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A windup contraption manufactured by Virgil. It mindlessly walks back and forth and attacks Nico by bumping into him. Easy to predict and defeat.


The cousin of the widget. More malevolent but equally stupid, it wanders aimlessly in hopes of stumbling into its target.


Another simple creation of Virgil's. It patrols its assigned area, then charges if it spots intruders with its Cylon eye.

Dragon Beetle

A shelled insect that sits stationary on the ground. Looks harmless until it starts spitting fireballs. Its shell prevents it from being crushed under the block.


A marbled insectoid that homes in on its target. Not very dangerous on its own, but powerful in swarms.


A camouflaged robot factory. After a short while, it belches up an aphid from its innards. Very difficult to kill.


A giant gelatinous mass that slowly oozes towards its prey. Comes in many different colors.


A wounded pudding. If left to its own devices long enough, eventually regrows to become a pudding once more.