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"Join Errol, a crazy young Bard and sole follower of the God of 'Shiny Things' as he walks in the footsteps of heroes in an attempt to chronicle the greatest story ever written. A tale of fanaticism, bravery and the strength of a promise . . ."

A classical RPG set in an original world of high-fantasy. SHADOW'S REACH blends a rich and detailed worldsetting with a compelling storyline and a wealth of mini-games.

Shadow's Reach is an RPG in the traditional sense, I've done relatively little to modify the basic workings of RPG Maker 2000, but have been able to push those systems into new and interesting dimensions. At heart it's a game about character, mixing a strong plot-driven story and collection of interesting characters with a multitude of mini-games, subquests and missions that should help to waylay the linier qualities of the main adventure. Effort has been made to turn the world into a rich and interesting world-setting with sub-stories and a history to explore. Whilst the demo only contains a few books that can be brought and read in the Libraries, the full version will contain almost a hundred tomes that contain everything from enemy stats to original short stories and poetry, further fleshing out the distinctive feel of the game world. The characters themselves each have scripted personalities that vary from the comical to the heart-felt, and each fill distinct purposes in the mechanic of the game, both inside combat and whilst exploring in the field.

I've been working on this game for a long time now (several years in fact) and promise not to stop until it's finished. It's taking this long simply because of the HUGE world that I am trying to create and chronicle, fusing the story-driven narrative of an Eastern RPG with the multiple side quests and optional extras of a Western one. Don't be daunted by the download size of the demo (largely made up for by several .WAV files that contain vocal performances by singers, one of which is an original piece composed for this title) I strongly recommend that you give it a try!

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At this time Shadow's Reach is on pause - largely because although it is a labour of love other projects have recently been more important (although not being able to find my latest version of the game build may have something to do with it!). For the time being production on this game is halted in order to focus on completely original games with scratch built systems, graphics and music.

Shadow's Reach is an on-going pastime for me which has been worked on over multiple years whilst between other projects. It's my last big farewell to RPG Maker 2000 and at some point it will see conclusion. I intend to upload a demo of the current build as soon as I can locate a recent version and conclude gameplay at a point that makes narrative sense. Please keep an eye out for the release of this demo soon.
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Wow, this sounds amazing. I hope you're still working on this. I'll hafta download that demo as soon as I get the chance.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
This looks and sounds really good. I hope you are still working on it.
Played the demo, and it is sweet so far. I do hope you are still working on this.
Devil's in the details
Wow, I wonder how I've totally missed this. Does the demo have fullpackageflag support? Because I don't have RTP 2000 installed anymore. :/

Well I guess I'll just find out. This seems pretty decent after all! :)
You still pushing along with this game Enker?
You still pushing along with this game Enker?

Creation is still ongoing - I've had to re-script a chapter of the tale in order to create a better flow to the plot whilst maintaining the GAME structure (too much exposition in extended chunks doesn't sit well when gaming, so I've broken it up with events and spread it across a longer period of play time). I've recently completed what could be classified as the second 'world map' segment and am fast coming up on a suitable cliffhanger spot for a new demo.
Keep working on this!! This game is great so far. By the way Enker, I responded to your questions on the Fantasia:Rise of a legend Blog.
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