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The king is dying and the only heir left to him is a distant cousin, Lord Prince Jackle, whom no one particularly likes. Prince Jackle orders a pre-coronation ceremony to assert his place upon the throne. As he is holding his ceremony the king dies, and when he dies the enchanted Wall of Laws (a wall that holds the laws of the kings upon it) crumbles to the ground announcing to all those who are in attendance that the dynasty has ended and the competition for the throne called King's Quest has begun. The player gets to pick from five different characters. Each character comes with their own storyline and abilities.

The five characters:

Sara is a soldier in the King's Army. Her father was a legend within the army, but died when the former prince died. Choosing to follow in her father's footsteps, Sara is ordered to attend the pre coronation ceremony along with several others to represent the King's Army. When the Wall collapses she is ordered to go to Roltose to warn the people there about the change of dynasty. She chooses to compete in the King's Quest after she discovers what has happened to Roltose.

Jay is a freelancer, in that he is entirely self trained. He awakens from a nap. At his mother's demands, he is not to attend the pre coronation ceremony. He still goes to take a walk, upon getting home however, he hears someone scream, and decides to take a look into it. Although he makes a valiant effort in trying to help her he ends up getting knocked out and thrown in prison. Since all of the prisoners are to attend the ceremony, Jay goes anyways. He considers the option of competing in the King's Quest, but ultimately decides to do so upon reaching Roltose.

Ralia is a mage. She comes to City to visit with her old guardian, Lord Vorone. Lord Vorone is an eccentric lord who works with the peasantry. Jackle orders Vorone to attend, and Vorone asks Ralia to go in his stead. She chooses to compete in the King's Quest simply because she can, and makes her way to Roltose where the people hold the key for her to leave the Country.

Fallo is a cleric. He is assigned to attend the pre coronation ceremony along with several other clerics to represent the church. After the Wall collapses he reports to his superior where a peasant says he would make a good King. Fallo declines the offer, and chooses to go to bed. He is however awakened by an overzealous cleric named Kali who pushes him into attending the King's Quest. They head to Roltose to find the means of leaving the Country.

Estelle is a half-elf. She was born and raised in Country, and has recently gotten a house to call her own. Jackle orders Estelle to attend the ceremony because of her difference as she is the only half-elf in all of City. After the Wall collapses she chooses to undertake the Queen's Quest simply because she can. Due to her Elven blood she is skilled in the bow and arrow.

This game maybe finished, but there is still always room for improvement. Let me know where, and which character it is. More roads have been added on the world map. Hopefully they will help players from getting lost so much.

Some other features that this game has to offer is:

A dash system making your character going faster, once you leave City.
You can choose your "ship" music.
There is a basic FAQ added to the files.

Glitches noted for now:

Jay's story should be free of all of the story progression glitches. You should have no problem playing through his. Also, Sara's story is finished. Ralia's story should be fixed the way it was meant to be. Estelle's stories are now movable beyond the points of the Goblin's Tower. With Fallo there is still a glitch within Exhalibur's Cave, in order to move forward with the game, players need to go to the hall of memories before they do the bridge and the questions. If you do it that way, then you will be able to move out of the Cave. NOTE: There may be a glitch concerning the Tetujin Gonigan. Technically he should be optional, however, I made him an interactive character, and therefore you may end up getting him in your group one way or another. This Glitch is still in effect. I was more concerned with getting the stories finish able before I worry about the other things.

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King's Quest

This is my first attempt and I hope to get some decent feedback for it.
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That thing you want but never who I am
Any relation to the old PC game of the same name?
No. No relation what so ever. I didn't even know there was a King's Quest made, although I did consider it a possibility considering it's title.
amusing tassadar, your taste in companionship grows ever more inexplicable
seems cool enough... downloading! I'll post my feedback when I'm through playing it!
Okay, there is a question as to one of the major bugs in the demo, and I will admit that it is major. I have already fixed it in the game, but the Demo is still stuck with it. If you don't want to deal with the bug, then at the beginning of the game when it starts out, and you get to pick one character, pick only one, meaning. If you want Sara the soldier then only talk to Sara. Don't talk to any of the others. Like may bugs, sometimes all it comes down to is where you happened to place the switch activation, and to avoid activating the other switches, then you as the player must only approach the character you want and no others. If you don't want to do that then you will have to wait. I am looking into placing a new and slightly improved Demo, that will change a couple of the things mentioned in the suggestions above, but not the overall story. If you talk to all of the characters at the very beginning, then you will have to start all over again to avoid the bug.
Hey I wanted to play this game but it doesn't work for people without RPG Maker XP.

You think you can do something about that? It'd bring in a wider audience.
I'm not sure how, but I can try. What's the problem....besides the need for the RTP file?
who am i and how did i get in here
Hey I wanted to play this game but it doesn't work for people without RPG Maker XP.

You think you can do something about that? It'd bring in a wider audience.

Its annoying to get XP working without RTP. (well, ive never managed to do it...)
Just download and install the RTP. Its free.
Just started to play, went to Talrose and have Servo in the party. Went to the mountainpass above Talrose but need a key to go further. Are there any clues or do i have to go to each village and town and ask questions. I feel a little lost here.
Something I forgot to add, I guess. I wouldn't know what I need to add until people ask me. Okay....If you read Servo's part carefully, you find that there is some artifact needed in order to leave Country. Assuming Country is a penninsula then you need to travel to the ends of the land. Look around, in the south edges of Country, on one side there is a tower, and on the other is a cave. The key halves are there.

To everyone, there may be a glitch in the game. Actually there are several, I will be adding a new update to the game in a few days. Any saved files should transfer, but you will have to watch for that.
To anyone who cares, after being encouraged by various people to change the name of my game I did, but other than it's name, it's still the same game. I have not yet made any changes to the name and what not in the actual game itself. I will be doing that at a later date. Or maybe not. Either way, a decent update with fewer bugs has been added. I know for a fact that Jay and Sara's story work.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Quickly browsing over this, I read "Thone's Ascension" as "Thong's Ascension". That awkward moment aside, I'll be looking into this game.
Hey guys i play Kings Quest 1 AND ITS WONDERFUL BUT I CANT across in heaven so i did not finish the game..
How Can I play this??RGSS102E.dll could not be found,please help!!
How Can I play this??RGSS102E.dll could not be found,please help!!
You need to download and install the RTP to play some RMXP games. This is one such game. Get the RTP from here:

Same holds true for some VX games, but they need the RTP for VX instead:

btw Verincia, your title on this page is mispelled--says Thone's Ascension, not Throne's Ascension.
The game itself though has the proper spelling of its title.

I just wanted to say that I'm playing through your game now, and it will be one of the ones I review, later on, when I at least finish one of the stories.

I like how it's turning out so far, along with the interesting touches you've added in...Dialogues a little stiff, but that's alright. I'm playing Sara's right now.
I have a big problem, i've cleared shiva's tower and got the statue, but when I break it apart and get the torch and then leave the palace and try to enter again, the guards won't let me in, is this intetional or a bug?
edit: well I just went back to a previous stage but I now have another problem, I have searched the castle high and low but I just can't find the damn ruby star, does anyone know where you can find it?
edit: and now I have ANOTHER problem, I managed to find the ruby star, but when I talk to servo and get him back in y party, THE BLOODY SCREEN BLACKS OUT! why the hell does that happen for? what am I supposed to do now.
edit: well I managed to find a workaround, I memorised the location so I went and stayed at the inn and that resetted the lighting but seriously, you should get that bug fixed as soon as possible.
In the Jay Marcus story after I beat Shiva
and get a statue at the inn it says to ask
the innkeeper if the ruby star has been taken
but when I go to talk to him nothing happens help please?

edit:I started over on the Jay Marcus story and it still won't
let me talk to the innkeeper can someone help me?

edit2: okay i think i was playing Version 4 sorry.

edit3: playing Version 5 and i still encounter the same problem
can somebody please help.
Verencia's Sister: The statue is to be taken into Shiva's Castle. After the breaking of the statue, search the entire city to find the Ruby Star. You have been given clues to help you pinpoint where it is--"Everyone would know if the Ruby Star was found."
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
You should really include RGSS102E.dll with your game so it works.

Yeah, actually I can't play this. Don't have the XP RTP installed.
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