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Nico Oswin
The Protagonist
Age: ~15
Job: Mage Intern
About: Nico is a bit thick. He's hardworking and occasionally clever, but for the most part he wouldn't notice if you stole the hat off of his head. Nico's source of power is his staff that uses gemstones and rare rocks to power spells. He works at a stonemason's shop doing odd animation jobs, repairing damaged statues, and moving stone, all through the powers of his staff. He receives payment in the form of gems, which he uses for new spells. He also looks after Edgar the Raven, the familiar of the workshop. (Or does Edgar look after Nico?)

Waldsworth "Waldy" Berg
The Block
Age: ~20
Job: Cashier and Junior Stonecutter
About: Waldsworth is a clerk at the stonemason's shop and a coworker of Nico. He hates the job, as he has to deal with the faux-classy set of people that make up the clientele. As a result, he is a total asshole. Nico is still friendly with him for some reason. He certainly does not like being called "Waldy," not that ever discourages anyone. Waldsworth is abrasive, but luckily he's inanimate for most of the game so Nico doesn't have to listen to him complain. Nico sees him as an older brother he can poke fun at, but Waldsworth (rightly) thinks Nico is stupid.

Chloe Manon
The Master
Age: ~30
Job: Stonecarver
About: Chloe is A professional stonemason and engineer on the side. She runs the shop where Nico and Waldsworth work, The Mason's Haven. Her home/workshop/store is a gigantic yet crowded house filled with redundant creations, traps, and mechanical devices of her devising.She mostly makes hideous statues which she then sells at exorbitant prices to people with no taste and lots of money. Chloe is enthusiastic, friendly, and well-meaning, but not especially talented. However, she recently came across a large load of rare refractory glass, which she intends to make into the perfect statue. Others have their eyes on this glass though, and for more nefarious purposes...

The "Villain"
Age: ~40
Job: Astronomer?
About: This local pervert lives in the observatory with his various telescopes and star charts. Not technically an astronomer as all he does is use the telescopes for voyeurism. The motivation behind this guy is that refractory glass Chloe came across in the beginning. He wants Chloe to help him create the Emperor Telescope, a massive device with a lens so convoluted that it clearly must do something special. Not an incompetent villain so much as an overly elaborate one. Likes concocting complex schemes and filling the observatory with various gadgets. Rides around in a balloon or else his own ice-cream truck.

The Companion
Age: 4
Job: Being Awesome
About: This raven serves as the obnoxious feathery familiar of The Mason's Haven. He follows Nico around and offers him the worst possible advice, almost like an evil Navi. Edgar's hobbies include beating up on Virgil's owl Abdul, watching Nico hurt himself, and stealing everything in sight. His penchant for casual theft always seems to go unnoticed, but this may be because Nico isn't too observant. He's by far the most intelligent character, and never misses an opportunity to show it.

The Minion
Age: 3
Job: Unemployed
About: Abdul is Virgil's pet owl. In return for surveillance and espionage work, Virgil pays him in sherry. Nico and Edgar occasionally run into him stumbling around drunk. In this state, he can sometimes be probed for semi-useful advice. Abdul has a long history with Edgar, with whom he has a bone to pick. Poor Abdul was cut from the game.