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But wait, there's more!

So we've come to this. After just a bit over 4 months since last, I give you a new update - Version 1.9.5 is here!

That's right, I decided to tweak the game even further.
So now after 2 years since the initial release, the updates are still rolling out. But I believe this will most likely be the last one.
I've gotten tired of this game and would really like to put it all behind me.
It's all just so appropriate that it has reached the 2 year-mark now.

This update could be said to contain lots of tweaking, if you would judge by the amount of work put into it. The way I've been working with changes now have been a real pain, due to among else constant copy-paste of new script and tweaks into events on almost every map over and over and over again that spans over 400 maps. I AM SICK OF IT! But it had to be doneā€¦ I really hope it pays off though.

Here are some new features that it made possible:

- Difficulty settings
I don't know how many of you would really appreciate this, but since I've received mixed responses about the difficulty, it just seems right to accommodate. This feature involved perhaps 90% of all the work.
Now you can choose between:
- Easy (if you want it a bit easier)
- Normal (how it always was)
- Hard (if normal wasn't enough)
- Extreme (if you want a challenge)
- Insane (if you feel masochistic)

About previous saves, I hope that my adjustments have made them compatible without problems. You will continue from Normal-difficulty.
A started game will stick to the selected difficulty.
- Debugging
There's always room for improvement it seems. There's always something to fix.
(Don't know if it means it was a crappy game or that nothing can be perfect...)
Some details below (SPOILERS):

- Restarting Stalker boss battle fixed.
- Some grammar tweaking.
- Liquid's arm won't possibly run away off-screen to ruin battle.
- Liquid's "crush hand" remains on position.
- Enemy soldier in village re-spawns correctly.
- Remove item number if diving with Heal-item equipped.
- Box not able to move on Factory ledges.
- Factory cranes destroyable by all concussive weaponry.
- Remove stun-effect on re-spawning soldiers.
- Dual Tank Boss switches turn attacking.
- Explosion sound-effect noise-scramble is fixed.
- Best ranks need only less than 30 kills instead of 20
- Possible to throw C4 at RAH with attack-button.

Hopefully I can move on now. But I guess I'll never know.
I sure hope there are no game-breakers still in it, because that will very likely lead me to go back again.

To you people still interested in the game - Enjoy!


So it's been 7 months since last...

So I present to you version 1.9.4!
It's been a while I'd say. You might have believed that the game stopped evolving, but apparently not.
I soaked up some of NicoB's advice when I watched his Let's Try of the game and also worked out some other solutions to making the game a bit easier for you.
I know some people already think the game is fine as it is, but I felt this was for the better.

The updates for this version are...
- New enemy field-of-vision
Some think that you get next to no heads up at all from approaching soldiers, so here's something I've worked out:
The enemy has two types of vision.
1. A closer field of sight where they're certain to identify you.
2. An outer field of sight the size of the previous where you get a slight chance to notice if you're too close and should step away in time before they identify you.
- Increased Ration capacity
The max stock you can carry now is 2.
- More checkpoints
Now most of all dungeon floors will save a checkpoint if you switch between them. This was actually planned much earlier, since the elevators have had them for a long time.
- Boss Battle #1 easier
I can agree that the first battle can be hard to figure out the mechanics of, so it's easier this time around.
- Debugging
I managed to find other things that needed fixing as well.

Previous save-files should still be compatible. I'm not completely sure.
Try them out and report back if something is odd.
You'll most likely miss the in-game explanation of the enemy vision though.

I've been thinking for a while on how to make changes for the game(if any at all). I've hit a roadblock on several occasions and other times I've felt that I should just lock the game for good. But I finally worked out these solutions, so I hope they will be sufficient.

(Also, I'm never uploading stuff on imageshack again since they decided to erase my camouflage background for the page for some reason. And since I seem to lack a back-up file...)


One year passes...

Alright, so here's yet another fantastic update - ver1.9.3!

Changes to note:
- Late game unbeatable glitch fix
I donno why it was there, but it was. It wasn't before...
It was in the last dungeon so most wouldn't have noticed.
- Minor debugging
A few small debugging fixes to enhance your gaming experience.

If you find this update relieving, then feel free to download.
Saves are still compatible.

It's been a year since the initial release!
A whole year and I'm still refreshing the game... I don't know whether to take that as a good or a bad thing...


Not yet, Snake! It's not over yet!

Sorry to say this(or maybe not), but I bring you yet another update! Update 1.9.2
I'm glad that I get to correct the unseen flaws but also it saddens me that they still exist in the first place! Maybe I should say that there's never a last fix of this game. I suspect that it might as I still say on the profile page - It's under active work for improvement and it may in fact never change.

Now to explain the situation. All the time before I was only playing through the game in segments for my debugging purposes. This was the first actual time I sat down and played the game the correct way - as a normal gamer. And YIKES!
The crap I dug up...

This update includes:
- Unwinnable bug fix
Sadly it exists in most previous release I suspect. Upon approaching the final dungeon, you would get thrown into a codec-call that keeps interrupting movement. I think it has to do with some inadvertence when adding the call as it wasn't around the first time.
- Graphics tweaking
I've added some small things and I've edited some that looked wrong.
- Spelling errors
I found some more of these from when I've typed faster than my brain.
- Lots of debug
The crap I dug up. I've fixed over 30 different bugs this time. Range from graphical errors to character movement.
- Adjusting difficulty
I've added things like scarce items in a few places of the common environment. Some soldier patterns has also been made slightly easier.

- Your old saves are still compatible people, so no worries.

- Finally, the artwork I was promising is soon up.

For those who are still interested - Enjoy!


Update 1.9.1 and 1000+dls!

Hi everyone!
So there's a slight update now - ver1.9.1. I mentioned last time that "Access violations" prevented me from correcting some bugs. This time I managed to do some changes as I was outraged by a shooting range bug and wanted it corrected. Don't know why I could fix it this time though.

This update contains:
-Shooting range fix
Strange thing that messed up the mini-game. Couldn't figure out why, so I worked around it... Hopefully. Seriously, you lived with this since May?
-Bug fixes
Small tweaks here and there that annoyed me last time. More changes since then as well.
-Some spelling
Why did my spelling suck back then?

Also previous saves should be unaffected.

Also, the game has passed 1000 downloads! Wooh! Even 1100dls by the time I add this entry. Thanks everyone! If you all hold on a bit, there's some artwork in it for you all!


Walkthrough completed

Hi there everyone!
I'm back and I've finished the Walkthrough. It now covers the whole game from start to the end. That's A LOT of text I had to put down in it. But it is still a simple walkthrough, so I leave the extras up to you to find.

I was gonna go and put up yet another version of the game with minor tweaks. But I for some reason now get lots of 'Access violations' of all kinds for everything I try to do, so I guess that will not happen. There was not much about the gameplay, mostly minor text edits with small impact that fell for my picky sense. I hope you can survive without it.

Finally, the game has taken quite some drastic turns since it first landed on RMN, but the only reviews it has received were made with the early version in mind which saddens me. I'm not forcing anyone, but if you enjoy this game I'd really appreciate to hear about it in a new point of view.

I wish everyone well!


Update 1.9. Is this finally it?

Alright, after some thorough work to perfect the product, I give you Update 1.9!

Since I'm hoping this will be the final update, I've gone through as much as I can to fix what people have pointed out in the past, what I've noticed myself AND what could have been needed.
This update covers:
- Debugging
Lots of debugging. I might not be perfect for test playing, but I've carefully walked through it all again to check if something's wrong.
- Speed-glitch
There was a particular glitch that could affect your speed(and maybe phasing) if you messed enough. I've done what I can to prevent it, but I'm not sure if it's enough. At least it should be really hard to create unless you try to make it happen intentionally.
Otherwise, if it happens, there's always the 9-key to nullify the effects.
- Hint/Map system
Might vary from person to person in opinion if it's needed, but I've now added a hint-system and the overworld map viewable from the save-points to make it easier.
- Difficulty adjusting
You might not notice some stuff depending on how far you've played, but there are a few changes to make things a little bit easier.

The Walkthrough is extended and now covers up to dungeon 8 for those who are interested.

I surely hope this will be enough updating and that 1.9 is final. It'll get complicated going to 2.0. But I guess it'll be 1.92 otherwise. That doesn't mean I want it to be, I'm just hoping there won't be anymore serious glitches that'll make me feel forced to work it over once again. I won't reject another update if it's needed. I'm just hoping it doesn't have to come to that...

Have fun and enjoy the latest update everyone!


Still going

Hi again guys! New blog update here!

You might have noticed if you downloaded the game recently that it's now Update 1.8.
This update concerns:
- Sequence breaking-glitch fix
Yes, you read that correct. A sequence breaking-glitch existed! LockeZ found it earlier in an LT and apparently it allows you to jump directly to the second part of dungeon #1, which is in fact dungeon #3.5.
This glitch can lock you in a limited sector of the overworld map and prevent you from beating the game, so I recommend that you refrain from triggering it. If you never had a showdown with Boss #1 in the base, I'm afraid that you've gone down that road. Update 1.8 has it fixed(hopefully).
- Debuggin'
More lesser things fixed. This also concerns difficulty adjusting and hints.
- Moar save points
Each dungeon has one more save point. Remember though, they're never visible in Alert Mode.

Also, there's a new part of the Walkthrough available now. This time it stretches to dungeon 6(not like you guys are actually reading it anyway...).

I hope everything is in place now. Though it won't be unexpected if more is unveiled when LockeZ continues the LT(or someone else gives the game a go for that matter). Until then, have fun!


Update 1.7

It's not totally left on its own quite yet folks! Here's update 1.7!
In short, there's not much new.

I watched Creation's Pass or Fail on the game and I noticed that some small things could be fixed.

- Hints
I don't know how many of you that played the game had problem with the "rat has the key", but it's more clear now. Also, explanation for those picking up Ration the first time.
- Mapping
Not much really, but a little change in mapping detail here and there.
- Easy start
Was the guy right before the entrance to the tunnel a problem? Well, he's gone early on.
- Debug
A little fixes here and there that I've noticed.
I've fixed some places where speed can get messed up, but not quite sure I totally got this one.
Therefor, I introduce the 9 key, which will stabilize your speed.

If you started playing before, your saves are still compatible. Just copy-paste.

Also, added a new segment to the Walkthrough. Now it'll take you to the fourth boss.
Go check it out if you're stuck somewhere there.

Commentary and feedback is appreciated for further improvement.
Enjoy yourselves!


Update and stuff

I've put up another update, 1.6.
Fixed a few things and added hints. I surely regret releasing this game at the first time I did.
It was bad to set that dead-line!
The developer does certainly not qualify as a test player how many times ever he might have run it through...

I know most probably have played the game by now since the first release was at the start of November, but is anyone interested in taking on the role of a test player so I can get this game checked for real? Getting a few point outs by normal gamers won't find it all and certainly not in a long while I suppose.
Instead of just going through this process of partial "bug-fix updates" over and over, the next update might be final. Please notify me if you're interested.

Anyways, here's what's now:
- Grammar fix
Sometimes I type out text in light-speed and the brain won't keep up.
- Hints
I've added a few more hints. These are late in-game and I thought the matter otherwise would be hard to figure out.
- Debug
Corrected a few more glitches. I can only catch so much you few people that play the game actually report back. And the few ones I actually manage to catch myself anymore.

If you started playing before, your saves are still compatible. Just copy-paste.

I've also added another chapter to the Walkthrough. Now it'll take you to the second boss.
Go check it out if you're stuck somewhere(within that part).

Commentary and feedback is appreciated for further improvement.
Enjoy yourselves!
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