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Q: The game font/text is messed up, hard to read, and/or not even there.
A: Extract the fonts that are in the "FABLE_OF_HEROES_fonts" folder to your
C:\Windows\Fonts Folder. If there is still an issue, run "rm2k_fp.exe" which is
located inside the folder "Font Patch", which is located inside the folder

Q: I finished the rite of manhood quest, now where do I go?
A: Head north

Q: I got a key, what should I do with it?
A: Look for doors that you couldn't open before - one of them will lead
you in the right direction.

Q: I keep getting killed by this one boss/dungeon - what should I do?
A: If a boss or dungeon is too hard - try gaining a few levels in an earlier
area. Also, see if there's any place where you can buy better equipment.

Q: I keep finding things called Hero's Tokens, what do I do with them.
A: Hold onto them - you'll run into someone who wants them soon enough.

Q: I think I've got the best key, but there are a couple doors I still can't
open. Is there any way to open them?
A: Every door in the game can be opened - just keep playing and you'll
eventually find a key that works.

Q: Where is Eric's Sword?
A: It's hidden well, but a good place to start looking is opening doors you couldn't before.