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1. Controls
2. Weapons/Items
3. Exploring
4. Alert Phase

1. Controls
Z: Interact/Confirm
X: Use weapon
- Knife: Hold X to charge Stealth Kill
Arrow keys: Move
Shift: Toggle Strafing
1: Open item menu/Select item
2: Open Weapon menu/Select item
F4: Toggle Fullscreen
F5: Toggle 2x size
F12: Reset to Title
2. Weapons/Items
You'll find many different weapons and items in the game. This ranges from your knife, handgun, cigarettes to keys.
The ones you'll be able to use are available in your weapon and item menus accessible through the 1 and 2 keys.
Some items you obtain will not appear in the item menus and will be useful in other situations. As this title is inspired by The Legend of Zelda, expect puzzles involving many items as well.
3. Exploring
When exploring Mandora, keep in mind that this is a stealth game. There are enemies around and they will be happy to gun you down. All enemies have a field of range they follow.
This field of range will rarely be further than you can see yourself, so you will always get a heads up. Just be careful, since these soldiers might catch a glimpse or "get a feeling someone is behind that corner".
Enemy soldiers has two sets of vision.
Notice view - this view is the normal sight and in which the soldier will notice you if you step within. Here you will get a short window of reaction to step out of the field to avoid discovery.
Alert view - this field of vision is smaller and will trigger an alert if tripped.
4. Alert Phase
If you're discovered, the enemies will enter Alert phase. They will call for reinforcement that will appear in a steady but not too frequent flow.
Now they will actively hunt you down and shoot at you when close enough, so make sure to keep your distance.
They cannot shoot through walls of course, so it's possible to take cover behind obstacles.
But just taking cover won't do you any good since they still assume you're behind whatever they shoot at.

Then it's about time you get rid of them. Either by going out in style by taking them all down or retreating out of their sight. There are two ways to get rid of that annoying Alert Phase.
We'll call them the passive and the offensive methods.

The passive approach is to hide. This is only possible if there are no enemies on screen. Retreat to space where there are no enemies in sight.
It's easier if you've got some actual terrain to make them loose your track in.
When the hiding is working, you'll notice that you'll enter the Evasion phase. Keep in hiding while this phase is ticking down. Getting enemies in sight will cancel the Evasion for Alert again.
When it ticks out, you'll enter Caution phase. Now it's safe to walk around again. Just watch out for the enemies getting back to their positions.

The offensive approach can be harder. Rather than hiding directly, you'll make sure no one's around to follow you if you go somewhere. This is harder to accomplish in heavily patrolled areas with back-up frequently spawning. Take down all enemies and switch area. If successful, you should drop down to Caution phase.

There are also exceptions. Certain areas will make a safe transition. In example entering a dungeon structure or certain safe-areas.

The Caution phase is not a big worry. Enemies won't chase you, but they will stay alert.
Previously sleepy soldier will stay awake for example. This phase will cancel after a short while.