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  • Enker
  • 10/17/2007 05:06 PM
Because the poor worldmap in most RPGs is renegated to being nothing more than a way of getting from A to B, and because Shadow's Reach does not feature random encounters outside of dungeons, the following features are included only in this particular area of the game:

At some points as you travel through the game an icon in the bottom right of the screen reading 'conversation' will appear. When this happens pressing the ok key will activate a short scripted sequence that features two or more of the characters in your party at that time having a conversation. This is used to explain the history of an area, flesh out character background and interaction, as well as provide comedy interludes. These conversations appear all over the world map throughout play (even in areas that you have already visited) and are not essential to completion of the main story. Fans of the Gamecube game 'Tales of Symphonia' will already have a rough idea of how this system works.

After having joined the Hunter's Guild you will be able to partake in the biggest mini-game that Shadow's Reach has to offer. Spread out across the whole of the worldmap is a series of heafty boss encounters that become ever more challanging as you complete each one. In much same way as the conversation system, the text 'Mark' will appear in an icon at the bottom left hand side of the screen and pressing the ok button will automatically throw you into the battle. Once found, these battles can be fled from and returned to at a later date for completion, but only one mark can be inlocked at a time. Upon winning a battle the next mark will be set loose and will have to be tracked down.

Later in the game you will be given a special mission to track down and dig up an ancient artifact that is hidden somewhere on the world map. In order to do this you will have to have a THIEF class character in your party, and when you walk across a spot where treasure has been buried a low sound will indicate that there is something in the area. After that it's up to you to dig down and see what that item is. It could be anything from the humble 1 GP piece to a special item. This minigame becomes available as soon as the character of Athena is unlocked.