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Descension is a graphical roguelike created with RPG Maker VX.

"Roguelike" is an old-school PC gaming term for any dungeon crawling game that is randomized to provide a different experience each time you play. Traditionally, roguelikes offer only one chance to get it right every playthrough, so the enjoyment of the game depends on replay value. A good roguelike is suspenseful, exciting, and full of surprises. With Descension I have tried to capture this feeling in an RPG Maker game unlike any other.

Descension features completely custom graphics (hand-drawn animations and icons to come in later releases) and a custom soundtrack by talented ambient trackers Binary Beats and Cold Warning. The game is built on Omegazion's fantastic roguelike battle system script and every effort has been made to use it to its fullest potential. Not only that, but the dungeon itself is completely randomized, picking each floor from a wide selection of hand-crafted floors ranging from spacious rooms to claustrophobic winding labyrinths.

This demo only scratches the surface of the variety and surprises the full game will have in store. Furthermore, the demo only consists of one mode of play. The full version will feature a longer quest, more classes, more items, more monsters, more traps, more floors, more maps, more...everything! But until then, give this demo a try and please give me any input you may have! I have an open door policy on constructive criticism.

Latest Blog

Production Update

Just wanted to pop in and give a quick update to the game's status.

Here's what I've done lately:
- Updated graphics.
- Removed bugs and glitches.
- Streamlined gameplay (No more menu calls!)
- Improved HUD
- New traps and hazards
- New enemies
- New floor plans

A new demo should be coming out some time in the next two weeks, so keep an eye out!
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  • 08/06/2010 08:14 PM
  • 03/07/2018 08:54 PM
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This looks ace, really like the custom graphics. Get this demo up!
Subscribed. Looks great.
sweet, i love mind numbing dungeon crawlers!
Really cool, but I can tell you RIGHT NOW that the death sequence takes WAY WAY WAY WAY too long. A simple "You died. Try again?" would be awesome. No waits. No pauses. Fuck that shit. Make it immediate.

This game is sweet. Definitely will be following this!! Having lots of fun with it already.
Thanks for all the comments, everybody. The biggest issue so far has been the death sequence, so I've gone back and shortened it. Now it only tells you you're dead and issues a score. Save the credits for when you win.

I'm glad people are enjoying this! Any more issues that come up, or ideas for improvements, let me know.
DAGNABBIT, now I HAVE TO get back to working on my roguelike...
Hey, I gave this a few playthroughs a while ago. Apart from the deaths, I had two problems of note:

1) The Knight class is pretty underpowered, since his Double Slash attack didn't seem to be any more useful than a regular attack, which left him without a means of easily dispatching enemies without taking damage.

2) The Skeleton Keys and key-needing doors aren't any good, in my opinion. The game already has other means of blocking off doors temporarily until you can encounter a lever/monster, and I had to quit twice because I was stuck behind a door with no key and trying to destroy it seemed like a waste of time.

I didn't like some of the music either, but that's more personal. The game has potential, though, and I'd enjoy seeing more content.

What script did you use for making randomized dungeon generation?
I'm actually surprised there aren't a whole lot of roguelikes for RPG Maker. This type of genre works better than action rpgs where complex pixel movement and scripting is required.
Resident Nonexistence
What script did you use for making randomized dungeon generation?

VX has an option for that somewhere in its menus
Roguelike game. Honestly not a fan of these kinds of games because they are usually luck dependent to the extreme and you could also get killed by pure BS. My best run was with a warrior who got really lucky in the beginning and got good weapon to oneshot early enemies but then the game threw me into this inescapable pit with some fire ball spewing thing that shots 2 balls in 1 turn and I die in 2 hits. rip in pepperino.
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