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I have no idea why I decided to make this game...

...Anyway, Death Wish the RPG is a short game influenced by the movies featuring the late Charles Bronson. (If you have no idea who he was, Charles Bronson (November 3, 1921 - August 30, 2003) was an American actor best known for his "tough guy" image. He was often typecast as a gunslinger and had a cool moustache sometimes!).

The game is influenced by the death wish movies. It iis set in the 1970s in a fictional town where crime is at an all time high. The main character, Paul Kersey (Bronson), one day comes home to discover that his wife has been brutally murdered *Gasp*. The useless Police do not find her killer/killers.

As a result Kersey becomes an emotional wreck and decides he will do something himself. He rents an apartment in a seedy part of town and becomes a vigilante, killing criminals to get over the death of his wife...


-There's no demons in this game, no magical swords, dragons or pink haired girls with silly names, just Bronson and a bunch of guns.

-I used music from the actual soundtracks, and most of the characters in the game have been taken from, or influenced from the movies (There's 5 of them, movies that is).

-I was going to use just parallaxes as background, but got lazy halfway through. I spent about a week making this. SO yeah...

-If you feel like playing, let me know what you think and what I can do to improve.

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Lol, this is awesome! I never thought anyone would make a game about this! I'll definitely check this out when I get home.
I really enjoyed Zombie Survival, let's see how this one turns out. Thanks Adam!
Bronson is awesome. Downloading now.
Sounds like Punisher...

I still haven't played Zombie Survival yet, so I am going to have to play that first.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
this is it this is the best game
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
oh for the love of dammit
"There's no demons in this game, no magical swords, dragons or pink haired girls with silly names, just Bronson and a bunch of guns."

That's it man. I'm goin' into this right away!
Great idea. WOWOWOW !
Must play it.
Love Bronson, Great Game! Enjoyed it start to finish
I thought this game was pretty neat and had fun playing it. Short, sure, but didn't encounter any real bugs and it has some custom work (sprites, faces, sound) that helps set the scene.

Don't think there's been that many Death Wish games either. Only one I can think of was on the Spectrum waaaaay back and I'd say this one was better as it actually had some story.

And seeing as you asked for stuff to improve...

- During the jail scene: "Rodrgiuez". That seemed the only place his name was spelt wrong.
- "Gangsterthrows sucker punch" and "Strong thugthrows sucker punch". Needs a space between their name and "throws".
- When using rocks in apartment that's west of cop shop: "(Found uzi!)". Uzi should be capitalized.
- Credits: "Charle Bronson". Should be "Charles" (heh).

- The Skanks had more money than their pimp/hustler?
- The Rocket Launcher only single target?
- For weapons that are more expensive yet do less damage it should be clearer why, like the Hit Ratio (eg: the Peacemaker @ $500 compared to the M1911A @ $460).

- To the left of the grey tree that's used in the map east of the home apartment map there's what looks like a couple of extra white pixels. I think those white spots were around elsewhere too, but can't really remember where.
- When purchasing weapons, the adjustments shown on the right are wrong.

- Bronson asks a thug if he has change for a 9mm... But he wasn't using a gun. Similary, Shriker says Bronson shoots creeps. Not important really, but for a second I thought I'd missed finding some loot.
- Would like to have seen some more smack talk between Bronson and the thugs hanging around. Nothing long, just a couple of sentences here and there.
- A few more townspeople to help set the mood (eg: When trying a locked door a scared voice could say they have nothing to steal).
- I liked how the prostitutes sold clothing. That tickled me for some weird reason.

Yeah I did my research... there was a death wish 3 game on the spectrum. I was suprised there wasn't any others since they made 5 movies and might be doing a remake (Stallone wants to apparently).

Thanks for picking up on the typos. I fixed some of them earlier, but I didn't notice the uzi one.

I made the peacemaker more expensive because it was going to be a loot item more useful to sell. I guess I just forgot about it. :P

I agree I should probably add a few townspeople.
Jesus.. I love Charles Bronson. I downloaded this. Will play soon and review!
(Stallone wants to apparently)

WTF? Give it to James Caviezel.
I wanted to make A-Team: The RPG at one point and also Magnum P.I.: The RPG as well but didn't feel like doing all the work of making modern city tilesets.

This seems so in tune with my interests that I'm sure it rules. Downloaded and currently playing.
OMG, can you please make those games? Magnum P.I would be the best!
This just wasn't much fun for me. I don't know if it was because the dialogue in the game wasn't all that great, or if it was just because I have no idea who Charles Bronson actually is. I'm guessing the latter.
I'm listening music from this game all the time XD
The very first VXV game I really liked. Nothing else is needed go on play it
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