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The Legend of Metal Gear

  • Tufs
  • 09/14/2011 08:22 PM
If you throw The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past and Metal Gear Solid into a jar
and shake it as hard as you can, this is the result.

If I remember the origins of the idea to mix thees two franchises into one game.
I remember back in.. a few years ago. I had made a tileset for RPG-Maker 2003
that contained the graphics for The Legend of Zelda on NES. And I made a looping
dungeon that contained one of each kind of dungeon room from the original game.
I send it to Zephyr, and I think the idea came around there.

I also know he worked long and hard on this game. But does that pay off
in the final game? I think it does. The graphics are pretty close to the AlttP origins.
(Maybe because most of it (exterior) is ripped directly from it).
But it looks and plays much like a Super Nintendo game, which I guess Zephyr
wanted it to. As for controls it works ok with playing on a keyboard.
I don't know if you can use a controller with RPG-maker games.

As for the music and sound effects, they sound familiar. Maybe not that odd..
but some players might not have heard it before. (But how you could not have
done that is beyond me). I my self haven't beaten this game yet.
At the moment it's because some trouble with running the game on my computer.
So I don't know how it ends. But that's up to you as a player to find out anyway.
Not buy reading this review. You could check the walkthrough if you want stuff
spoiled I'd guess. But you should at least try this game if you haven't.

And most of all, if you are a fan of either Metal Gear or The Legend of Zelda.


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Thanks for the review. Score feels very generous although you haven't played very much of the game yet.
I wonder if that is enough to get an impression of the whole picture.

(About the music, I suppose the people who haven't played MGS wouldn't be familiar with the sound.)
(And I don't know if the RPG maker controls beyond what buttons available to map to has much score impact though.)
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