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Victory! And someone gained a level!
  • ashriot
  • Added: 08/07/2010 04:24 PM
  • Last updated: 02/05/2023 04:30 AM


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Are you going to add more to this? I think frames would be nice, even if a bit arbitrary. The graphics look awesome by themselves but I just wish there was something to separate the parts of the system.
Yeah, I hadn't thought to do that, but that's a good idea. I think I can do something along the lines of what the menu system does. Slightly darker boxes around certain areas to sharpen it and make things a little less bland.

Thanks for the suggestion :)
Returning from RMVX Death
I don't know if you've made the update already or not... But, this seem's a little... too bland. Might want to add some other color in there and maybe a frame like already suggested. Maybe a backing for the heroes themselves or something... You never know.
Ugh hate the font used for "you are victorious" and other messages. The heights are all weird...
Well it was originally intended to be kinda "fun" I suppose. But looking at it now, it does just kinda look odd. I'll fix it when I go through and redo all the fonts, it's something I'm planning anyway.
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