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  • Enker
  • 10/12/2007 01:03 PM
After a lot of time debating if I should release a demo, and if so where to make the break between demo and full game (always a hard place to find, somewhere between just enough to get a feel but not enough to spoil the full game) the first demo version of SHADOW'S REACH is finally available for download and play.

Coming to a (surprising) 108MB in size, I've made the decision to host it on MEGAUPLOADS rather then annoy the poor admin staff on RM Network, so be warned that you'll be in for a large RAR file, and that the WinRAR program will be required to unzip and play. Megauploads offers a limited amount of downloads a day but is free to use, so if you don't manage to get the demo on your first try remember to call back later.


- The full opening of the game and initial worldmap area.
- Three plot-relevant bosses.
- Two optional dungeons and two optional bosses.
- Mini-games including CARDS and Eep's Adventures.
- The first four characters to join the party.
- An original opening song.

The demo should take the experienced gamer somewhere in the region of two to three hours to play through, but I've seen less experienced players take up to six.

I'll be releasing a walkthrough for the demo through the 'Game Log' next week to fully reveal the wealth of extras on offer in the Demo, it will be interesting to see if anybody has managed to discover them all before then.