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If you like Metal Gear and/or The Legend of Zelda, then I hope this mixture will be a pleasant surprise.
This game which could be seen as a Metal Gear-game, uses graphical and game-mechanical similarities with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

What is Metal Gear Solid you say? It's a popular series of games that focus on stealth-based game play.
Rather than jump into action you try to slip past the action undetected.
What is The Legend of Zelda you say? Well, if you don't know then I'm surprised. It's... about this boy clad in green going away to fight beats. ;p

You don't have to be familiar with the Metal Gear-series to be able to jump into the action, but it'll be funnier considering how packed with references to both game-series this sucker is.
Also, this is a comical game. Don't take everything too seriously, cause it's probably not.

You are Solid Snake - master of stealth and overcoming situations concerning huge, warhead-equipped robots.
Now part of the anti-Metal Gear group Philanthropy, you are dispatched to deal with a rumored Metal Gear under development in the region of Mandora.
Will you - Snake - be able to stop this possible threat?
Or will the bad guys have it their way?
Or more importantly, will you be home back for dinner?

Z: Interact/Confirm
X: Weapon
Arrow keys: Move
Shift: Toggle Strafing
1: Open item menu/Select item
2: Open Weapon menu/Select item
9: Restore speed/phasing
F4: Toggle Fullscreen
F5: Toggle 2x size
F12: Reset to Title

Also, I'd appreciate if you'd share your end results.

Latest Blog

But wait, there's more!

So we've come to this. After just a bit over 4 months since last, I give you a new update - Version 1.9.5 is here!

That's right, I decided to tweak the game even further.
So now after 2 years since the initial release, the updates are still rolling out. But I believe this will most likely be the last one.
I've gotten tired of this game and would really like to put it all behind me.
It's all just so appropriate that it has reached the 2 year-mark now.

This update could be said to contain lots of tweaking, if you would judge by the amount of work put into it. The way I've been working with changes now have been a real pain, due to among else constant copy-paste of new script and tweaks into events on almost every map over and over and over again that spans over 400 maps. I AM SICK OF IT! But it had to be doneā€¦ I really hope it pays off though.

Here are some new features that it made possible:

- Difficulty settings
I don't know how many of you would really appreciate this, but since I've received mixed responses about the difficulty, it just seems right to accommodate. This feature involved perhaps 90% of all the work.
Now you can choose between:
- Easy (if you want it a bit easier)
- Normal (how it always was)
- Hard (if normal wasn't enough)
- Extreme (if you want a challenge)
- Insane (if you feel masochistic)

About previous saves, I hope that my adjustments have made them compatible without problems. You will continue from Normal-difficulty.
A started game will stick to the selected difficulty.
- Debugging
There's always room for improvement it seems. There's always something to fix.
(Don't know if it means it was a crappy game or that nothing can be perfect...)
Some details below (SPOILERS):

- Restarting Stalker boss battle fixed.
- Some grammar tweaking.
- Liquid's arm won't possibly run away off-screen to ruin battle.
- Liquid's "crush hand" remains on position.
- Enemy soldier in village re-spawns correctly.
- Remove item number if diving with Heal-item equipped.
- Box not able to move on Factory ledges.
- Factory cranes destroyable by all concussive weaponry.
- Remove stun-effect on re-spawning soldiers.
- Dual Tank Boss switches turn attacking.
- Explosion sound-effect noise-scramble is fixed.
- Best ranks need only less than 30 kills instead of 20
- Possible to throw C4 at RAH with attack-button.

Hopefully I can move on now. But I guess I'll never know.
I sure hope there are no game-breakers still in it, because that will very likely lead me to go back again.

To you people still interested in the game - Enjoy!
  • Completed
  • Zephyr
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Action Tactics RPG
  • 08/11/2010 10:22 AM
  • 09/09/2020 02:34 AM
  • 09/04/2011
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Well I thought at shooting range its the way it should be :P
Well I thought at shooting range its the way it should be :P
Sometimes when you pay for the USP Aiming, you get thrown into USP Chaos. Not quite as intended I'd say. You may have experienced it correctly cause it doesn't always happen.

I couldn't figure out why. It for some reason totally ignored a Choice-command separation in the code.
So I just got done fighting the tank and that was a great fight. Problem is though it drained all my c-4 fighting him, I don't have any to get through the bunker and I currently can't find any spawns or drops off of enemies for the explosives. Is there a place I'm missing?
So I just got done fighting the tank and that was a great fight. Problem is though it drained all my c-4 fighting him, I don't have any to get through the bunker and I currently can't find any spawns or drops off of enemies for the explosives. Is there a place I'm missing?
C-4 is very scarce if you'd just walk around. Soldiers won't drop them.
There are a few in the bunker, but further in. There's a store available depending on the order of which you do things.
But you'll need more C-4 first.
You can obtain some packs in the same armory room you obtained them after the battle though.
It's been a while since I played this and I didn't even get very far. I really should try again.
I cant save can someone help me?
In what way?
Save points are scattered throughout the game as green icons.
Or does it not create a save-file when you're using the save menu?
If that's the case, I'm not really sure how to solve the problem.
I am MGS fan and i want to say one thing - the game is just amazing!
It's like playing Metal gear 1&2 on Yamaha MSX back then in 80's.
My Metal gear collection has one more title now, so i really happy.

One bad thing - the dialogs is too simple. And there must be more of them.
I think, you should add more Kojima-style dialogs like: (sorry for some spoiler)

Snake:"Otacon! I've spotted a rat!"
Otacon:"Yes, Snake. It's an african jungle rat. They live in caves"
Snake:"Caves... Does't their name means they live in JUNGLE?"
Otacon:"Not at all, Snake. This is jungle cave, you see. The rats live here because they like dark, cold and wet places."
Snake: "You talking just like Miller. By the way - it's not a cave. It's a hand-made tunnel. And it has a locked door. Do you have any idea how to open it?"
Otacon: "There MUST be a key, Snake! Try to look around."
Snake: "I already did! Here's NO KEY! Defeneatly. Here's only this jungle-cave rat or how its name was."
Otacon: "The african jungle rat, Snake. By the way - there's one more interesting thing about them."
Snake: "What thing?"
Otakon: "They are famous for stealing of some shiny little things."
Snake: "Shiny little things, huh. Like... keys?"
Otacon: "Exactly! So why don't you check out one of this rats?"
Snake: "Rats. Keys. Check out... Got it!"
That's what i was miss much, playing this great game.
I think, with such dialogs this game will be perfect.
I'm so happy to hear my game gets this level of praise! Makes the two years of hard work worth it!

I know that the conversations are a big part of the series and I've tried to pack quite a few in the adventure. But I also wanted to keep the Metal Gear/The Legend of Zelda mix true to more than just the graphics. So Snake takes on the mute role that Link has. But people will still behave as if he has spoken his word.

I'm sorry for it to be this way and I hope it won't ruin the experience.
But who knows what awaits for the future...
Is there any unlock-able item like Bandanna, (Infinite Ammo) Stealth Camo. when you finish the game ? Just like MGS in PS. Something like that :)
Is there any unlock-able item like Bandanna, (Infinite Ammo) Stealth Camo. when you finish the game ? Just like MGS in PS. Something like that :)
Yes there is. There are three unlockable items, but you'll have to fight to get them, like in the later games.
I've been wondering if anyone will have the patience to obtain at least one...
It was already an effort in the official games.
The enemy's vision range in my opinion, 5x6 i think. 5 x-axis , 6 y-axis.
the game freezes when i get the first key from the rat at the first bunker, i really would like to play the game so far i love it, even though i just started
The game freezes that early? Is it totally frozen or just lags a lot?
Is it just the character or the other rats as well?
That's the first reporting of such a problem so it would be hard for me to troubleshoot.

Maybe you knocked the rat in an odd place that made you lock into place (although I wouldn't see that happen).
Try again differently and see if anything changes.
It won't let me download the game. somebody HELP!

Won't let you how?
Nothing happens? Does it get blocked?
Never mind, it's working now but earlier this purple box would come up every time i tried to download it that said the download limit had been reached.