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Custom menu system with an ability selected.
  • ashriot
  • Added: 08/07/2010 04:09 PM
  • Last updated: 12/02/2022 03:42 AM


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This interface looks needlessly confusing and cluttered.
Yeah, it's an old project. It's really not very confusing at all. The only thing you can interact with directly are your Goods (items) and your Accessories. And you can cast a healing spell if needed.

This project is like 5 years old, I just felt bad throwing it all away because of some issues (like the ugliness).

The idea was to keep the entire menu on a single page. (Bad idea I know now)
The idea was to keep the entire menu on a single page. (Bad idea I know now)

You should work on this project again. The intention is nice--keeping everything on one page would be pretty cool. I think that minimalist attitude could work with just a few more pages. This game looks very promising!
I don't find this overly cluttered at all. There's a lot going on, but I figured it out after about three seconds. I mean, just from a glance I can tell Lorcan uses attack techniques, Polaris uses healing and buffs and Rain uses attack magic and defensive moves.

The definition is great, and there is no needlessly complex background to draw attention anywhere. I like it a lot!
Returning from RMVX Death
It's nice... But the background is still a little bland in my opinion. *shrugs* Prolly just me though. ;P
Yeah, I've always just gone for a minimalist style. If I pick this project back up, I'll consider redoing it.
I feel like the only reason this looks "cluttered" is because of the text with outlines, not the actual layout itself.

also hey guess im reviving a 9 year old screenshot to say that
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