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A faithful adaption of the Death Wish films, but not much else

Aaaaand it goes to hell from there.

Death Wish - The RPG is, as already said on the summary page, a game based off the Death Wish film franchise. And it does a good job at adapting parts of the films, such as the crime aspect, first and foremost. Does it fare well as a game by itself, however? Read on...

Story: 8/10

He's right, believe it or not!

Probably my favorite part of the game; Gavan, the main antagonist (who is based off Manny Fraker from the third film), has killed Kersey's wife, Joanna (Mrs. Kersey in-game), and it's up to him to exact revenge on him, and kill every last thug, druglord, pimp, and anyone else related to crime in his way. As this is a game based off an R-rated franchise, there is plenty of swearing and some graphic violence here and there, like in the screenshot. However, it fits very well into the vengeance storyline, and compliments the overall gritty feel. Kersey is joined by Shriker, a local cop, and Rodriguez, a fellow prisoner who you meet early on. The city is notably run-down by thugs, pimps and hookers, and it has an overall very well-done hood feel. Props to adamhx for how well-done the story is!

Gameplay: 5/10


Probably the weakest aspect of the game, though that is understandable, given that the game is primarily supposed to be a simple RPG Maker adaption of the films. The game, while not broken by any stretch of the imagination, is fairly dull in comparison to most RPGs I've played. The battle system is the simple first-person-view default one found in VX, and you get items from the 7-Eleven, along with prostitutes and a gun shop downtown. What I DID like was how much attention to detail was put into the whole gritty realism feel, as every weapon is a gun or real life weapon of some sort, and the items consist of drugs and food as opposed to potions and whatnot. You even start off with a first aid kit and baseball bat!

The enemies consist of pimps, thugs, bruisers and the like, and most of them are fairly simple to defeat. Some quick bashes and dual attacks will get rid of them, though the Rifle and Shotgun Punks might give you trouble. Nothing too strenuous at all, however.

The final boss is also a pushover if you're leveled up enough and are stocked up, but the ending is worth it just to see his ass get capped!

Overall, fairly mediocre, but not broken or horrible by any means and quite playable in general.

Music: 10/10

Probably my other favorite part of the game. The music fits the atmosphere PERFECTLY, with jazz and rock abound, along with, of course, music from the Death Wish OSTs! No complaints here at all, you'll undoubtedly love what you hear.

Graphics: 7.5/10

Thankfully, there's no Gwen Stacy to let die here.

The art style, yet again, fits the realistic atmosphere and mood quite well. Maps, though somewhat bare, are appropriately gritty and rundown, befitting the fact that the game is supposed to be based off... well, y'know. Not great, but still really good, as I couldn't help but smirk interestingly at how the scumbags you're out to send to hell.

Overall, despite it being somewhat average, it is still far from bad, and well worth the download, if only to see how well Death Wish translates to everyone's favorite role-playing engine.