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Your mission is to infiltrate the region of Mandora and confirm the presence of a Metal Gear supposably being developed by an organization called Legion. You've got two team members, Zack and Regina. Zack is general assistance and Regina is a counterpart to Otacon as she will help out with technical obstacles. Otacon stands for codec support.

As soon as the briefing ends and your team members has made the jump you can follow them. Either jump straight out or stand on the edge to make Otacon shove you out.

Make sure you deploy the parachute as it is hinted, otherwise you'll fall to your death. Snake deploys the parachute, then craves for a cigarette and just happens to loose his gear.
Once you land you'll receive a codec call. After that jump down from the ledge and follow the trail. In the next area is the first enemy soldier. You can sneak past him by crossing him from south when he walks left, then proceed to the next area.

However if you're discovered, the enemy enters Alert Phase. In Alert Phase reinforcements will spawn, but not too frequently from some area transitions.
To evade Alert Phase you must kill all enemies in the area and enter another area(impossible at this moment since you carry no weapons) OR avoid enemy sight on screen for about 30 seconds. The easiest option this time though is to enter the landing area. This is one of many "safe zones".

In the next area is a bridge. You won't be able to cross it without being detected so proceed south. You'll be fine as long as you stick to the left wall.
This area also holds the first save point. It's the green icon.

Next you'll be able to sneak past a soldier if you stick behind him and run past once he faces down. Next proceed into the mountain tunnel.

This area is pretty much straight forward. In one section there's a locked door, but one of the rats has the key. If you bump into the right one it should drop it.

Keep going south till you reach the exit. Now you'll end up in a forest area. Jump down the ledge to see a soldier discover your backpack and dropping it off in the nearest storage shack. Walk left to reach the road and follow it around to reach the shack. Make sure to stay out of sight from enemy soldiers though.

In the storage pick up your backpack. You'll obtain a Survival Knife, a USP handgun and your pack of Cigarettes.
- You can swipe enemies with your knife. The number of swipes depends on the amount of health of the enemy. While not in Alert Phase you can also perform a "Stealth Kill". Hold the attack-button for a short and release to perform a more powerful swipe that can one-shot most enemies.
- With the USP you can shoot enemies at long-range. It is more rapid than the knife, but without a suppressor you'll alert the enemy to you.
- Cigarettes are bad. You'll gradually loose health by having them equipped.

After an optional codec call go outside and proceed west to the next area.
Here's another save point. Stick to the north tree barrier and walk behind the fence and down along the house to avoid the soldier looking around. When the next soldier walks away run past him south.

Optionally you can explore the house. If it's normal phase the soldier inside will be asleep, otherwise make sure to quickly move away from his sight. There's a First Aid kit on the table if you're damaged and a pack of USP ammo in one of the lockers if you need ammo. If you walk past the truck outside and through the narrow trees, you can find a hidden passage that will take you into the deeper forest. Make sure to stay away from the swamp as you'll drown if you jump into it. Open the chest however to obtain a LIFE (increases MAX HP).

Proceeding south from the house you'll be obstructed by bushes. Cut them with your survival knife. Up ahead is a locked gate. This might make think you've lost your way, but you're on the right track. When testing the door, a soldier will tell you to use a card key you do not possess. Keep checking the door and and the soldier will get more and more pissed off at you. After a fourth check, make sure to move to the side as he will rush to open the gate and run after the mischief he presumes ran off. Now you can proceed through the gate and head south.

In the next area you'll come across Zack which is stuck in a tree tangling with the parachute. After a short conversation proceed east to get a codec call. Keep heading east till you reach the right side of the main gate. Swipe one of the bushes to reveal a hole to fall into.

If you feel like it you can explore the area further. In the area south is a house, but it is guarded. Outside is a kid hinting at the bush outside the fortress.

When jumping down the hole you'll end up in a narrow passageway. Walk north to reach a door that will take you inside the Headquarters.
Walk up the stairs to trigger a codec call. Use shift to strafe quietly across the floor to avoid waking up the guard. In the next room you should quickly proceed through the north door. If you go south however, you'll find a save. Continuing south will take you outside. Here's a computer panel that will open the main gate permanently for easy access.

Continuing north in the base will take you through 2 big hangars containing tanks, patrolled by few soldiers. In the second hangar is a door on the right side that will take you to a room with a node. A codec call explains it as a user terminal to display the layout of the base. I you'll investigate it yourself you'll find that you can view a map of the place.

Back outside in the hanger there's a set of stair on the left side. You can safely approach it if you stick to the north wall and go around.
On your way you'll find a Lv.5 door. Nothing to worry about this early.

Proceeding up the stair to the 2nd floor, you can walk down the passageway safely into the second floor to the first hangar. Be careful of the grated floor since there's a soldier present. Now you can walk either left or right. Going right will be pretty much a dead end, but a loot source. You can obtain a data disc (collectible) on the right side of the second hangar's 2nd floor if you go that way.

But now going left through the door into the next room. Sneak past the soldier. Be careful of the grated floor and sneak past once he faces away. Out the door to the outside passageway to the east door. In this room, beware of the surveillance camera.
Surveillance cameras will be either stationary or move across a wall. Being found by them is like being seen by a soldier, except that they won't shoot back. But the alerted soldier will however. The area directly below the camera is a blind-spot, so stick to the wall pretty much right in front of it and you'll fine. Watch out for the soldier up ahead that faces different direction. In the storage room in the area you'll fin a Ration (these refills life. You can either use it from the menu or auto-use it if you run out of life with it equipped) and a USP ammo box. In the next room there's an elevator. Press the button to call it and then get on moving to the 3rd floor.

Hallway of the 3rd floor, proceed through the left door. Watch out for the camera in this long hallway. Next room has 3 soldiers and alot of grated floor, but there's an easy approach. Stay out of the soldiers' sight and sneak into the center road between crates. The soldier won't notice you here so figure out a way to the next door. In the next room is another camera. If you run straight for the door, it will never catch you. Walk in through the door and you'll find a chest which contains 20C.
C, as in credit serves as this game's currency. You can either obtain C from "credit cards" in loot-able sources or kill enemies. Now grab the cardkey on the computer.
This cardkey will open all doors of security level 1. And yes, you won't need to have it equipped. It's THAT practical.

Now navigate yourself back to the elevator hallway. Walk south into the next area which strangely is not the same room. Follow the wall to the right to avoid the soldier's sight and now into the next room. Here's another elevator which takes you to the 4th floor.

This floor is all safe-zone so take time to relax from all that sneaking. Here's also another save point. Take your time to save and then proceed through the ominous door to the north. Go check the following door to trigger a conversation which will trigger an event.

Time for your first boss battle, The Crab Ninja Squad. That's a group of 4 special soldiers that cooperate to gun down enemies. You might think "Oh crap!", but this battle can be easy if you know how do deal with them. If you don't then you might have a problem.
Each soldier strafes along one of the four walls in a side-moving manner.
Just standing in the middle is a bad thing since it leaves you open target for all of them.
Notice their green visors. Now take notice as one of them will turn red. They take turns to fire at you and this color change is their signal. If it turns red, make sure to move out of that one's sight. NOTE: Their range is similar to that of normal soldiers.

You probably will take a hit, but to make this battle quick and easy, move up alongside the wall with any of the soldier and fire away with your gun. Five bullets is sufficient to take down any of these guys. Once they fade away, they might drop ammo. Now move up alongside the next guy (make sure he's no red-visored) and gun him down. Repeat and once you know it, the victory is yours. Snake takes the victory pose and you get a load of 50C for taking down a "major" opponent. On top of this your MAX HP increases! This concludes the first boss encounter. Staying around won't do you any good and this was pretty much a mandatory dead end. Exit the place through the same way you came.
You've just defeated the first boss and now it's time to leave. Get yourself back to the Headquarters entrance hall. From there you can either walk back into the waterway or exit through the front door. Let's exit through the front door! Walk out the south door close to the save point. You might actually already have checked outside and opened the main gate. When back outside start heading south to the area with a house and you'll notice that the truck blocking the path is now gone. Walk to the screen to the west to enter Cova Village.

Now this is the village. Watch out though, there're still guards patrolling. Stay out of sight and explore any of the houses and you might find villagers that can give you hints of things going on around there. if you walk south and come across a house to the right of the trucks you might want to check it out. In there you'll find a USP suppressor which can come in handy for those stealth kills. If you find the village shop you can purchase ammo and stuff. Among that there's a fake Bandanna for 10C. It's useless to you, but let's give it to the kid just north of the shop and you'll get Batteries, These would also be useless to you so continue trading it with the soldier that was listening to music in the bar to get a Bandage. That will be enough for now. To continue into the next area head west by following the road.

Keep following the road(or not). Actually, keep heading west and get up on the small cliff passage. Dodge the guard and head into this small shack you'll come across. Be careful with the feisty tied-up woman and loose her ropes. She'll thank you and head out. You must think this was useless since you got no reward, but move the barrel to obtain the Stun Taser. This nice little weapon can stun soldiers temporarily , allowing for easy sneak-by and keeping your kill count low(if that is what's you're aiming for). It has an 8 second recharge however.

Now if you kept going with the road you'd come across a shooting range. This be a mini-game place. If you've got credit to spare, you can waste some in the various shooting modes. And if you're lucky(or just THAT skilled), you might even obtain a reward or two which might make things easier for you. This is of course all up to you, but this walkthrough will not stop at that, so let's proceed. Keep following the road and head north. Next area has a save point lying about. If you head east you'll find another LIFE(just saying). Heading north will take you into the Kyandon Forest.

This forest is tight with trees that will obscure your sight with its gloomy environment. Up ahead you'll find soldiers patrolling. One at the truck and one on the bridge. You might actually get tricked here since if you walk this way, you won't find anything nor will it take you anywhere. The path to take is actually hidden on your right quite near the entrance(watch out for thorny cactus plant thing).

In this area you might think you're save, but don't be fooled. If you're in too much of a hurry and cut bushes like a lawn mover, you might take a plunge into a pitfall which will be instant Game Over. Find your way through this little area and head into the area north from there. Here you'll come across a swamp(which you might be familiar with).
Step into the swamp here. Don't worry, stepping into the swamp won't harm you unlike jumping from a certain height. Navigate the swamp and step back up on land where appropriate. That would be right across from where you stepped in(but there are of course other paths). Back up on land, navigate the small maze of trees and bushes and you'll come across the Supply Base.
But the gate is locked! You can't get in! No worries, head east(NOT west, or you'll find an unpleasant surprise). Cross the bridge(to the east) and navigate the next area to find this soldier. Don't worry, he's harmless. Step right up and have a chit-chat. Apparently he wants to find his way back to the base. "No problem" you say and help him find his way back to the gate. He'll be nice(and some what oblivious) and open the gate for you and then walk inside. Time to follow!
SUPPLY BASE to the 2nd BOSS:
Alright, you made it inside! A save point is close by. Head east and avoid the guard. Next room, avoid this guard as well. Just keep track on his rotating look-out pattern. In the room after this you'll catch a message from Otacon. Basically he means that you should keep a look-out for clues. It just so happens one of these guards here got a strange trail of sparkles following him. Let's stab-stab(shoot-shoot or zap-zap) and the guard will drop a key. Check for any locked doors and you'll in that following room get a hold of a Cardboard Box. Box "B" to be precise, says it's addressed to the "Lake" area. Well surely this is no place in the vicinity of a lake. Head back into the entrance hall and west this time. Keep following this path a few rooms avoiding guards and cameras till you come across another locked door. No keys around? No sparkles? That guard there isn't moving, but let's stab-stab(shoot-shoot or zap-zap) and get a key(If only he was moving to begin with)! Unlocked says the door and you're into the next room.

Watch out for the surveillance camera. Get beneath it and wait till it moves away from the close-by barrel. Move the barrel to get another key. By the way, the door to your left will take you into a rest room with a guard taking a crap, but horribly finds out he's out of toilet paper. Anyways let's proceed. Head up the room with the camera to find an elevator. You can use it if you'd like but it'll only waste time right now. Instead head west through the locked door using your key. Oh look, conveyor belts. Keep walking next room. Oh look, lots of boxes. Keep walking some more. The next room holds more conveyor belts. The staircase is blocked off, so you'll have to take another way across. For some reason you cannot walk on the conveyor belts. Let's bring out the Cardboard box! By classically taking on the box you'll be slightly harder for the enemy to spot since you for some reason don't stand out as much. Just be careful not to get too close to anyone. Anyway, now you can get onto a conveyor belt. Use them to get to the other side of the room. In the next room(the right one if you didn't go into that other room), you'll happen to avoid another camera and get a hold of cardkey Lv.2. Sweet, this will now open any lv.2 doors you might encounter. Now head back to the elevator hall. By the way, that "other" room held a ration and ammo if you're interested.

From the elevator room you'll now head east. The next room holds a node that might catch your interest. Next door and you'll enter another hallway. Walk east and enter the door beneath the surveillance camera. The south set of doors is a shortcut to the entrance. In the next room you'll sight a chest but with a guard walking back and forth. Avoid him and go for the chest and you'll obtain another key. Now head back to the elevator and head down.

Now when you exit the elevator you should be careful. The middle of the room has a trap door that will open a pitfall which I'll remind you is instant Game Over if you fall down. Just stick to the left and you'll safely reach the door. Follow the path into the confinement hallway which holds cells. Avoid the patrolling guard and. You can actually enter one of the cells and open a chest to get full USP ammo. Now follow the rest of the path till...

Time for the second boss fight! Predator is a former torture expert that is now among the high ranks of Legion. He specializes in knife-tossing and carries an unlimited supply.
There's an easy approach to take him down. Shoot him and avoid getting hit by his knives.

Predator has a few tricks up his sleeve when trying to kill you. All of them involves throwing knives at you. He will walk towards you and throw knives in three directions. He can also move to the upper part of the room to start throwing a rain of blades down on you. The further way the better. When he's lost roughly 50%, he'll put more power in the knife-tossing making them fly even faster. He can also use his knife-barrage technique which can get lethal if you're not paying attention. Here's the technique line-up:
- Knife spread-shot
- Needle rain
- Knife barrage

As mentioned, the easy approach is to just avoid the knives and gun him down. Ammo is mysteriously supplied if you run low, so no worries of running out(there's always the survival knife of course). When you win you'll cash in 50C, increased MAX HP and obtain a key to the isolation cell. In there you'll find Zack. He's apparently been tortured and severely injured in the process. In his last breaths he'll hand over a Waterworks Key that he managed to grab before he passes away. Rest in peace, Zack. Now let's get the hell outta here!
Alright, time to move on. Start by getting outside of the base. Make your way back to the entrance of the forest, but head for the truck that's positioned near the bridge. Equip the cardboard box and jump inside the truck. Wait for a few seconds and a soldier will walk up to it and transport you to the lake area, just as the box was labeled. Jump off the truck and start exploring the area. The house right next to you holds a save point. But if it's progress you're looking for, you can start heading east of the truck and around the trees. Watch out for the soldier that's patrolling. You might want to wait for the soldier to show up and sneak behind him. Follow the trail and watch out for another soldier and you'll soon find a gate that needs the Waterworks Key. Well, it's good that you have it. Unlock the door and proceed into the water canal area.

Beware of the grating in the area. Walk north and avoid the soldier patrolling. The door is locked so you'll have to step on the catwalks crossing the canal. Get on the upper of the two and walk along the pipeline till you get to more catwalks to walk back on. Watch out for the soldier that's on a lookout. Sneak past him and stick to the west wall to avoid a surveillance camera up ahead. After that it's straight forward to the next dungeon.
WATER PLANT to the 3rd BOSS:
Alright, 3rd dungeon! Step on a floor tile that differs to open the inner gate. Walk left now and avoid the surveillance camera and enter the west-most door. Avoid the soldier in the next room by sneaking silently on the grating and proceed through the next door. In the next room, do not take the first door you come across. It's a trap! You'll have to grab a key from a soldier to open the door you came from and it's pretty much dead end. Instead go through the door that's further down the passage and you'll come across a key in a chest.

Now get back to the first room and go through the door that's straight opposite to the entrance. To sneak past the next soldier unnoticed, you'll have to wait till he briefly falls asleep. Unlock the next door and continue down the passage to the room with the water canal. Cross one of the catwalks, but beware of patrolling soldier. The door to the south leads to a room with a node if you want a look. When walking north to proceed, watch out for another surveillance camera. In the next room there's another gate locked by a floor tile. Although there's more than one, only one of them works. Which would be the one to the left. Proceed through the pretty much straight forward path till you reach a set of stairs that leads to the next level. Don't go down yet, as you'll come across a sort of road block. Instead move the barrel to activate a switch that will unlock the door. In the next room, don't step on the floor tile! It will activate a bunch of trap floors and block the big chest that you should claim to obtain the Flashlight. Now head back down the stairs.

Watch out in the next room as there are trap floors here as well. Next up is a little sequence where a rat gets gunned down by a sentry camera. Sorta same as normal surveillance cameras. ...but deadly! They still got the same weakness though. Just stick to the wall and you'll be fine, although you're confined to one small pocket you'll have to wait out in. The rest is straight forward to the next descend.

Now it's dark! Codec-call is stating the obvious. Now it's a good thing to equip that flashlight you obtained. This area is quite big, but not too confusing. Walk straight down and follow the passage all the way. On your way you'll find a door that leads to a room with Ration if needed. Walk down some stairs and be greeted by rats. Many rats. One of these rats has a key that will be needed for an upcoming door. The specific rat would be one on the islands. Swipe it to claim your key. The locked door can be seen if you stick to the south border, but to reach it you'll have to walk back to the staircase and walk along the left side. Next room is a pipe-maze with a save-point. Proceed through the next door that you can take you can now take two roads. Take the upper one to activate a switch at the end in which will open a gate at the lower end. Beware of the grated floor ahead as there is a soldier sleeping ahead. The room to the left holds handgun ammo and the right door leads even further down.

Alright, you're almost there! The door ahead is locked, but in a different way. Walk to the left and check the upper walls and you'll see a sort of control panel in one place. It's out of reach so pick out your handgun and fire away. Look, the door opened! Continue to the next room and avoid the turret camera on the upper wall that can easily be missed.
As you'll reach the next room, a soldier will spot you and run of to the next room. Follow him and he'll converse with another one before the both of them run of again.
Now beware of the next room as this one's different...

Time for the third boss fight! Genola is a big, genetic monster soldier created from VR simulations. This one's a real deal! He'd be the biggest threat so far and you shouldn't take him lightly even though he only has one form of attack - jumping. The jumps themselves won't hurt(unless he lands on you), but actually the shockwaves on impact! Don't go near him! Use your handgun at a distance since the survival knife is a bad choice here. As he drops below a limit in life, the jumping gets more intense. Now the shockwaves will reach further and deal more damage. As he lands he'll also briefly numb your movement by the impact.

Alright, so now I suppose you've brought him down. Receive 50C and increased MAX HP! The soldiers that ran away returns in an attempt to surprise-attack you. They are mysteriously gunned down by someone. Regina! You meet up with Regina at last and get a short look over the situation. You take the elevator ahead up to the ground floor and exit from the room that held the flashlight. You split up again to avoid detection and can finally get back to the objective at hand - infiltrate the HQ and breach the top secured door.

PS: Somewhere around this time is good moment to revisit the Supply Base. The west section has a toilet with a soldier with a crappy stomach. Hand him the Toilet Paper to get aDog Tag.
3rd BOSS to the HEADQUARTERS(second time):
Alright, time to head back to the headquarters and breach that damn broken bridge-door. As you leave the sewers and head back there, Regina will mention stuff through codec. Before you cross the bridge back to the HQ front, cut the bushes to the south. Cut some more bushes and you'll soon find a soldier on the ground. Talk to him and give him the Bandage in exchange for Toilet Paper. Now get back on track. If you opened the main gate, you've got a shortcut right there, otherwise it's the same old way. Head back through the place once more(should be somewhat easier this time, right?).

When you reach the 3rd floor, Regina will mention that a door ahead is locked with a normal key. Somehow lock-picking normal doors ain't here specialty and you're forced to find this key.
Check the room with the 4F-elevator and you there's actually a door to the left that you might have seen locked before. Well, it's now open and free to explore. Watch out for the soldier in here and grab the key in the chest at the end. No, not that first chest. It holds nothing. Once you've got the key you can head up to 4F and open the door and not keep Regina waiting.

Time to open that darn door in the next room! What, not yet? Need time to work on it? Well, chucks! Regina wants a soda while she's working. Head down to the same room that held the key and there's vending machine and grab a soda. Hope you got 10C, you'll be needing it.
Now she'll finish the work and you can finally proceed! Enter the control room and get info thrown at you as more plot is revealed. In the end, you've got two destinations prompted to check out in your search for Metal Gear. A bunker complex and the Communications tower.

PS: If you've got the Dog Tag, give it to Regina to get Binoculars.
Now it has taken a more non-linear turn. You can choose which place to go to first! Actually, not yet. The bunker is in the minefield. When entering that area, Regina will contact you. The same happens if you enter the lake-area on your way to the Com.tower. The minefield blocks your way to the bunker and the lake and river blocks your way to the Com.tower. You're advised to enter the Armory to obtain the needed gear to traverse respective areas. Regina informs you that she manage to open the armory front gate. That would be the gate on the back-side of the fortress. So you're slightly side-tracked, No worries! Go through the armory front gate into the front yard. Dodge a few soldiers between the stacked crates and you'll be inside in no time!
ARMORY to the 4th BOSS:
Alright, now we're inside. Only thing here is an elevator, so let's take a ride.

We'll start by getting off on this floor. Move till you see a red line on the floor. The red line indicates a set of infrared beams guarding this passage. They are invisible to plain sight, but you can use the classical pack of Cigs to see the beams at close-range. Then you'll also notice that they go off at intervals. Sneak past once the beams go off. You won't die(directly) by crossing the active beams, but alert phase may do something. Other than sending soldiers to you, some doors may also lock down during alert.
Deal with the soldier in the next hallway and continue left. The next hallway has 2 rooms. One holds a Ration and the other one holds a key. To reach the key, you should move the drums rather than pass the beam. Alright, with the key you can now unlock the door in the first hallway. The next room is watched by surveillance cameras. Stick to one wall and move when they split covering the room. Proceed through the door and down the stairs in the next room.

From this floor, walk south through two rooms till you come across a corridor that stretches to the left. Kill or sneak past the sleepy soldier and walk up and you'll end up in a room crammed with surveillance camera. The funny thing here is, even though this room seems highly secured, you can actually sneak past them in a pattern. Just look for a block where's there's just one surveillance camera set. You'll end up at the south-west door of the room. In the next room there's a trap intended to trick you. Although there's a red line on the floor, there's no beam here. Instead you'd be tricked to stop at the line and check with the Cigs. That's when you would fall through a set trap door. Instead, just walk straight through to avoid danger.

Now up the stairs you reached, you'll end up in boxed room with a patrolling soldier. Kill/Stun him to get a key. Now turn back, the door ahead is locked with a higher keycard anyway. Walk back and up the first staircase and in through the left door. There be two ways to go here across the room. Take the lower that is not guarded by beams. Open the lock and proceed.

It's a miniboss? That's something new. Well, not totally a miniboss, but a special case. This soldier is terrified of you and won't let you get near. He will run to the opposite side of the room when you get close.
Kill him! Once he's been chased to the opposite side he will pause briefly and that's an open chance to land a few hits. If you know how close you can get before he dashes off makes it easier to get to him.
Once he's dead he will drop Cardkey Lv.3. Alright, higher level access!

With this card, you suddenly get access to a few rooms. Now, when exiting, take the upper passage as the beams have swapped. Get back to the corridor with the sleepy soldier and you'll find a Lv.3 door to the bottom-left. In there you'll find the Mine Detector. Alright! But wait, you're not done here quite yet. Get back up the stairs beyond the surveillance camera maze and enter the Lv.3 door there. Oups, you'll cross a beam! The room is sealed off. No worries though. Open the chest and you'll get some C-4! That's explosives! Inspect the upper wall and you'll immediately find some use for those.
Blow up the wall and you'll come out in a B1 hallway. Finally, time to exit this place! Wait, what about the boss!?

Did you think you could escape that easily? This big bastard will ambush you in the armory front yard. As introduced, this bastard shoots shells at you. They even explode at hit! A direct hit by these is crippling! However, it only fires shells at you from long-range. Move up close and be greeted by the tank gunner. Stay away from the lock-on sight. It might look like you can run past the tank, but simply DON'T! It will crush you... somehow.
Now, to defeat the boss it's time to use your newly acquired weapon - the C-4! The outer armor is quite impenetrable, but the weakness is the tank's belly. You get limited opportunities to strike when the tank backs up, so step forward but don't - just don't follow it all the way. As it backs up to lure you closer it will commence a berserk-boost and run you over. Instead drop C-4 where it is predicted to stop. If it has run over the C-4 when it detonates, it will take damage. When short of life, the tank gunner will join in when it backs up, so keep an extra lookout. Here's the line-up:
- Long-range tank shells
- Lock-on machine gun
- Backing up, followed berserk boosting

After a few(10) C-4 hits, the boss is beaten. Receive 50C and MAX HP increase. Time to leave the area and get to some exploration!
From here on it's actually a free choice if you want to go to the tower or the bunker first. The bunker is the closest destination, so let's start with that one. Head north-west from the area north of the Armory and you will end up at a minefield you might have previously visited. Equip the mine detector and the mines present will flash visible in pulses. Navigate through the minefield and you'll come across the bunker entrance in the north-west corner.

Bunker Complex to the 5th Boss:
There will be a save point in the first room. Proceed forward and down a floor and you'll need to equip your flashlight to navigate the dark.

A door to the right cannot be opened as it is handled by a switch that receives no power. In fact, the whole facility is without power. Only a few doors work. Go through the door to the left of the stairs and it'll take you to room with a chest with 10C. Proceed to blow up the east wall with a crack using C-4. In the next room there's a turret on the north wall, but it's not active. However, don't stay around for too long as the place is swarming with bats. The bats are not a big threat, but don't get overrun by them or you'll start to get attacked. If they get too many you can swipe them down with your survival knife. Don't bother with guns or anything else for that matter. Continue to the next room to proceed down another level.

The following rooms are somewhat straightforward. There's another switch-controlled door to ignore for now. There's another room with bats and floor switches. Flip the upper-right switch to open the doors. The next room is a dead end, except that there's a bunch of fuses on the floor. After you've picked them up it's time to head back out again!

Once outside, navigate the minefield going south to a small structure. Blow up the cracked wall and climb down the ladder once inside.

The door here is locked by a hidden floor switch among the drums. Move one of them to open the door.
Next is a bat-filled corridor to pass through quickly. Climb down the ladder to the lower floor.

In this room of corridors there's a locked door to the right. Walk left and blow up the cracked wall to enter a room with objects. Keep the bats around at bay and move the drums at the upper-right to obtain a key.
There's also USP ammo in one of the locker and more C-4 to the lower-left. The upper door will just bring you to a corridor blocked by a C-4 wire-trap. You can survive setting it off, but it's not advised neither necessary as the key you obtained can open the locked door and get you to the opposite side. With the C-4 of the trap in reach, you can disarm the trap and get a free C-4 while at it! Enter the next room to the right and disarm the next wire-trap. The upper-left door leads to a small space with a Data Disc. The right door leads to the next room, but the passage is blocked by a wire-trap. To disarm it, get back to the arrival on this floor and go to the south-east to reach another door. In this separate passage you'll come across a cracked wall to bomb. Once past that one, you'll be able to disarm the trap. Get back on track and the next room will be the Power Room. Next to the yet-to-be-activated node you'll find the Power Terminal.
Activate it by using these steps:
- Set fuses: set the uses you found earlier.
- Pump power: pump start-up power to the terminal.
- Main switch: flip the main switch to turn the power on.

Now the power of the facility will come back on! The lighting will be back, so the flashlight is no longer necessary. Now to get back up again! Now with the power back on, watch out for the turrets as they are active again.

Get back through the bunker entrance. Proceed downstairs.

Now you can open the door with the switch. The turret in the next hallway is active again. Take shelter to the lower part at the door as the turret moves by before you continue. Watch out for the bats that are still around.

The switch-controlled door here is now active. Go through this door. You'll come to a crossroad blocked by drums. Move the drums you can, but you won't reach the whole way, so you'll have to reset the puzzle by entering one of the rooms. The west room is dark and bat-filled, but also filled with floor switches to open the door you came through. Trigger a switch that is in the upper-left section to open the door.
The other room you can take is the south one, although it offers more challenge.

It's another miniboss, although an optional one at that! It's a soldier equipped with Stealth camouflage.
Even though he is invisible in person, you can easily tell his position by the shadow cast on the floor. What's so special about this battle is how he fights. He will shoot at you, but not through a field of range. There's an invisible lock-on aim following you around the room. If you just stay still, he will assure to hit you. If you move in tight patterns the lock-on will catch you even though it moves slowly. Move in big circles to prevent the lock-on to catch up and preferably use your handgun to shoot at the miniboss. The knife also works, but don't stick around for too long. Given a number of hits, the miniboss goes down and the room is unsealed.

Get back into the crossroad room and move the remaining drum out of the way. The next room has two shutters blocking the path. The first shutter can be opened by simply pressing one of the switches. The second one doesn't receive any power, so the shutter won't open. The third switch... builds you up with an electric charge that won't harm you. Instead by letting it build up enough without disappearing too quickly, you can use this charge to power the second switch and thus open the second shutter! Now onward to the next floor!

This hallway holds a save point so make sure to use it. Proceed into the next room and you'll be blocked off by another C-4 wire-trap. Note the cracked wall to the upper-left. Get back to the previous room and blow up the wall there to get past. The following room is a mini-maze, but also watched by turrets! The turrets are on opposing sides and covers roughly half the room across each and this in turn covers most when in cross-line. Navigate the maze to the stairs to the upper-left and also stay away from the turrets. There's also a pack of C-4 laying around to come to use.

When you reach this floor, there's free passage to a door, but it's locked. Notice the floor switch in the middle of the drum-puzzle. Find a way to trigger the switch by moving the drums. The next room is watched over by a turret. It won't see all the way to the upper wall, so you're safe there. Take notice that the right shelf is not up against the wall. Walk behind it and push the drum that's hiding until you grab a key of the floor. The set of lockers to the left might interest you with a ration. The following room is another electrifying puzzle, but mixed with an obstacle course. Make sure to clear a way before you get yourself charged up to trigger the door switch. Small passage beyond the door nothing to worr- oh shit, you're blocked off by a trap door!
With no where left to go, time to embrace fate and jump down!

Second Legion member battle go! This battle is unique in the case that it all takes place in a dark room. With zero visibility I suggest you equip the flashlight to navigate the room. Stalker however has sharpened his senses to fight in the dark. He'll rely on sinister sneaking attacks to wear you down. Make sure to always check your surroundings. If you detect Stalker, make sure to grab an opportunity to gun him down before he vanishes back into the dark. He will use the following:
- Stealth Dash
The most common attack. He jumps down close to you from any direction and dashes past with a slice attack. He'll then after a short moment disappear back into the dark.
- Sneak Slash
He'll attempt this one if you stand still for just a short moment. He sneaks up behind you with a melee-grip and then slashes you away for big damage.
- Mine-drop
He'll appear and run around the room dropping mines. The mines themselves will be only be a stepping-problem if you don't watch your feet. If a few mines are already dropped, he'll only become a ramming danger.
- Sleepy
An odd move that's not actually much of an attack at all. He just gets sleepy and can then be taken off-guard. That is if you realize he might have stopped fighting for a brief moment that is.

Finally Stalker meets his end and you receive 100C along with a MAX HP increase. So that means there's no Metal Gear here? A dead end at that and time to go back to the surface. Regina will contact you there and also bring up the dead end trap and direct you towards...
Either you've just taken off from the HQ or you've just experienced a set-back at the Bunker Complex, but now it's time to travel to the Communications Tower! As you might recall you picked up the C-4 in the armory. Get yourself to the area with a lake and explore the insides of the cottage there. You'll notice a cracked wall. Blow it up, explore the locked storage room and obtain the SCUBA gear! Sweet! Now you can take a plunge in the water! Try it out in the lake that's just right outside. Use Z to take bigger strokes and use X to take a dive. Be careful though, the water is littered with water mines! They're the murky spots you might see. They become even more apparent if you get close to them as they'll start chasing you. Quickly swim away from them till they stop for being out of range. Navigate this second "minefield" to the other side of the shore where there's a bridge to get back up on. Now time to head north, dodge some soldiers and head into the area ahead.

You'll overhear two soldiers and get to know that one of them dropped a key to a barrier that's ahead. Scout the area and use the SCUBA to get to the small piece of land across the water mass to find the Mountain Key. Now you can open the gate that's just at the side of the fence. Beyond the soldier to the left following the ledge there's a save point to use. Time to head into the cave!

Mountain Tunnel:
A sort of mini-dungeon if you will, so let's list it under its own little segment.
The place is dark, so equip the flashlight to navigate. Walk up the set of stairs up ahead.
On the following floor, move the rocks in front to clear a path and proceed up another floor.
Take the passage to the right into a small room. The passage behind you will close up, so you're trapped for the moment. The following room has collapse-able floor so watch your step. Take notice of the rocks in the room - To get past to the other side, first walk by to the north of the upper set of rocks. The next set you'll have to stick to the south wall. When you get past, you'll obtain a key from a chest. Now step on any collapse-able floor to get out of the room.

You'll drop into a sealed chamber that's crowded with bats and spikes. You can escape the room by scanning the south wall for a crack to bomb with. If you're out of C-4, you can flip a rock in the room to find some more C-4. Escape the room and follow the path back to a familiar crossroad. This time go for the left passage which is straight across the section. Follow the passage all the way to the end up to another cracked wall to bomb. Continue till you reach a mini-maze with bats. Navigate the maze, kill bats and push rocks till you reach the next room at the east end. Go straight ahead to proceed(the south opening will only take you back a bit). Unseal the following door with the key and the rest of the tunnel is straightforward to the exit.


So now you're up in the mountains! Start moving to the left to get on track. Beware of the bushes around here as they have thorns that can hurt you if you touch them. If you move across the bridge up ahead to the left you'll come across a familiar place. It's your start-out area! You can use the first tunnel as another path back down the mountain. However, this is not the direction you should go. You should head upwards and cross a set of stairs instead. Follow the path to another set of stairs. Watch out for the patrolling soldiers here as well. Head up the next set of stairs and move up to the right to get to the next area. Up ahead here you'll find a save point, so make sure to use it.

If you walk just south from here, you'll end up at a small shack containing a bData disc.
But navigate between the rocks and west to a path blocked by thorny bushes. Cut them down and watch out for the patrolling soldier. The cottage you see in the area is a shop, so make sure to stack up on supplements if needed. You can also purchase a LIFE there for 500C. A little pricey, but surely worth it.
Head south-east from the cottage to the next area. NOTE: The slightly lighter-toned rocked are destroy-able to create short-cuts, but you'll need C-4 to break them. Since that will alert nearby soldiers, be prepared for the consequences.

Continue down until a 90 degree turn and watch out for the soldier. Down the steps and proceed to a gate. Make sure you're not discovered by then, cause the gate will lock-up in Alert mode to keep you out.
Beyond the fence is another soldier. Once you're past him you can move up the ledge and into the cave.

This area is dark as well, so equip the flashlight once more. Move down a floor to a small maze. Navigate the small tunnel and watch out for spikes and a dark abyss. Before you know it, you'll reach the exit.

Now you'll end up at another place on the outside and soon find the Communications Tower spiring towards the sky.
Time for the Com. tower dungeon! Watch in the first passageway as there's a turret at the end if it ready to gun you down. The next room is the main tower insides. Walk straight to the right and you'll come across a save point for your convenience and hiding behind the staircase is a pack of C-4. Walk through the close-by door, through the corridor into a small room. Here you'll find a node and a Data disc in the chest. What more is to the room is also a key located inside one of the lockers. Head back into the corridor now.
Completely optional now, but very nice is the secret located behind the wall marked by rocks in the hallway. Blow up the wall and you'll find a chest with a LIFE at the backside of the tower.

Now time to start heading up a floor. Walk the other direction in the tight passage. At the south end there's a soldier sleeping which you can easily sneak past. Head for the staircase(the door is free to explore, but it won't give you anything).

Walking ahead and you'll come across a turret. There's also a locked door here you can open. There's a ration inside here and if you open the chest you'll obtain the Thermal Goggles. These can come in handy as they will light up dark environments in red-tone and can, but not necessarily replace the flashlight. Back outside you can easily stick to the wall to avoid the turret, but you need to walk through the broken fence and onto the grating, so make sure it's out of range. Reach the both ends to clear away the trap-wire C-4 that's blocking the path ahead. Now you can proceed past that point and up another set of stairs.

You'll come across a door, but it's locked. Not by a key, just sealed somehow. Walk south and you'll notice the path is blocked by trap-wire C-4s, this time unable to be disabled, forcing you through the south door.
You'll come out on a passageway on the exterior. Watch out now, as there's an aircraft of sorts ambushing you!
It will lob rockets at you in unending streams. It's easily to avoid though if you just head straight for the next door back to the interior. Now head for the next floor.

This floor is basically the same as the last. You'll be blocked by another path of wire-trap C-4 and forced to the exterior and ambushed by the aircraft. This time to launch rockets from the far right, meaning you'll have to use more of your dodging skills to reach the next door. Next floor! No, wait! Walk to the left once you get inside and you'll notice a trashed section in the fence.
Note here I hope you've noticed while climbing the tower, is that there was a key on the last floor laying on the grating in the middle shaft. You can only reach it by dropping from floor to floor, and that needs paying attention what place is safe to drop down from. Make sure you drop down from here to a safe spot on the floor below. Dropping more than one floor will kill you by the fall. Grab the key on the way down. You can either drop all the way to the bottom or get off earlier on F1. Now scale back up!

There's not much on this floor here. Watch out for the turret at the west wall and you'll be through in no time.

This room is small. You'll immediately see the locked door, so it's good you grabbed a key for it.
Unlock it and step outside. The door will get sealed and you're trapped on the roof! Walk north.

Time for boss battle! This time it's the show down with that menacing small aircraft from before.
It has two kinds of attack. Either it will fire a barrage of rockets from one of four directions on your level. The detonations will be easy to catch what way they're moving, along for an easy dodge. The second attack is a bit trickier as the aircraft will hover in the upper part and home in and then fire eight rockets at you. Make sure to time the dodging to easily jump back and forth.

After a minute, Otacon will contact you and then try to help out since you cannot seem to counter the boss. If you're familiar with Metal Gear Solid, you'd anticipate him to throw down a Stinger missile launcher. You're wrong, you get an anti-air gunner platform to gun down the bastard with! When it hits ground, run up to it and enter the gunner mode. Now it's backside view and you get unlimited ammo! Now the battle is totally different.

Track the aircraft with your aim and fire away. The aircraft will counter by deploying rockets that will fly towards you. They will reach you eventually if you're careless, so focus your firepower on them as well.
The aircraft will pan to the sides, shoving rockets and do a fly-by, usually followed by deploying rockets at distance. As it reaches a last limit, it will move faster and launch more rockets to counter, which makes it harder. In its end it will crash into the tower and blow up. Cash in 50C and gain an increase in MAX HP.

Now time to head down again. When exiting through the door, you'll come across a soldier. He's shaking a sort of remote. I think you know what this is about. The soldier take notice of you and runs downstairs, so follow him. if you simply run all the way, you won't see him no more. He's hiding inside the room on 3F. Enter there and it's...

This guy is pissed off! You trashed his new "toy" and now he wants revenge. This battle plays out similarly to the Ambusher. He will stay away from you and try to get a lock-on you. Make sure to move around to not let the invisible sight catch you and gun him down. When he's beaten you'll get the Parachute. Nice!

Now you have two ways to go. Either walk out the entrance as normal or get to the top of the tower.
If going to the top, step out on the open roof and find the broken part of the fence. Equip the parachute and take a leap of faith. As you keep falling, don't forget the briefing's don't forget to deploy the parachute.
Now you get to pick a landing spot in Mandora, allowing you to shortcut to any of the areas. As you then sail downwards, Regina will contact you and inform you of the situation. If you exited through the entrance, she will contact you there instead.

PS: If you've got the Binoculars, give them to a soldier on the roof to get a Liquor bottle.

Alright, to to head for the Power Plant. It's located in the south-east region of the overworld. To get there, you'll have to walk south on the east side of the lake. If going down the mountain by parachute, you can easily land nearby. If not, you'll have to trek down the mountain from where you came. Walk through the south territory. Watch out around there as there will be mines around. A sign will inform you of this fact as well. Reach the west side and you'll get to the Power Plant. The main gate is not open(which it wasn't before). The Power Plant has two entrances, so start out with the left one.

POWER PLANT to the 7th BOSS:
Through the left entrance you'll have to sneak past a soldier and a surveillance camera.
Watch out for these soldiers. They've been upgraded and look similar to the 1st Boss. They've got doubled firepower.
You'll also notice the electrified floor. Don't you step on it as you'll take damage and get knocked back(which shouldn't come off as a surprise). Past the turret camera is a room with a chest guarded by infra-red beams. open the chest and obtain a Key. Now get back to the outside and take the right entrance. here you'll come a cross the dungeon's first save-point. Continue onward sneaking past more soldiers on the road till you come across a door locked with a key. Don't take the door on the east side as you'll need cardkey Lv.4. Open the key-locked door and continue into a bigger room. This room will gradually, but slowly harm you with the generator that resides within. Don't spend too much time in here, head for a door on the west side. Next room has a chest out of reach due to an electrified floor. Head for the next room with a staircase that goes up, but don't go up.

If you inspected the walls in the generator room, you'd notice a cracked wall that you could bomb. This same wall looks totally fine on this side, but place a C-4 and it will collapse from this side as well. Head through the blown wall and continue until you reach a control room. Dodge the infra-red beams and plant a C-4 at the switchboard on the north-east wall to blow it up. There won't be any immediate notice, but this is planned if you don't want to get stuck further ahead. Head back to the main path of the generator room and reach the north-east door.Avoid the infra-red beams here and take the elevator up a floor.

Once outside, you'll find a node further down the same room. But to proceed, take the door straight to the left when the guard looks away and head for the north door in the next room. In here you'll find an electrified floor that has been disabled. Thank yourself for busting up the switchboard. Grab the Nikita rocket launcher in the big chest. Nikita rockets are a special case in weaponry as you'll be able to control them flying around. Once fired you will focus on the rocket itself as you guide it. But pay attention to yourself as well so nothing unfortunate might happen to your actual body. Anyways, back on track. Head back outside the room and head south. This room has a lot of electrified floor currents running around, although there is a small path to walk on. Stay out of the surveillance camera's sight and head for the door on the west end of the room. If you figure out how to reach the chest you'll obtain a full pack of USP ammo. In the next room there's a dead end as far as walking can take you. Whip out the Nikita launcher and fire off a rocket at the switchboard on the north wall. Pay attention to the turret cameras though as they can and will gun you down if you enter their field of vision. With the switchboard taken out, you'll be able to walk on the floor. A soldier seems to take the opportunity. Not to maul you, but to go somewhere else...
Head back to the elevator and go to B1.

Head through the door on the south-east side and follow the corridor. In the next room you've got a few options. If you rush straight down, you'll get mauled by the turret camera. If you've got health to spare, you can just run straight past it to the door. Another option is to simply gun down the guard walking towards you. The most stealthy approach is to hide in a box in the small gap in the wall and wait for the guard to pass you, then quickly run for the door.

Now it's mini-boss time! This bulky guard will constantly chase after and tackle you with shear kinetic force. If you're swift, you can take him down in motion with your handgun. If else, you can also make him loose control and run into a wall if he gains a long enough straight dash. He will then get stunned for s a short time which will give you time to land a few hits.

When he's beaten, you get a key. You cannot proceed here yet as the door is of Lv.4. Head back to the elevator and go to 1F.

Go back to the west side of the generator room to the room with the staircase.
Head up the staircase to 2F.

Here you'll find a Ration, but it's in the middle of a shield of infra-red beams. One of the beams has an opening if you're interested in the item. The next room is the north side of a previous electric floor-puzzle. The floor is safe to step on, so unlock the door and head into the next room. Move a few drums and check the lockers and you'll find the Cardkey Lv.4. Head back outside the room and you'll receive a codec call. Also, there was a save-point in the room if you didn't see it yet. Head back downstairs. In fact, even head back outside and take the left entrance again.

There's a room with electrified floor here. Blast the switchboard with a Nikita rocket. At the south end you'll find the third cardboard box, Box C which can label you directly to the Power Plant. Now, the room to the north of here has a chest surrounded by electrified floor. If you'd look carefully in that room, you'd notice that the wall was cracked. From here, set a C-4 at the appropriate place to blast a hole in the wall. Now go and grab the chest to get another key.

Back to B1 through the elevator. Take the south-west door this time and you'll come across a locked door and a save-point. Unlock the door and you'll arrive in the B1-section of the generator room. The gradual harm-effect is present here as well. All paths are blocked of by electrified floor, so fire away another Nikita rocket and aim for the switchboard on the north wall. This will however not disable the floor, as it is powered by two switchboards. The second one is out of reach from here. Head down to the former mini-boss room and past the Lv.4 door. Watch out for trap doors ahead. You'll receive another codec call on the way. If you'll end up on the west side of the generator room, Nikita rockets will no good from her with the turret cameras set up blocking your way. Instead, you might find a crack in the south wall interesting. Head back down the corridor of trap doors and take a stray path to a storage room. Move a few drums(maybe move for the chest with a Data Disc as well) to reach the north wall. Plant a C-4 and blow up a section of the wall. From here you'll reach the generator room and be able to land a rocket on the second switchboard. The electrified floor in the B1 generator room will get powered-off for you to proceed. Regina finally catch up to you and you'll head through the next door. Continue through the end of the passage until...

You're ambushed by Legion member Medusa! She decides to finish you off here once and for all.
Medusa uses tricks worthy of her code-name, so watch out. She likes to play with her submachine-guns and mess with your surroundings. She can drop a bomb that if it flashes blue will end up in a bright flash that can blind you for a few seconds. Keep moving though as she will grab the opportunity to whip out her submachine-guns and chase you around with lock-on aiming. Of course she can utilize this attack anytime else as well. What's worse perhaps is that she can jump around the room and sometimes scatter four proximity mines that can be dangerous. Keep in mind - proximity mines. Just getting directly near will trigger them. Keep this in mind, especially when she blinds you with the flash bomb. She will also sometimes start chasing you. Take my advise and start running as well. Make sure to not even let her get close as she will whip out her guns and blast you at close-range!
Medusa's attack-line up:
- Submachine guns lock-on
- Chase/close-range blast
- "Stone"(flash bomb)
- Scatter proximity mines

When she's down, you'll get 100C and a MAX HP increase.
Medusa is however not really dead. She refuses to embrace defeat and disappears from the scene.
This was all a set-up anyway as there was no Metal Gear around. Leave the place, get contacted by codec and chase down Medusa!

7th BOSS to the FACTORY:
Medusa has tricked you, but has now escaped the scene. Chase her down! You might find some clues regarding Legion's whereabouts in the village. Asking around will give you some leads.
A kid walking around in the north-west part of village has found an odd key that he is willing to sell to you for a hefty amount of credit, 500C to be precise. You can get the key here and now if you pay up, but that's a bad deal. Check to see if you're carrying either the binoculars, a liquor bottle or a Nerf gun. The kid wants the Nerf gun, so if you've got one of the other two, make sure to complete that part of the trading sequence first. The liquor bottle can be given to the shooting range keeper for the Nerf gun. If you've got the Dog Tag or lower in the order, then there's nothing to do as Regina has disappeared.

The kid will in exchange for the Nerf gun give you the Factory key. Head for the twin storage and enter the left one. You might have also noticed a soldier disappearing into thin air in there. The floor looks different in one spot, so whip out a C-4 and blow it up to reveal a staircase. Head through the lower tunnel and spiral around the passage to a dead end. If you need more of a clue, you can enter the earlier door and notice that the wall is cracked. Blow it up and proceed to a door and unlock it with the Factory key. Follow the tunnel and watch out for surveillance cameras. In one passage, you must hide with a box in a gap in the wall to avoid being discovered. You might also come across a Mouse trap right before the exit. It will only be present if you gave the kid the Nerf gun.

Next you'll be out on the west side of the headquarters. Watch out for occasional mines. Most of them are covered with rocks on the ground. You'll come across a sealed door, so continue past a soldier. Dodge a grid of mines and a surveillance camera and reach a switch right next to the big gate. The switch will open the sealed door. Head through the door and you'll soon arrive in the factory interior.

FACTORY to the 8th BOSS:
Now it's time for the eighth dungeon. Head north and you'll find a save-point. Go through the door on your right and you'll find a guard browsing one of the magazines. Zap/stab or shot him to get a hold of a key.
Head to the left of the main entrance and up to reach the continuing path. In the next room there's a locked door to use that key on. Proceed through and you'll arrive at the elevator. Beware of the patrolling guard as you await the elevator. Time to head up.

Move through the hallways and dodge a few cameras on the way till you see a guard moving away from you. Don't kill him, he's needed further ahead. Stalk him all the way till the end of the hallway. You may have to be careful so he won't see you. At the end, he'll pass up to a surveillance camera that will recognize him to open a sealed door. Once he opens it up and moves along, sneak through the door before it closes again. In here you'll find a node, but you're mostly here for the computer terminal with the flashing screen. Check it out and you'll be given a choice to activate some cranes. Do it! Now time to head back to the elevator.

Floor B1 will be your next stop. Time to step into the second part of the factory. The part that's more factory:ish. Outside the elevator you might catch a glimpse of something in the floor. If you check it out, you'll see a rat running around a floor below. Head into the next room and there will be a big room with a pool of molten metal below. Also notice the moving crane to your right. Thank yourself for activating it.

Move out to the crane where the railing goes short. Stay away from the crane, cause you don't want to get shoved down into the pool. Wait instead for it to move out of the way. NOTE: Use strafing facing to or from the wall for easier movement. If you slip, you'll have to quickly climb up again or fall down. Past the crane you'll find something that looks like an elevator, but it's locked by a Lv.5 lock. Now move into a room with pressured steam shooting out a various spots. Avoid the steam and move up to the wall at the end which looks different. Place a C-4 to demolish it to then move to the next room. Keep going through these rooms till the end. Maybe a grab a chest with 50C on the road. You'll end up in a small space of the room before the elevator. Investigate the grating at the upper part and you'll find a switch. Pressing this one will lower the pressure of the steaming sections. Now move back to the pool.

Move down the cat walk over the pool. Avoid alerting the guard and move to the next room. A little bit more of the sneaking past a turret ensues to the next room. In here you'll find another panel out of reach, so whip out your gun. Now onto the next room...

Time for a tricky miniboss! This guy slowly chases you around the room and shoots grenades at you which will explode at impact. Might not sound that bad, but this guy is apparently impervious to normal gunfire. That thick armor he carries makes him tough, but at least it slows him down.
Since gunfire is ineffective it's time to use those C-4s you're hopefully carrying. Anything that has an explosive effect works. That also includes his own grenades, just as you know. When he's beaten, you'll get a key.

Move through the door to the reach the lower part of the pool room and head for the next door. The door ahead is of Lv.5, which makes it impassable. Move up to the computer and activate the klaxon alarm. if you step out again, a guard will notice that something is messed up and run away to check it out. If you stick around, he will eventually run into you. Otherwise, while he's gone, now you can blow up a cracked wall if you move up. You could of course blow it up anytime, but without alerting any soldier is a relief. Through the opening and down some stairs.

Be careful around the grated floor and sneak past the guard to the next room. There's also some C-4 for you in the locker if you wasted most of it earlier. Now you'll reach a second pool room. It might get tricky to sneak past that guard ahead, but get out on the thin rail stretching across the pool. Make sure to move past the crane safely. The next room has a save-point for your relief.

Next room is a wide one, with cranes all of the place. The west end past a turret has a room with a Ration if you're in need. But you want to reach the east end if you want to proceed. To get there, you'll have to pass a crane that remains in place. What now? Shoot it down - with Nikita rockets that is. Sure you can. You could have done that on all the other ones as well, but where's the challenge in that? Plus, it's more prone to attract attention. Next room there are two sets of infrared beams you can sneak past, you'd actually want to focus on the panel that's out of reach. Shoot it to get past the gate. The next room you'd want to avoid the patrolling guard. Run across the bridge, but watch out as it will crumble as soon as you get over. An accessible pack of pipes on the right will get you back when in need. Continue through the path ahead and you'll reach the north side of the most recent pool room. Another door that looks like that elevator earlier is here as well, but stick to the narrow passage on the left to reach a door on the west end. In here you'll find a rat running around in a steam-filled room. This room was actually hinted earlier. The button pressed earlier has also lowered the pressure of the steam so you can get through to the rat. Swipe the bastard and you'll Cardkey Lv.5. Rats seem to love keys.

Head back to the room with the last switch you shoot down where there was infrared beams on the left. Get past the beams and sneak past a guard and you'll reach a Lv.5 door. Head through, walk ahead and a sequence will commence. Once it's done...

It's time to fight the stronger version of the Crab Ninja Squad. The first thing you'll notice is that they're wearing the bullet-proof gear, which will cause you agony. This boss fight works like a mixture of the Crab Ninjas and the Tortoise Soldier from earlier. These guys move in a side-stepping manner and shoot grenades at you, one-at-a-time. Another move they hold true to their squad name is the "Viper lunge" if you get too close to any of them. You can go about this battle in two ways:
1. Throw as many C-4s at these guys as you can(make sure to hit them) until they all go down. This is the quick way, but make sure you stock enough C-4.
2. Wear them out by making them hit each other with the grenades. Just make sure to dodge it and it might hit someone on the other side. Once they get weakened enough, finish them off with your C-4.

Once this is done, you'll get 50C and MAX HP increase. Time to get out of there. Might be easier than it sounds if you use the elevator that was locked by a Lv.5. Once you reach the main elevator, then surely the worst is over.
Once you get up to 1F, you can take two exits. The way you came from which is as tricky as it was when you entered. Then there's also the east side of the floor with a Lv.5 door. Taking this will take you into the hangars of the Headquarters, which allows for a more easy exit. Once you exit the place, you'll get contacted through codec. This time you're only left with a hint from an unknown transmission.
"Right village twin has a secret" is a tricky clue. Apparently a twin in the village, which is the twin village shacks. The right one holds an item which was not there before. Check this one and you'll get contacted and receive a new clue:
"West most gate is the answer". That would mean a gate most west you can get. That could be the gate cross the bridge in the woods. The gate is not the secret, but a drum close by. Time for a new clue!
"Secret crossing of three has it hidden". A three-way crossing perhaps? Maybe it would appear as a normal road otherwise. If you check the road that goes to the west of the lake, you'll see that a road connects to it and is concealed by long grass. Investigating the area of the crossing and you'll find a Stronghold Key in a drum. Time to move on north.

If you follow the path you'll just end up at a closed gate. Steer left along the path and you might come across a kid that runs away when he sees you. Follow him along the outer side of the fence and you'll reach a dead end of the ledge. You can get through a hidden opening in the fence and reach big patches of grass. Be careful around here as there are more mines scattered about. Sneak past the soldiers without being seen. If you're spotted, a gate will close of the passage leading north. Continue north and you'll reach a canyon. The area might seem safe at first, but cross the fence line and you'll be ambushed by snipers. They will quickly snipe you down if you attempt to push forward. You'll need to take them down without getting yourself in danger. Whip out the Nikita and fire away a rocket. The snipers will not be able to take down the Nikita rocket, so navigate forward and find some snipers to collide into ahead. There are a total of 3 in the canyon. Once they're all down, you can safely move on. Beware of further placed mines though. Onto the next area. You'll reach the main gate to the Stronghold.
You're at the Stronghold entrance. You could enter the main door, but I recommend not to. Not yet at least.
Walk to the right and you'll find another entrance. One that needs to be unlocked with the Stronghold Key.
Get through the tunnel and you'll come to a sort of air purifier checkpoint. The next room is the start of a gas-filled maze, so you'll be greeted with poisonous gas as you'll open the next door. Equip your SCUBA which also works as a gas mask to avoid damage. Now move on ahead.

This is the B1 floor. Start by heading though the north-east door and take the next door right north of you again to get across the blocking pipes. Proceed by blowing up the wall at the end with C-4. Search beneath the drums in the following room to obtain a Key. Get back to the gas maze entrance and go through the west door. Continue along the path and avoid a few soldiers. In the larger room of corridors you'll end up at a door you can unlock. Continue and walk left. If you walk left, there's a Data Disc for you ahead. To the left continue on this path and you'll reach the next air purification checkpoint to get out of the gas maze and move on upstairs.

Now you're in the main area of the stronghold. The next room will instantly block you off with electrified floor. Fire of a Nikita rocket at the nearby circuit board to proceed. Head west, then south along a few passageways until you get to a larger hall. You're at the right place if you can spot some trucks.
PS: One of these trucks can transport you out of here. There's also a chest in here with full C-4 refill. You'll quickly notice a switch on a lower level which is your target. Avoid the surveillance camera, a few soldiers and move a few crates to get to the switch. Trip the switch and you'll open up a locker nearby to obtain another key. Get back north to the room with the now broken circuit board and proceed north. Dodge a few infra-red beams and unlock the following door.

In the next room there's a soldier patrolling in circles. The room to the left holds a chest containing 100C, but you'll have to reach the tightly guarded chest first. In the big room you must reach the switch in the middle of the mess of creates to open the gate up ahead. Then wait for the soldier to deviate from his route and walk along the opened one. Then follow him to the end and he'll open a door guarded by a surveillance camera. Just stay away enough so he won't see you. Next up is a control room. There's another door but it's a higher security level, so ignore it and investigate the control terminal the soldier stands at. He falls asleep, so just be careful around it. Make sure to select Deactivate beams. This will open up a few routes. Head to the staircase back to B1.

Head back through the gas-maze to the south checkpoint where you originally entered. Take the east doorway and take the north-east door in the next room. Avoid the surveillance camera. Observe the soldier's walking pattern in the next room and sneak past him and head for the door to the south-east and it should take you to another checkpoint and back up a floor.

You'll end up in a bigger room where the lower section is sealed off by a gate. But straight ahead of you is a cracked wall, so ship out some C-4 and blow it up. The following room is a power room and contains a circuit board for some nearby electrified flooring. Blow it up with C-4 or Nikita rockets and some blocked off passageways should open up. head out through the door and you'll reach the lobby. You can exit the place through the south doorway across the de-electrified currents. However...

What's worse than a heavily armored hulk? Maybe two!
This fight plays out similarly to the last miniboss in the factory... Besides that there's two now.
They're still slow and impervious to normal gunfire. Let's hope you're carrying enough C-4.
Otherwise you'll have to think strategically and wear them down a bit with their own arsenal first.

Defeating them will open up a straight path to the outside if you feel for leaving. However, unless you don't feel reliant on this exit this battle is completely optional. Get back inside!
Take the south-east door in the lobby. The following room is heavily guarded by infra-red beams. or rather, it WAS. You deactivated them earlier. If not this section would be a turn-back as tripping the live wires would leave you inside a sealed room tapped with gas for indefinite time.

Then again, the beams were deactivated... right?
The next room is the lower section of a previous room with that gate. There's a switch on the other side of the room that will open it up. Continue east to the next room. This place would have been another roadblock with both electrified flooring and infra-red beams. Both have hopefully been disabled by now.
Follow the path and sneak past the soldier. The room to the south is a research lab inhabited by scientists. Scientists are harmless, but they will trigger the alarm if they see you. The west end of the room has three mechanic columns to offer you a puzzle of sorts. You'll need to energize the columns and activate the devices. You'll be awarded with a LIFE.

Head back to the hallway and take the north-east door this time. Sneak past the sleeping soldier here and head north. You'll reach two big hangars filled with tanks. The second one has a sniper scouting the room from a height. To avoid getting shot down, you'll need to take cover behind some objects if the red dot gets too close. Reach the west side and head up some stairs and dispose of the sniper.

The following area is a minefield... indoors? The mines are not visible, but they sure as hell are there. Navigate the minefield till you reach a door on the south-east end. In here you'll find a Key. Head back out and down the stairs you came from.

This time in the hangar a guard will be walking around. Stalk him till he reaches a door controlled by a surveillance camera. Let him open the door and head through.

Time for ANOTHER miniboss! This guys appearance and movement is reminiscent of two earlier encounters. It's a Tortoise soldier that moves like the Berserker soldier. He will dash after and try to tackle you. The twist here is that he is bullet-proof. You'll need to do some damage with explosives. He ain't gonna be an easy target with the constant movement. Just like the Berserker, you can make him run into a wall and he gets dizzy which makes him an easier target.

Once the mild adversary is down, you'll get Cardkey Lv.6! Finally, ultimate access!
The next room holds a special present if you can reach it. Once done here, time to head back. Back down to the gas-maze that is. I recommend the east checkpoint.

Once you entered the gas-maze, head straight north through the following door and follow the path. You'll run into a soldier watching the path you need to cross. Either sneak past with a box or wait for him to momentarily look away. The next room is blocked off by electrified floor. Pull out the Nikita and fire away a rocket through the complex, narrow passages and hit the circuit board up ahead. Time to move on. If you need to, you can use the save-point in the door next to you. Head through the small maze and through the next door.

Oh gee, ANOTHER miniboss! One possessed by Psycho Mantis as well! Once the battle starts, he will try to hit you with one of the crates. Simply dodge the smashing crate and attack the soldier. After a bit of damage, he will try to smash you with 3x3 crates, which is a bit trickier with the larger area. Keep attacking until he changes pattern. The soldier will hover out of reach and 2 creates will start tracking you. Don't get hit, just dodge them until the soldier floats down again. But he only does this very briefly, so you need to make sure to land some hits. He will then hover out of reach again and repeat. To make it a bit easier you can drop a book in front of the soldier and he will get distracted a bit and give you more time.

Once he's beaten, Psycho mantis will be exorcised. The soldier regains consciousness and turns friendly. He also offers a bit of chit-chat.
Now you can leave the room(kinda). The north room holds a Data Disc. You should go through the west door to proceed out of the gas-maze and reach an elevator. Time to head up!

Alright, time for the next area of this big shit. You'll end up in a big hangar here. The door to your right has a room with chests containing a Data Disc and 50C, but it's up to you how to get them.
Now depending on if you get some spare keys for use, you can do the following in two ways.
Back in the hangar, if you've got any spare keys, head down the stairs and reach the pair of doors at the south end and unlock.

If you don't have any, follow the passage to the left and reach the south-west corner. Here you can blow up a wall. Head through and get into trouble. There's a chest here containing a Data Disc. You can also head south into another room for your own amusement. But let's take the east door and get back on track.

Watch out for the scientist that stays around. Sneak past him and through the door and keep going. After the next room, you can head back into the section with a scientist and grab a Key from him. Keep heading south along the passage. The following room can get tricky, cause you need to get past here unnoticed. Distract the soldiers or just eliminate them quietly so you can head on. Your next obstacle is a net of infra-red beams. Head through progressively when the beams gap.

The next room is the final checkpoint. However, there's an obstacle. Four of them to be precise. The final door is sealed by four Passkeys. They're all hidden in this base! Time to go looking! There's a save-point nearby before you go. If you check the doors to the right, you can disable a barrier allowing return from both directions.

The first one you'll have to backtrack for is quite simple. Head back through the research block to the hangar where you came through the elevator. Go through the door in the south-east corner. Easily sneak past the turret and talk to the guard at the other side. His stomach grumbles. Give him a Ration(or Potion) and he'll let you through the door. Avoid the soldier in here and grab the chest to obtain your first Passkey!

Take the elevator down to ground level. 1F.
Head through the following rooms. You'll reach a stretching hallway and overhear a conversation. A hint to the next passkey. The following is hinted later, but proceed to blow up a section of the wall just south of you. The main generator's hazardous environment starts leaking out, but just head through the opening.
Fire away a Nikita rocket next in here and hit circuit board that's blocked off by some electrified floor.

That will take care of a path later on. Keep heading east in the hallway and sneak past the turrets. The next small crossing holds a secret that I will share with you. Blow up the upper wall to reach a hidden area where you can get some items to help you along. Now time to keep heading east. You'll end up in the hangar where the sniper tried to take you down. Head through the south door and continue till you reach the main generator of the Stronghold. The last broken circuit board has lifted the electrified floor in front of you.
On your way here you could spot a crack in the wall if it wasn't blown up. Head across the room till you reach a door and continue to a room with many lockers.

This storage room holds the next passkey. You'll just need to solve a puzzle. Investigate the control panel on the north wall. You'll be given directions named "Lock-set" and a designated code. To find the right locker you'll need to decipher the "Lock-set". The first digit is the row and the rest is the column. Find the right locker and use the given code. You'll obtain the next Passkey!

This one is farthest away. Start out at the west staircase leading to the gas-maze on 1F. Head through the north door to the road leading to where you disabled the infra-red beam barrier. Keep heading towards that room and let the patrolling soldier open up the door locked by the surveillance camera. Once inside, take the Lv.6 door and follow the passage. It's dark in here, so equip the Thermal Goggles. Dodge the infra-red beams and head through the door at the end of the passageway. In here you'll find some shelves. You will shortly spot something glimmering. Investigate the shelf you you'll find your third Passkey!

Head back to the main entrance. Head for the north-east door to the power room and head through your demolished hole. Enter through the Lv.6 doors. This is close to the east gas-maze checkpoint.
Head up the stairs and open the doors right in front you and go on.

It's time for another miniboss. But Medusa holds more significance, so it's a bit more than that. Medusa is back and it's payback time! She fights just like her last encounter. She's a bit faster this time. Less durable, but more merciless. Once she's down for good, you'll obtain the final Passkey! Time to head back to the final gate.

Use a Passkey on each of the terminals and you'll finally unlock the main gate. Head on through(maybe save first?). After the following encounter...

Time to fight the leader of Legion - Reaper!
He uses a heavy selection of arsenal which involves the shockgun, rockets and his jetpack to land heavy damage. He will chase you around and shoot rockets that will explode on impact. Dodge them and make him crash into a wall. The shockgun is mostly wide-range, so make sure to not stand too close when he fires it. He can also release an all-directional discharge with it. remember to keep distance at those time, otherwise you'll get a shocking strike. The most unique move however is his Rocket Punch, which is exactly what it says. He flies right at you with his jet and strikes you right into the wall for great damage.

Also, you'll come to realize that he carries bullet-proof armor just like the Tortoise soldiers! Don't waste any bullets till you can blast it off. Utilize C-4s and let him fall into his own explosions and he will eventually loose it. Once he's suffered a significant amount of damage, he will utilize the turrets mounted on "Metal Gear" as a special move. Dodge the aiming till he let's it rest for a bit.
Here's his line-up:
- Rocket-chase
- Shockgun blast
- Shock discharge
- Rocket Punch
- Turret cover-fire

Once he's dealt with there's always...

It's the final showdown! The first thing to note is that "Metal Gear" is airborne which will make it hard to deal with. But if you investigate the battlefield you'll find two anti-air turrets placed in opposing corners. Use these and start gunning. In this mode, "Metal Gear" will do fly-bys and start gunning you down with the turrets or shoot barrages of missiles. The turret fire will be somewhat inaccurate at first, so you get some extra time, but down stay stationed for too long. The difference here compared to the Night Raptor is that you can abandon the turret platform and run off. "Metal Gear" attacks outside turret-mode as well, so the missiles or turret fire requires some dodging. "Metal Gear" will also deploy it's most effective attack which is also the greatest pain. It deploys lots of mini-bombs that bombs the battlefield. These can quickly and rapidly crash down from any direction from above, so you'll need to pay close attention to their heading and jump out of harms way. In turret-mode you're an absolute sitting duck though.

Back to the turret-mode though as this is the only way to harm it for now. Once you've landed enough hits, "Metal Gear" will loose control and crash down on the battlefield. Make sure to not be in the way as you'll take the hit like a bug under a boot. "Metal Gear" is not beaten though and will soon be up and running again as soon as Reaper gets some problems out of the way. This is your opportunity to deal critical damage. Two arrow markers will tell where you need to strike - the turbines! Investigate([Z]-button) the markers and you get to throw some C-4 into the turbines for the real damage. If you don't got C-4 left, search the corners of the area. "Metal Gear" will shortly take off again, so make sure that every hit counts before the opportunity ends. Let's make another opportunity. Run for the anti-air turret platforms once again and repeat.

Once you've dealt enough C-4 to the turbines, "Metal Gear" will not be taking off again. You've won! Just the final stretch left. After a sequence, you'll need to escape the area. You're informed to head north, so once you get control again you should keep heading north. Climb the tower at the end and you're clear! Sit back and enjoy the ending sequence.

This was just how you get a minimum mission complete. There are still secrets to be unveiled and extras to obtain. You can also improve your final rank and throw yourself over New Game+, so get back out there!


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when will you continue the walktrough?
Whoa, I just got a new segment up yesterday. I do take a little break between each one since there's a big bunch of text in each of them.
Also since school work is on the final stretch, you're gonna have to wait a couple of weeks. Be patient! :D

I hope it's not total reliance on the Walkthrough. If it's one small problem, I could help you here and now.
I'm stuck in the Power Plant. Can't find/ don't know where to place the C4 in the cracked wall. Can someone please help me here ? I've bought stinger, hoping it could reach the cracked wall. Maybe a picture may help? Thanks !
Hi there.
There's more than one place in the Power Plant where you need to blow up a wall, so I'm not sure which location you mean.
Keep in mind that you can blow up a flawed wall from both directions. This is the trick with several locations. If you see a cracked wall that's out of reach, you need to figure out where the other side of the wall is.
Helloo! I just found this game, it's awesome!
But a cannot beat the "Metal Gear" when it lande on the battlefield i just plant C4 in the turbines, but it's doens't work... Maybe i doing something wrong... Can you help me? Video - Pic ??
When "Metal Gear" crashes onto the ground, walk straight up to the flashing arrow-markers and use the interact-button, NOT the shoot-button, as that would drop C-4 normally. You're supposed to throw the C-4 up on it.
Perhaps this wasn't made clear in-game, so I might fix or change it in any possible update.

Thanks for liking the game!
Thanks for the help ! The cracked wall I mean is, the one with the electrical floor in it. My problem is, I can't reach it though I know where the other side of the cracked wall. and again, I can't reach it. I see that there's a chest there. I'm sure it's a Lv.4 cardkey.
Hi there.
There's more than one place in the Power Plant where you need to blow up a wall, so I'm not sure which location you mean.
Keep in mind that you can blow up a flawed wall from both directions. This is the trick with several locations. If you see a cracked wall that's out of reach, you need to figure out where the other side of the wall is.
Hey ! I just figured it out ! Haha ! ^^
Easy way to beat "Metal Gear"
In the final showdown. There are two Anti-air turrets from both corners in the hangar.
Here's the trick, just fire/damage Metal Gear, and when Metal Gear suddenly disappears in the screen, just exit and then go back again.
You'll see Metal Gear in the sky again, fire on it till it goes down the platform to put C-4s.Just do the thing over and over again.
No hassle to dodge that Rocket Barrage (mini bombs).
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