a taste that might satisfy those of you craving some oldschool Rpg Maker 2003 goodness. I mean, I hope it's goodness. I'm not expecting any major feedback but if you'd like to tell me your thoughts on it that would be awesome. I know I personally want to tweak the intro sequence, like, a lot. Please remember it's fairly old at this point. Just how old is it? Check out the blog I had for it originally when it was still titled Hero I: http://herothefirst.blogspot.com/ Wow. So if it seems corny or cringy to any extent (hopefully it won't, I tried to up my dialogue ante over the years) please remember it's over 5 years old, and some of those were my teenage years. Enjoy guys.

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